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When the turbolift came to a stop on the floor where Saoir was supposed to be, Iphigenia stepped out. “Set your phaser to stun.” she told Lieutenant Gworl, “We will try to talk him down, but I doubt he will be cooperative.”

Mown sat his phaser to stun as instructed. Filled with adrenaline, the claws on his paws retracted into the soft leather of his boots. He kept to the turbolift and kept an eye on the Captain, his senses tingling madly.

Iphigenia heard Saoir attempting to punch in codes as they moved down the corridor. When they turned the corner, they saw an open steel sliding door that was used to seal off one of the airlock rooms on the ship and him attempting to open the outer door. The room was about 100 meters long and 25 meters wide. “Ensign Saoir!” Iphigenia yelled as Lieutenant Gworl stepped inside, just past the steel door. “What are you doing? Move back from the airlock door.” She ordered him as she held her phaser up.

“I can’t.” he said in a pitiful voice, “I have to get off this ship.” She noticed perspiration on his blue-green forehead, his voice was shaky and his hands slightly trembled as he continued pressing buttons on the keypad.

Mown slid against the wall and let Henao talk. He kept his phaser triggered at his side, but his eyes were locked on the Kelpian.

Iphigenia looked at Lieutenant Gworl, she put her phaser away moved closer, and said, “Why? Why do you need to get off this ship? Saoir,” she said with the intention to talk him down. “I think whatever has affected Ensign Zallbred and the nurse has also gotten to you. We need to take you to sickbay.”

“I know it doesn’t make sense.” He admitted, “but all my instincts are driving me to…to be anywhere but here. I can’t explain it.” He said as he continued to enter various codes to open the airlock.

Suddenly the PaDD turned green. Saoir grabbed the latch and the computer said =^=Airlock on Deck 13 has been activated. Please ensure that all organic material and personnel are out of the expulsion area. Doors will close in 10…9…8…=^=. Iphigenia yelled to Lieutenant Gworl, “Shoot him, shoot him!” as she dashed to secure the door before all three of them were ejected out into the vacuum of space.

Henao, CO

Mown quickly stook a shooter’s stance and fired three stunning shots. His ears twitched and whiskers hurt with tension. He ran towards the Captain, and the airlock.

-CTO Mown Gworl

Iphigenia quickly deactivated the airlock. Then she looked at Saoir as he lay there on the ground unconscience. “Whoa,” she said, “that was way too close!” Beads of sweat began to form on her forehead. She felt feverish and there was an overwhelming sense of panic. She clutched her chest with her right hand, and closed her eyes as her breathing became erratic. She looked at Lieutenant Gworl and then said, “Stay back! Stay away from me!”

Henao, CO

Mown quickly holstered his phaser and put his paws in the air.

“Captain. Think logically. Whatever is effecting everyone around here is seeming to affect you. Instead of fighting me, we need to secure Mr. Saoir and get control of the ship,” Mown said slowly, backing toward the corridor wall, eyeing his options in case the Captain grew an itchy trigger finger.

-CTO Mown Gworl

Iphigenia put her hand on her head. The only thing she could think about was getting off the ship. She looked at the airlock she just secured. Something in her mind said, It’s your only way off this ship. She stood and begin to enter the code to deactivate the lock so she could open the latch.

Henao, CO

Cheese and crackers, I’m not about to have to shoot the Captain, Mown thought, his paw inching toward his waist holster.

“Iphigenia!” he shouted. This was the first time he’d called the captain by her name. “Think! Think about what you’re doing!”

In a quick flick of his wrist, he pulled his phaser and sent a warning phaser stunning shot at the keypad.

-CTO Mown Gworl

The shot of the phaser and the key padd shorting out from the fire shocked Iphigenia. Still possessing some of her common sense she ducked and when she felt it was clear she said to Lieutenant Gworl, =^=Get me to sickbay! Otherwise I think the next time you will have to actually stun me with that phaser.” She was shaking trying g to contain her senses. After a few breaths which seem to help her through the paranoia, she reiterated to the CTO, =^=If at anytime I became a danger be sure to stun me with the phaser and make sure I am contained so I cannot harm anyone or myself.”

Henao, CO

Shook, Mown rushed to Captain Henao’s side.

“Yessir,” Mown said.”Are you alright? I’m sorry I had to scare you like that, Captain. It was certainly a last resort thing to do. Now, let’s get you to Sickbay.”

He attempted to help the Captain to her feet. The airlock keypad had shorted out and was emitting a series of sparks that arched across the corridor. Two NEs, one in Engineering yellows and another in Medical blues, ran toward the pair in absolute terror and through another another corridor.

“Whatever is going on here seems to be continuing and we need you at your best.” He sniffed the air. “I wonder why it’s not effecting me in the same way it seems to be affecting y’all. Is it because I’m a Catian?”

-CTO Mown Gworl

As Lieutenant Gworl tried to help her to her feet, the urge to flee was strong so she closed her eyes, her whole body went limp, and she blocked out all events going on around her. It was a calming skill she’d learn from a Starfleet counselor, years ago. In her head she went over the same mantra I am okay and this too shall pass. To everyone else we it may have looked like she passed out but she had only mentally disconnected to stay sane. “It looks like she passed out.” Said the NE engineer. The NE medical ran over and checked for a pulse. “Maybe.” He said. “But her breathing is steady and controlled. Maybe a calming mechanism? We should get her to sickbay.” The engineer nodded and he lifted her in his arms and looked at Lieutenant Gworl as they headed for the exit and, “Come on. Watch my back. We are surely going to encounter more....more,” he thought about the most appropriate word, “deranged crew.”

Henao, CO

Mown looked at the Captain in alarm, but he agreed with the NE’s assessment.

“Medical, you’re NE Tyler, right? Help me with the Captain. Engineer, set your phaser to stun and be on guard.”

As he helped carry the captain’s unconscious body, he turned to the medical Ensign, Tyler.

“So how did you two make it through this unscathed?”

NE Tyler looked nervous. He was focused on carrying the Captain as well and the last few minutes had been so fast and his heart and mind was still racing–though he was trying to keep it together.

“Let’s take the turbolift to Deck 3,” Mown said.

The trio headed down the corridor.

-CTO Mown Gworl

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