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Lieutenant Thenis replied “Aye, aye Sir.” And flicked her dancerknife off and slide it back into her left boot. She then stepped out into the hallway and tapped her combadge =^=Lieutenant Witley, you are needed in sickbay. You are to assist Doctor Amparo in a matter regarding a crewmember. I am on my way to sickbay to gather samples from said individual. Also be on the look out for any crewmember that suddenly displays outburst or psychotic breaks and demand to leave the ship.=^= she then made her way towards sickbay, with a quick stop by the counselor’s office to ensure she received the message. Like she bloody hell could have not noticed the ship on red alert and the loud boom the ship had suffered. thought Kit as she made her way. . Another thought struck her and she again hit her combadge =^=Lieutenant Kane, report to the science labs. Be prepared to receive specimens from medical for full scale diagnostics. Also keep a lookout for any crew that are displaying erratic behavior. If seen hit them with a mild stun from a phaser and get them to sickbay.=^=

-Lieutenant j.g. Kitiuas Thenis, CSO

As Lieutenant Thenis made her way to the Counselor’s Office she would see a number of people in a panic. Some of them were crouching in the corner. One officer was banging on the window of the ship trying to break it to no avail. There was at least two sets of officers in a fist fight because of a fully occupied turbolift to the shuttle bay. Some of the infected officers had already made it to shuttle bay and were attempting to activate the shuttles and fly them off the ship. The Captain had ordered Engineering to lock down the ship and it continued in red alert. No one was to leave. However this did not stop the officers who managed to make it to the shuttles. Multiple officers piled inside, they powered them up and attempted to speed through the closed shuttle bay hatch doors causing a number of explosions in that area and deaths. Where was security?

“Lieutenant Thenis. You can get me off this ship.” A voice came from behind Lieutenant Thenis. Whenever she turn around she would see a large female officer wearing a science uniform standing there. She was twice the size of the Lieutenant. Before she could get a word out the woman ran toward her and tackled her to the ground.

Kane looked up from the console she had been working on “understood!” She said as she started to prepare for the samples. She glanced around the labs to check on everyone. Then pulled her phaser from her side and made sure it was set to stun. She had kept it at her side since Audrey was little just to be on the safe side.

Kane, scientist

Seconds later male science officer in the next room began screaming. He jumped up, looked around frantically, ran to a nearby window and then banging on the glass with his fists, seeming unaware of the exit. He eyes were crazy. There was panic on his face. After an unsuccessful attempt to break the glass, he looked at Lieutenant Kane. The other officers in the room began to ease back away from him, knowing he wasn’t quite right. “You! You are coming with me. I need you to get me off the ship!” Then he made a dash toward her.

OCC: Feel free to give the officers that are attacking you names if you want.

Everyone is eventually going to go crazy......

Thenis rolled with the tackle and in a proper Rigellian karate move slammed her forehead into NE Ensign Linn’s head; there was a loud crack and the ensign fell forward unconscious. Just great my chief geologist has gone mad thought Kit. As she was getting up she sensed another crewmember from security running toward her, Kit reached down into her right boot and withdrew another slender dart, expertly twisted it breaking the vial and flung it. It hit the security crewmember square in the chest and he took two more steps before falling. Great only have three left though Kit.

Lieutenant j.g. Kitiuas Thenis, CSO

OOC: YES! lol…this is great Chris. I like how you took this narrative into your own hands and added your creativity to it. This is how you write on a PRSim ship. Good job!


OCC: Thank You

IC: Lieutenant j.g. Thenis began to feel the begginings of a panic attack try and over take her. This is not the time for a panic attack she thought. I know I have to go to medical, but it is crucial to the ship, I can be in an out in no time. she thought again to herself. Deep down in her mind Kitiuas she felt there was something important she should be noting about what was going on around her.

-Lieutenant j.g. Kitiuas Thenis, CSO

Laural had sent word she would be running late to the staff meeting because of a session that had run over time. Normally, she was much better at maintaining a tight schedule, but in this case she was dealing with a crew member in crisis. It seemed the idea of working on a ship like the Leviathan was more anxiety provoking than the crew member had anticipated simply by reading its mandate, and the crew member in question had been experiencing increasingly frequent panic attacks Followed by depressive symptoms that were debilitating. Not wanting to leave the crewmember prematurely, the counselor didn’t end the session until she was confident a proper safety plan was in place, medication was offered, and our next session was on the calendar.

She had just ushered her charge out the door and was making her way to the meeting, when it felt like the ship had hit something hard. Fortunately, her chair had adequate enough absorbers to withstand the shock and keep her upright, but the loud boom she heard not long after had no explanation. Curious and on high alert, the counselor resolved to keep her composure as she made her way to Sickbay, her natural destination in cases of red alert.

Lieutenant Thenis’ comm message to her was equally as shocking as it was confusing. Naturally, she had assumed the bump and the red alert were indications they were facing a combat situation. The last thing she expected here was that a crew member needed her. It didn’t compute, but she acknowledged the message anyway, making her way to Sickbay and searching her mind to consider what the possibilities might be.

In short order, however, there was no doubt. Chaos reigned as she pushed to make her way to her destination. If she didn’t know any better, Witley would’ve thought she was making her way through a psychiatric ward with the most serious psychosis she had ever seen. For a moment, she thought she might be dreaming, or if not dreaming, being tested. Was this some sort of elaborate holodeck training scenario? She found it somewhat ironic that in the middle of a meeting that was supposed to train them properly, they were now experiencing such a vague but chaotic event. However, even if that was the case, it would be better to respond professionally and quickly. It was an easy, but Laura managed to make her way to Sickbay. Instinctually, as she made her way through the throngs of people, searching for an explanation, she tried not to have any skin contact with anyone. She had no idea what was happening, but knew the likelihood of an entire crew be made up of A variety of those with mental illness.

Entering the ship’s medical facilities, it was clear that the organized chaos she experienced what was going to be about more than a single crew member. Searching for the doctor, she asked, “What do we know?”

~Dr. Laural Witley, Chief Counselor

An NE Doctor approached Dr. Whitley and said, “Ma’am, we don’t know where Dr. Álvaro-Byrd or Dr. th’Azoll are at the moment but as you can see people are losing it! We are in way over our heads here.” The counselor would see people strapped to biobeds screaming about leaving the ship. Some of them were burned because they tried to leave in the shuttles that crashed against the closed shuttle bay doors. “I have taken blood samples. I believe Lieutenant Thenis was on her way here to collect them. Hopefully, she is okay. We had to lock sickbay doors at the moment. Some of the affected people have resorted to attempting to take hostages, probably thinking their chances of getting off the ship are greater with one.” The NE’s hand trembled a little. He was clearly scared. “I heard it all started in the Conference Lounge during the training. There was a crash, the ship went to red alert then an Ensign went crazy and demanded to get off the ship, as he took a hostage before he was taken out by the CSO. Soon after others started exhibiting the same demands as him. Surely it’s some kind of mental sickness, that is....contagious!”

NE Doctor

Lieutenant j.g. Thenis just could not make herself go to the sickbay. No more hospitals or medical clinics; so sick of them. she thought. I’ll just delegate someone else to get those damn samples. Yeah that’s it delegate someone else. she again thought. No need for me to personally get them. she thought, as her Nosocomephobia, fear of hospitals, began to take serious hold. Why I might even be able to finagle my way off the ship. she began to think. Again, Kit knew something was not quite right with her thoughts, other than her deep seated fear of hospitals. She hit her combadge =^=NE Ensign Sinclair; report to the sickbay and gather some medical samples for analysis, bring them back to the science lab alpha two for analysis.=^= There I delegated the task, now I need to go to the lab; no wait, should make a plan to escape the ship. Kitiuas mind was becoming a jumble of mixed thoughts and emotions.

-Lieutenant j.g. Kitiuas Thenis, CSO

NE Sinclair heard the CSO’s comm message, and he frowned as he eased his way down the halls ducking and dodging some of the crazy crew, “Lieutenant Thenis, you don’t sound like yourself. Are you okay? Where are you?”

NE Sinclair

Lieutenant Thenis heard the comm message but how could she answer that question. She had no desire to go to sickbay, she knew she should at least go to the science labs, but she truly had an overwhelming desire to flee the ship. =^=Change in plans, decided to head to the science labs and have NE Sinclair get the samples. I am having issues with one of my phobias about hospitals, otherwise I am okay.=^=

-Lieutenant j.g. Kitiuas Thenis, CSO

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the crew the source of all the madness was sitting in the Science lab. As rested there in hibernation small microscopic spores floated from it, making their way into the air vents of the ship.

Mika, the Narrator

Saoir arrived at the science labs and he banged on the locked doors. “Hey, anyone in there let me in. I am hurt,” he yelled as he peeked through the glass. Saoir had an idea. He would use the equipment to study a sample of his blood so he could determine what caused him to lose his mind. One important thing he picked up is that the illness did not seem to be permanent. He was an attestation to that. Although he still felt traces of uncertainty and fear, it wasn’t like it was before. He was able to actually think rationally.

Saoir, Transporter NE

Kitiuas heard banging on the science lab door, she walked over to it and peered out. Hitting her commbadge she stated simply =^=You need to leave the vicinity immediately, find an isolation suit and head towards sickbay. I suspect the source of the contamination to be from science. I have ordered engineering to immediately shut down and purge all ventilation systems on the science deck, and I have hit the emergency cut off to scienc. I estimate you have between ten to fifteen minutes before the air turns bad.=^=

-Lieutenant Kitiuas Thenis, CSO

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