Walk Down A Shattered Memory Lane (Boarding Physical)

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Lieutenant Ashara Mavix found herself halted in front of the doors to Sickbay, not sure if she wanted to go through this check in with the Leviathan‘s Chief Medical Officer. She knew that the conversation with Doctor Byrd was certainly going to involve some of her first host’s memories, most of which were… hazy at best. She hadn’t had much time between becoming one with the Mavix Symbiote and being transferred off Starbase 446, meaning that she wasn’t able to have regular meetings with the station’s CMO. In Ash’s mind however, this was no bad thing, Doctors were never the most comforting of officers to speak to in Ashara’s eyes. But… orders were orders and she needed to be in fighting-fit shape to defend the ship.

With that in mind, she crossed the threshold and grinned at the nearest on duty nurse she could find, “Howdy,” she said, “I’m here to see Doc Byrd, Lieutenant Ashara Mavix?”

-Lieutenant Ashara Mavix: Chief of Security-

Without tearing their gaze from the riveting read that was routine urinalysis, the nurse waved a dismissive hand toward the adjacent room, where Lieutenant Mavix would find a wild-haired physician situated in a supply closet.

Amparo sifted through microsutures and dermal regenerators, taking a basic inventory of what they had and needed when they returned to starbase (which wasn’t much given the recent influx of onboarding personnel, themself included). Inventory was often delegated to medics and technicians, occasionally to nurses, but they found some value in attending to the task. It was a habit that stuck from the Wy’east, where they used it as an excuse to aquaint themself with the equipment of a larger, more advanced ship. Now, it was a part of their ‘get to know you’ routine (among staff-led tours, chats and midnight wanderings) and a welcome break from their usual duties.

Amparo hummed, almost too faint to hear, and snagged a basin full of hyposprays from the floor. Well acquainted with the frustration of finding equipment after someone spontaneously decided to reorganise, they made a point to put it back where it was found (beside the sub-dermal scalpels, if they recalled correctly) and moved to the next item: cortical stimulators.

– Dr Álvaro-Byrd

Ash’s ear twitched slightly as she picked up the faint humming sound coming from the corner of Sickbay and grinned, “Quite the set of pipes y’have on you there, Doc, not bad at all.”

-Lieutenant Ashara Mavix: Chief of Security-



“I wasn’t aware I had an audience,” Amparo inspected an greyish crown-like object then returned it to a crate that they nudged into an empty space on the lower shelf, rising to extend a hand to the Lieutenant, “but I’ll take it. Dr Amparo Álvaro-Byrd. What can I do for you, Lieutenant?”

– Amparo Álvaro-Byrd

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“Ashara Mavix,” Ash replied, taking their hand, “I’m your new Security Chief, I’m here for my boarding physical? I trust Starfleet Medical sent you my file?”

-Lieutenant Ashara Mavix: Chief of Security-

Amparo took her hand in a firm, hearty shake, then pulled back to wag their finger in thought.

“Yes… yes, I believe I saw your file come through this morning. Why don’t you take a seat on an empty biobed while I double-check,” they gestured to an open biobed a few metres away.

While Ashara situated herself, Amparo retrieved a PaDD from the reception desk and pulled up her file, taking a moment to review, then snagged a tricorder on their way back to the Lieutenant.

“So,” they pulled up a spare half-backed, wheeled stool and scooted to sit beside her, “how are you feeling? Any aches, sniffles or nausea?”

— Amaparo Álvaro-Byrd

“Nothin as simple as that Doc,” Ash chuckled. “It’s more in the noggin that most of my problems seem to occur,” she gestured to the PaDD in their hand, “The trouble with my symbiote should be all in my file.”

-Lieutenant Ashara Mavix: Chief of Security-

Amparo glanced at the PaDD, tempted to review her file once more, but decided to toss it onto the bedside table. “I see,” they said with a warm smile, “your file contains valuable data, but it doesn’t tell me much about your lived experience. What ‘trouble’ are you experiencing with your symbiote?”

— Amaparo Álvaro-Byrd

“During my second host transplant, something went wrong… my memories seem to slip in an’ out like a coyote runnin through the Grand Canyon!” At their somewhat quizzical look, Ash added, “I… am pretty sure my first host used to have a penchant for the Old West of Earth’s 17th Century that I seem to have carried over into this host body.”

-Lieutenant Ashara Mavix: Chief of Security-

Amparo tapped their fingers thoughtfully against the side of their PaDD, effectively masking the amusement that threatened to spill into their otherwise neutral cast. A ‘coyote running through the Grand Canyon’? They smirked a little a tucked that thought into the back of their mind for later use.

“To rephrase,” they interjected to ensure they understood, “you’re experiencing inconsistent and unprovoked memories from past hosts. Am I understanding you correctly?”

Amparo wavered a moment, then asked, “how are these memories affecting your everyday life?”

— Amparo Álvaro-Byrd

“It’s more the fact that I can’t always recall information that my previous host would have obtained, which I know isn’t normal for a joined Trill to experience, I guess that’s what happens when your Joining takes place in the middle of starship combat.”

-Lieutenant Ashara Mavix: Chief of Security-



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