From Nothing to More - The Metamorphosis of Saoir

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Saoir sat alone at a table with three extra empty seats. Today he was going to do something out of the norm. He was going to try something different for lunch. His usual, seaweed salad with rice stuffed with grape leaves on the side, was his favorite and he had eaten it every day since he first enrolled at the Academy. He held the tablet which displayed daily menu specials and of course the usual a la carte dishes. There were so many choices. Saoir was a vegan, so he started narrowing down the variety by excluding all dishes that had meat or anything made from animal products. Chickpea Salad Sandwich. He thought as he read the ingredients out loud, A creamy, briny chickpea salad on vegan French pan bagnat topped with fresh veggies, including cucumbers, radishes, and green beans.
This was the first step in his transformation, the first step in turning himself into the new Saoir. New crew was boarding the Leviathan and he wanted to be a part of it more than ever.

Saoir, Transporter Op./Security

“Hey buddy,” Than called out lightly as he neared the table where Saoir was sitting. “Hows things? Waiting for someone? Sounds like you’re getting adventurous with something new from the menu. They sound terrible by the way, even for vegan food.” He paused at the table and grinned. “Ever tried a Not Dog? It’s like a hotdog in a bun that they serve on Earth but this one is made from carrot instead of meat. Well, ‘made’ is an understatement, it is literally a carrot with vegan flavourings in vegan bread with vegan sauces.” Finally pausing in his speech, he drank from the long, tall glass in his hand. Whatever it was looked tropical and fruity, and thick.

Than Osedi

Saoir quickly looked up from the menu. “Lieutenant Osedi!” he said as a smile came across his face. “Please join me. If you can.”
Saoir was not familiar with hot dogs. The only dog he was aware of was an earth animal by the same name. “I have not heard of the term hot dog, sir.” He said confused. Not even aware Earthlings ate those poor creatures! It made his stomach turn. The thought of eating any creature did and also his species were bred to be vegetarians and vegans. “So this particular version is made out of a carrot?” He asked “I guess I could try it.” he said feeling a little nervous about the dish.

Saoir, Transporter Op./Security

“Sure, I can join you, as long as I’m not interrupting you or you are waiting for someone?” As he spoke, he pulled out a chair and sat down, placing the drink on the table and leaning back.

“So they marinate the carrot in flavour to make it taste, well, less boring. Then they fry it on a grill so that it kind of looks like a Frankfurter sausage. Goes in a bun of your choice, usually with mayonnaise, mustard and a tomato relish, all of which can be vegan I think, fried onions and cheese, and Bam. You got a Not Dog. Goes great with onion rings or a side salad too, or broccoli fries.”

Than Osedi, CE

Saoir placed the tablet on the table and said, “Then I shall try this Not Dog. It sounds like…an interesting meal. However, I do not think I will add all the extra toppings. Just the carrot and the bun will do just fine.” Saoir had to take baby steps. Eating was about nourishment not really about flavor to him. He only ate what he needed for energy. His 6”10” lanky appearance and his low weight for his height could back this up. One of the issues with his diet and his eating habits was that it was difficult to bulk up so he could be more muscular and stronger. He was aware of this and hoped he could find a solution to it. The CE seemed to have a solid weight in comparison to his height and looked strong. “Lieutenant Osedi, I did not know you were interested in vegan foods. Are you a full-time vegan or just eat it occasionally?”

Saoir, Transporter Op./Security

“Excuse me, gentlemen. Did some ordered… Sparkling water?” Tom showed up from behind the two with a plate of 4 glasses. He was wearing an off-duty uniform but behaved like a civilian servant of the night. He could probably tie a bow tie but that’s not the occasion, yet. Leviathan sparkling water, as itself explanatory, was a drink with a lime taste. It was well consumed in North America at once.

Little, Eng

Saoir raised his eyes as Tom approached them with the tray of sparkling water. “Ensign Little, I am surprised to see you here, as a server. Are you doing this for merits?” Saoir asked as he accepted one of the glasses. “Please join us, if you are able to.”

Saoir, Transporter Op./Security

Larz drifted through the lounge and headed for Saoir’s table. He looked at Tom and snickered as he brazenly took one of the glasses from the tray. “So, what’s going on here?” He asked as he loudly slurped the sparking water. “Saoir why you looking all…weird and Tom why are you in that uniform serving drinks in the lounge?”
Ensign Jackson, Security

“Glad you asked that.” He turned to both and said, “I ordered 1 glass of sparkling water, but it replicated 4 instead, with a tray. I was looking around to see if anyone was about to order the same thing. He said to Saoir while scratching his right cheek. “Merit? Nah, I’m on off duty.” After saluting Osedi and offering the drink, he whispered to Jackson. “What’s weird? I see nothing but Not Dogs.”

Little, Eng

“What is a Not Dog?” Jackson said with a scowl. “I am not eating those.” He said with a snicker. “Little, I will have a steak. Rare. With potatoes and beef gravy.” He motioned for another glass of sparking water from the tray he was holding.
“You know Saoir. You are always going to be skinny if you don’t start transitioning some meat into your body.” He flexed the bicep on his right arm. “Meat is the fasted and best way to build muscle. Your body don’t have anything to build on if keep eating the vegan crap.”

Ensign Jackson, Security

Saoir looked at Jackson with a bemused expression, contemplating how to respond. “Well, Jackson,” he briefly looked at Lieutenant Osedi for assurance, “a ‘Not Dog’ is apparently a clever play on words for a vegan alternative to a hot dog. I am sure its made from plant-based ingredients and is designed to mimic the taste and texture of a traditional hot dog.”

Saoir, taking a sip of his sparkling water continued. “As for my dietary choices, I appreciate your concern, but I actually find it quite fulfilling and nourishing to follow a vegan lifestyle. There are plenty of plant-based protein sources available that help me maintain a healthy and balanced diet. While it’s true that meat contains protein, it’s certainly not the only way to build muscle. There are numerous vegan athletes and bodybuilders who have achieved impressive physiques without consuming animal products.”

He paused for a moment, looking at Jackson’s flexed bicep. “Of course, building muscle is a combination of factors, including exercise, rest, and a well-rounded diet. So, rest assured, I’m taking care of myself in a way that aligns with my values and keeps me healthy. But thank you for your concern and the suggestion.”

Saoir, Transporter Op/Security

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