Setting up Quarantine Zones & Securing the Ship - [Tag Security]

Posted March 28, 2023, 2:07 p.m. by Ensign Larz Jackson (Security) (Mika Jackson)

Ensign Jackson was one of the few security officers that had not been infected with the mysterious virus and therefore he had been chosen to lead one of the security teams. After he had been checked out by the Medical team and was secured in his bio-hazard suit. He held a PaDD in his hand and studied it for a moment. There was a slight shake in his hand from nervousness. After a few moments of taking in the instructions, he said to the rest of the Security and Medical Ensigns that were waiting to accompany him, “Okay. It looks like the first location we are to set up is near the science labs.” His team was important because they were supposed to transport the samples from some of the infected and the bio-material was sealed away in a cryo container. A nurse, also in a bio-hazard suit clutched the container as she waited for her cue to follow him. He looked at her and said, “You stay close. As soon as we reach the science labs, you make sure you get them to Lieutenant Thenis.” The woman nodded.
He tucked the PaDD away in a huge pocket that was attached to the front of his bio-hazard suit and replaced it with a phaser in his hand. After double-checking to ensure it was on stun. He gave the order and said, “Let’s go!”

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