Quiet Like the Night - Intro [Engineering]

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The hum of the warp core was constant, and people were shuffling every which way. And then a sound came, most unwelcome. The sound of metal being rent apart, slowly and loudly.


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IC: Spinning towards the sound, the brow of the Chief Engineer crinkled in confusion. An explosion wouldn’t rend metal apart slowly, some kind of anomaly might though and that was what concerned him most.

“Report!” Than yelled as the crew in Main Engineering all seemed to pause and look towards the sound as well. “Check containment fields and conduits, lock down any leaks or breaches. Where is that coming from?” He turned to one of the nearby consoles which displayed the Leviathans schematics to identify which area was highlighted from whatever was going on.

Lt Osedi, CE

“Locking down leaks or breaches, aye, Sir.” Tom repeated the CE’s order and tried to calm himself and put things together. “Insufficient information, Sir. Still locating. Should I run a quick diagnostic?”

Ens Little, Eng

As far as any engineer could tell, there was no breach, there was absolutely nothing wrong. Yet the sound continued, and the hiss of escaping gas joined it.


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“Not yet,” Than paused and looked at the consoles. “We don’t want the system busy with diagnostics if there is a problem. Run another scan with secondary systems, see if they can pinpoint anything the main system is missing.”

Lt Osedi, CE

Secondary checks found nothing as well, as the sound of metal tearing continued, and the hiss became a howl of rapidly moving gas.


“Ensign, run that diagnostic on the systems, find out if they are compromised.” Turning and clipping a tricorder on his belt beside his personal selection of tools, Than began walking. Using the oldest sensors known to living beings, he used his ears to try and track the location the sound was coming from and walk towards it.

Lt Osedi, CE

“Aye, Sir.” Tom replied, “Running diagnostic now.” He beeped a few keys from the console and initiated a quick self-scan sequence.

The diagnostic would come up fine, everything as it should be.

“Done, Sir. It shows all green.” It was another way of saying all clear, but clearly, this wasn’t the result he or the crews around him expected.

Ens Little, Eng

“Keep looking,” Than called back over his shoulder. “That sound has to be coming from somewhere, despite what the computer says. Contact the Bridge and report the sound as well, maybe they have something going on they can see that we can’t.”

“As you said, Sir.” Tom then pushed the comm on his chest and reported the strange situation to the officer in charge. =^= Main Engineering to CIC, we have a problem…=^= He rephrased what happened after a mysterious event and notified that a continued inspection was ongoing. =^= Interrogative, any anomolies? =^= He asked for information or something that could lead to an explanation.

Ens Little, Eng

The voice of the Romulan XO came back. =/\=what’s the situation, engineering?=/\=

As Than walked around Engineering, he discovered no evidence of any damage, certainly none on a scale to match what he had just heard. As he rounded the final corner, he encountered a child. A human child, a girl between 7-10, with long brown hair and pitch black eyes. The pupils, irises, and sclera of her eyes were completely dark. She looked up at him. “Hello there.”


“Why hello,” Than stopped and smiled at the girl. Surprised at this meeting he absolutely was but, in every horror movie he had ever seen the thing about to eat someone never said ‘hello there’ first. “I’ve never seen you around before, I’m Than,” he introduced himself. “What’s your name? Are you looking for someone?”

Lt Than Osedi

“I’m not looking anymore, I found someone.” The sound of tearing metal stopped as she said that. “Will you be my friend?”


At the cessation of the sound he was looking for, he looked up and paused a moment before looking back down at the girl and smiled. “I can always use more friends, of course I would be. How about we go sit down in my office, where we are now is supposed to be for people who work here only and I don’t want my friends to get hurt by any of my machines. Are you hungry? I know the best cookies.”

Lt Osedi

She looked around at all the machinery. And then simply responded “okay.” And indicated she would follow his lead.



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