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Posted May 30, 2023, 4:34 p.m. by Lieutenant Bradley Maxwell (Chief Medical Officer) (Amdirgol S)

Posted by Captain Iphigenia Henao (Captain) in A Word…Please? [Tag CMO] on USS Leviathan

Posted by Lieutenant Bradley Maxwell (Chief Medical Officer) in A Word…Please? [Tag CMO] on USS Leviathan

Posted by Captain Iphigenia Henao (Captain) in A Word…Please? [Tag CMO] on USS Leviathan
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It had been a long day. She was almost through her crew evaluations. She looked at her PaDD to see who was next on her list. =^=Lieutenant Maxwell. Please stop by my ready room when you have a moment.=^=

Henao, CO
Brad had just arrived at his quarters after his duty shift when his combadge chirped. “Aye, ma’am,” he replied, voice a bit weary but cheerful. “On my way.” He walked to the turbolift and took it to deck 23, strolling over to the ready room door. He pressed the contact to alert the captain of his arrival and leaned ever-so-slightly against the wall of the corridor.
Lieutenant Bradley Maxwell

“Come in Dr. Maxwell!” she said loudly through the closed doors. Whenever he entered the room he would find her at the replicator. “Can I get you something before you get started?”

Henao, CO

“No, thank you, ma’am,” Brad said, standing by a chair and waiting to be given permission to take it. He shifted his weight onto the leg next to the chair, leaning ever so slightly over it.

Dr. Bradley Maxwell, CMO

“Please sit doctor. The first reason you are here is to see how you are settling into your new role. I know that you were suddenly put here and probably haven’t had an opportunity to fully understand how your role as a doctor on this ship will be vastly different from your role as a doctor on a typical starship.” As the replicator completed her cup of coffee she took a seat at her desk and continued, “I hope you feel prepared for the role. Do you have any questions for me?”

Henao, CO

“I know what a typical CMO’s job entails,” Brad said, taking the chair once he was asked, “but what differences should I expect here? I’ve gathered a bit from watching sickbay, but I’d rather ensure I’m on the same page as you.”

Brad Maxwell, CMO


Iphigienia had no doubt that Brad was a competent Doctor. He had all the right credentials and it was the reason she chose him as her CMO.
“What do you think of the concept of possession Dr. Maxwell?” She asked as she observed the look on his face. Iphigenia figured the question might be a little too direct so she clarified, “If someone brought a patient into sickbay here on the Levi and said that they were suffering from some type of possession. How would you respond to this information?”

Henao, CO
“It is technically possible,” Brad said. “I’d scan the patient’s nervous system and brain to see if there was any discernible difference, and contact the counselor to get a second opinion.”
Brad Maxwell, CMO

Iphigenia nodded, it made he would try to resolve the issue like a doctor. “Well the term possession is just a term that Earth beings came up with to try explain why someone was not “being themselves”. It often has a supernatural-like component to it. You and I know better. Yes technically someone can have breaks in their psyche to cause them to act out of the norm. We also know that their are beings who have the capability to control the minds of others. However there is most likely never a supernatural cause to it. Have you had the opportunity access the archives and study the microbe that recently affected the crew? As we discuss these types of phenomenon we need to understand why it affected the crew the way it did and categorize it.

Henao, CO
“No ma’am, I have not,” he said. “I’ll read up on it during my downtime. I imagine it had possession-like effects?” He stood up and paced to the wall absentmindedly, pulling out a PADD to take notes.

Brad Maxwell, CMO

Iphigenia pointed and her head nodded in confirmation. “Yes, it did have possession like effects. It was nothing like I had ever seen before. I myself was affected. We lost a lot of crew as a result. People injured themselves trying to get off the ship. The microbe....virus or whatever it was caused people to panic and they were not in the right minds. I don’t know if possession is the right term for the symptoms but I wouldn’t know what else to call it. Anyway, there is a concern that there might be a recurrence. It makes some of the crew nervous. It makes me nervous. I ask that you evaluate some of us who were infected by this virus and determine if we appear normal or if there is any chance we might be in danger. We need to be prepared for the next disaster if there is one.”

Henao, CO

“Of course,” Brad said, writing a note to himself. “I’ll pull the record of affected crew and evaluate a random sample group for any lasting or potentially recurring effects. I’ll start on that immediately. Is there anything else?”

Bradley Maxwell, CMO

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