Side Sim: Ship's Corridors - Searching for ARU (open)

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What a day, Mown thought to himself, throwing himself on his new bed in his quarters on Deck 3. He’d just finished unpacking a crate of his personal belongings and was waiting for an NE to come and retrieve the empty container and return it to the Cargo Bay–but he really wanted to go exploring.

He leaped off the bed and paced the bedroom, giving his drum a good tap as he walked by it. The ship was massive and contained who knows what sorts of ARU mysteries it contained.

To be frank, it excited him–and freaked him out, all that could be out there. All he didn’t understand.

Finally the NE arrived with a DOT and took the container.

Nows my opportunity, Mown thought. If only I knew where I could find something interesting to explore.

He slid out of his room with cat-like subtlety and crept into the corridor.

-CTO Mown Gworl

Kit had her earbuds in listening to some very classical Earth Rock and Roll music, Led Zepplin, and was gently jogging down the corridor towards the gymnasium for a Tatharoc and Dancefighting work out. She had on an old AC/DC T-shirt and an old pair of Starfleet Academy sweat bottoms, with a pair of comfortable running shoes. A light sheen of sweat was flowing from her making her pheromones produce the smell of cinnamon and vanilla, but the effects of the pheromones were nullified by the Deltan Medication she had in her endocrine system. She enjoyed her jogs through the corridors of the ship, weaving between personnel as they went about their duties. As she rounded a corner she nearly ran into a muscular orange Catian.

-Lieutenant j.g. Kitiuas Thenis, CSO

Mown was just about to turn into the hall and begin his search for some of the mysteries of the Leviathan when he he came face to face with Lieutenant Thenis.

Startled, the Catian jumped into the air. “Yeow!” he yelped. It was obviously that she was in the middle of a jog and he didn’t want to impose.

“Sorry,” he said, straightening up, trying to hind the twitching in his neck and whiskers. “I didn’t see you there, Lieutenant.”

-CTO Mown Gworl

Kit stopped and flashed her most dazzling smile as she removed her ear buds. “No it is me that should be apologizing, got lost in my music as I was jogging Lieutenant. I also” here she did air quotes with her fingers “should not be jogging in the corridors as it is against regulations.” She looked at the Catian, “Say you’re the new Chief Tactical Officer aren’t you?”

-Lieutenant j.g. Kitiuas Thenis, CSO

“Yeah!” Mown said, a little to excitedly. “Ahem, yeah. Mown, Mown Gworl, from Feresa originally. Just transferred over from the Sasquatch. You’re the Science Officer, Lieutenant Thenis, correct? I think the jogging thing’s a silly rule.”

-CTO Mown Gworl

Thenis smiled, “Yep that me, the ‘Monster Hunter’ who got a rapid shove to Chief Science Officer. So Lieutenant where are you headed?”

-Lieutenant j.g. Kitiuas Thenis, CSO

“Nowhere in particular,” Mown said, putting one arm behind his head in a casual-but-not-too-casual stretch. “Honestly, I just wanted to get out of my room and poke around a little.”

As a scientist about the Levi, perhaps Lieutenant Thenis knew more about the ship than he did. This might be his way into learning more about the ARU beings and get a little tour of the craft, but Mown didn’t want to bother her or push his luck too far.

“A new officer has to be familiar with the ship,” Mown said seriously. “I feel like there’s a lot I need to learn about all the Leviathan holds, you know?”

-CTO Mown Gworl

Kit smiled “Well I am sort of new myself, been doing a lot of catch up work on the ship and it’s ‘guest’. I know that the ARU beings are under some serious security and heavy security measures. I haven’t been to see them yet, even though I have the security clearance to do so. Say want to go and check out?” Kitiuas knew that Lieutenant Gworl had the clearance to do so, given his position on the ship as Chief Tactical Officer.

-Lieutenant j.g. Kitiuas Thenis, CSO

“Uh, ch’yeah!” Mown said hurriedly. Then he put one paw behind his back. “I mean, I would enjoy your company, Lieutenant, yes. And besides, we should get an understanding of what is is we’re carrying, right?”

His eyes shown yellow and mischievous.

“So… Where do we even start?”

-CTO Mown Gworl

(OOC: I’m going to change our sim title and tags a little)

Kit smiled mischievously and replied “Why we go right over to the nearest turbolift, I tell the computer where I want to go, then it will ask for my Voice and I.D. print. I will of course provide these and off we go. Easy Peasy.”

-Lieutenant j.g. Kitiuas Thenis, CSO

Mown stared at the science officer and then he squinted his eyes and laughed. A deep belly laugh that started in the pit of his stomach and hurt. He laughed until he wiped a tear from his whiskers.

“Guess I deserved that. I’m game.” Mown said, still smiling goofily. “After you, Lieutenant. If you would provide your voice and ID print.”

He howled again, clutching his belly.

“I’m sorry! I– I know what you mean. I just get so lost still,” he admitted.

-CTO Mown Gworl

Kit laughed also, “Then shall we away to the nearest Turbolift and get ourselves lost in the ‘Belly of the Beast’ as they say?” She then began making her way towards the nearest lift.

-Lieutenant j.g. Kitiuas Thenis, CSO

As they headed to the turbo lift, they ran into Saoir, he had a PaDD in his hand as he always did. A stickler for staying on task and time management, he squinted at the two officers suspiciously as he placed both hands behind his back, “What are you two up to? Don’t you have better things to do than to be roaming the halls of the ship?”

Saoir, Transporter Chief

“Can’t two senior officers enjoy their time off duty without being interrogated, Mr. Saoir?” Mown teased the Kelpian. “Lieutenant Thenis was on a jog and we just so happened to run into each other while I was on my evening constitutional. If I might ask, how is your evening going? Are you on duty tonight?”

-CTO Mown Gworl

Saoir was surprised that Lieutenant Gworl wanted to know how his evening was going, “Oh…I was just checking all the security access panels making sure they are all functioning properly.” He looked around, “Everything is…uneventful.” He cleared his throat and then said, “I am always on duty, Lieutenant.”

Kit smiled and shook her head, “Just getting some exercise and decided I needed to show Lieutenant Gworl about the ship.” Kitiuas had intentionally emphasized the word Lieutenant to remind the Transporter Chief he was subordinate to them. While Lieutenant j.g. Thenis tried to be pleasant to everyone; sometimes, like now she grew annoyed with an individual questioning what she was doing; especially when they were junior to her and not a superior officer above her. She respected Saoir, and would never question him in areas of his expertise after all.

-Lieutenant j.g. Kitiuas Thenis, CSO

She stared at Lieutenant Thenis for a long moment then said, “I see,” he said. He wasn’t sure why they would be wasting precious time doing other things when they could spend it perfecting their tasks and duties. “Well, I guess I will let you two, do whatever it is you were doing. I myself have 18 more decks in which I have to confirm the proper operation of the security access panels.” He walked toward the lift. Pressed the button and then stared at the two of them. “Also there is no need to emphasize your rank Lieutenant Thenis. I know who you are. I know who most people are on this ship. I was simply trying to determine if your actions could be more useful. I am sure the Captain would appreciate extra dedication to duties rather than two of her higher-ranking officers wandering about the ship.” Then she turned his head with a slight roll of the eyes away from them as he waited for the lift to open.

Saoir, Transporter Chief
OOC: Disclaimer-: Saoir’s views/beliefs are not necessarily the views/beliefs of the Captain!

OCC: I didn’t think so, nor did I take it the wrong way.

Kit gave a soft chuckle “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy; except in this case it makes Transporter Chief Saoir the dull one.” she said under her breath. “Come along Lieutenant Growl, let’s go and explore the ship.”

-Lieutenant j.g. Kitiuas Thenis, CSO

Mown gave a last glance at the Kelpian officer before following Kit down the corridor.

“He seems pretty by-the-book,” Mown muttered when he thought they were out of earshot. “I guess that’s good on a ship like this, but…”

His eyes glinted mischievously.

”…where do we start? Have you heard anything about the kind of things supposedly on board this craft? I’ve heard some crazy stories in the fleet.”

-CTO Mown Gworl

“Not much, other than leave the bleeping unicorn alone, and for the god’s sake leave the gremlins alone.” she laughed. “To be honest I have been knee deep in work fighting the proverbial Earth alligators and crocodiles off. I kind of got thrust into the Chief Science Officer role, which I do not mind, but the department is a chaotic mess right now. Having to sort out everything and everyone in science.” she replied as she entered the turbolift.

-Lieutenant j.g. Kitiuas Thenis, CSO

“I understand what you mean!” Mown said. “I’m still getting settled in, really, myself.”

He paused in the middle of the corridor.

Unicorn? You mean the mythical Earth horse with the horn? Maidens and magic wands unicorn?!” His eyes got very big and round.

-CTO Mown Gworl

“From what I have been told, yes. I was also told it was nothing like Earth’s Classical Mythological Unicorn. From what was described to me it is more like one of Earth’s other mythological steeds, a Nightmare with a horn. If that is the case on the qui vive to any who encounter it without warning.” replied Kit with a smile.

-Lieutenant j.g. Kitiuas Thenis, CSO

“So where do they keep such a thing on the ship?” Mown’s head swam. “And where did you hear about it? I still haven’t been told much of anything really. Just pointed toward the shields and weapons.”

He had no clue what, exactly, he was protecting besides from his fellow crewmen.

-CTO Mown Gworl

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