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This was Iphigenia’s first ship assignment, let alone first command of a ship with a Chief Intelligence Officer. Even though they had emerged from Starfleet with similar training, Lieutenant Commander Magnusson was a mystery to her. She wasn’t sure if the stealth way he moved about the ship was typical of all Starfleet Intelligence Officers or if it was unique to Mr. Magnusson. Besides the fact he was had a strong Tactical background, was divorced and had a young daughter, there was not much else to be known. Iphigenia reviewed the Recommendations and Real-Life Perspectives to the ARU Protocols he had written for her. A 20+ page report that was laying on her desk when she arrived her office one day. It seems it took him only two days to write it, but it took her two weeks to read it. He had also prepared a memo, as promised, for Proposed Containment Improvements.
Sheesh! she thought, Is there anything this man
cannot do?
=^=Lieutenant Commander Magnusson. When you have a moment could you meet me in my office?=^=
She cut her eyes at the door. No doubt the man would appear at any moment out of thin air.

Henao, CO

OOC: I referenced the reports you said that you would write for the Captain in the onboarding thread.

Adam had been finishing a duty shift on the CIC when he got the call so he simply walked across the deck and hit the Chime, waiting for the Captain to let him in.

He entered the room, hands clasped behind his back and his usual unreadable wooden expression. “Ma’am?” He asked with mild curiosity.


When she heard the chime, there slight disappointment. She had been half expecting him to emerge from a shadow or something of that nature. “Come in Lieutenant Commander. Please have a seat she said as her arm extended to a chair. “The reports you left me. I have been reading them. I’d like some additional insight. But first if I needed to connect to with other ships, that are apart of the ARU network, would that be possible?”

Henao, CO

Adam cocked his head to the side slightly, it was a manual reaction for her benefit. He had so focused on not giving any reactions to outside stimuli that he’d practically lost the ability to do so without thinking about it. “Yes, since cross-ship communication is forbidden.” He didn’t mention the [REDACTED] directive, the Captain should know and if she didn’t she wouldn’t “You can make the request through Central Command on Starbase 237” He did put a slight edge of You should know this Into his tone but remained stiffly professional. The secretive nature of the ARU oftentimes meant that only a handful of people actually knew what was truly going on. “As you know only Gamma-05 are read in on the number of ships, HQ will forward your message and give any return traffic, after it’s been thoroughly redacted of course”


OOC: I actually don’t know how much of the old stuff we are working with but I’m working under the assumption that all the old flavour-text is valid.

“I see,” she said as she laid her hands flat on her desk. She did catch the edge in his voice. “I am going to be one hundred percent with you. I don’t know all that you think I should know. I am sure for you that must be frustrating.” She chuckled a little, “Why was I given command of this ship with my limited knowledge?” She shrugged, I can’t tell you. Desperate…maybe. For whatever reason, I ended up here.” She looked at him, “In any case, I am hoping you will be a close ally. Make sure I understand the proper ARU procedures.” She pointed to the reports on her desk, “These are much appreciated. I know you didn’t have to do them. You should know it does bother me that I don’t know as much as I should know. A lot. I also am not going to pretend like I know what I should. That is more dangerous than just simply saying I don’t know.”

Henao, CO

OOC: Old stuff? Are you talking about the ARU Background Charter? Do you have access to that? I tried reaching out to see if I can get some of the ARU stuff on the ship and I was unsuccessful. I want to make ship forward, but I have to figure out how .

Adam quirked an eyebrow at the Captain, she didn’t have the experience yet on how to avoid the social embarrassment of being corrected without being corrected. That was something every Ship commander learned eventually. Honesty was a good thing in any person but the Captain did not have the luxury of being honest “There is an old Earth military adage, I don’t know but I’ll find out. It’s good to admit to not knowing, especially for this job. However, for you, that is something best said behind closed doors “I don’t know how much you knew about the ARU before you joined. I wasn’t aware of its existence at first. Through rumors and investigation, I learned about the group, tracing it to a certain Admiral” He didn’t mention that one of the main reasons he’d conducted the investigation was his general mistrust of Secret organizations Within Starfleet “After which I was assigned here. What I’ve learned is that without experience reading through redacted and classified files it can be difficult to grasp the concept behind the ARU. Whatever you need help with I am here to help.”


She smiled, “Well with the sudden resignation of Commander Zachariah Cobb, I hadn’t had the opportunity to be briefed as I should have. I even tried to reach out to him before I made my journey here…to no avail. I have the pieces of information you shared with me, that is all. Is that the extent of your knowledge as well?”

She clasped her hands together, I am going to share something about myself that I don’t often share with others, “Do you know what my personality test revealed about me?” Without allowing him to answer her rhetorical question she continued, ” It said that although I was charming and extroverted” She laughed, ” as well as trustworthy, reliable, and loyal, that I had the propensity to be selfish. I cared too much about how I appeared to people, also I was often inflexible, impulsive and impatient”. They said I would most likely never be chosen to command a ship with that combination of traits....but here I am. When I was offered this assignment I knew it was something to picking me, and I am sure I was a last resort. However, I took the opportunity because I had my eye on the center seat for some time now. I am sure they knew my impulsive quality would prompt me to accept, but in any case, it doesn’t matter I am here and Leviathan is my responsibility now the only thing I can do is play catch up and learn all I can.”

She paused then said, “You think I should put a cap on my honesty and reveal only what is necessary? That is easier to consider than to do. I have never been good at hiding things…also I am a very bad liar. I was told I scratch between my eyes when I am lying.” She laughed again. “I am going to work on that she said. Can’t have the crew picking up on these types of traits. However, I want the crew to have knowledge of ARU, whatever is available to be known because they trust me, and expect me to have their best interests in mind, and why not? They are putting their lives on the line to implement ARU procedures. I know Starfleet thinks that things work much better when certain people have certain pieces of information, but I am not so sure it does. If people are considering serving on the Leviathan, shouldn’t they know the whole story? What they are signing up for? Then shouldn’t they be allowed to make their decision then?” She paused again, “I am curious to know what your own investigations uncovered about the ARU.”

Henao, CO

Adam was quiet and still, when the Captain spoke, the only indication that he was paying attention was his deep gray eyes keeping a close watch, a hawklike expression, watching for prey-like movement “No” He said simply, gathering his thoughts regarding her first point “Compartmentalisation of certain knowledge is necessary for operational security, You still look with an outsiders perspective, changes are dangerous when implemented without knowing how everything works.” He spoke politely and with the sound of all due respect but there was a firmness in his tone that often followed older officers “I discovered an Anomaly during my duties and when I reported it Starfleet sent a ship unlike what I’d expected. The crew in odd uniforms and an untraceable registration. So I went about to discover another anomaly, and when I’d discovered two I was approached to join. During the week before I was assigned to the Leviathan I was granted access to classified files some of which I recommend you read, mostly regarding other anomalies kept at Hades station and other things I hope will convince you of the importance of the classified nature of our work.”


There was so much information. Iphigenia wasn’t sure how she was going to get through it all, but the Lieutenant Commander had thankfully given her a starting point. She’d start with the data from Hades Station. However, she could tell he wasn’t revealing everything, just enough. She noted how he was vague about the two anomalies he discovered and reported to Starfleet. “I assure you I know the importance of the work, I just don’t agree with the system. Even though I don’t agree with it, there is nothing I can do. I don’t have the power to change it. I am here to implement the procedures and I have to hope that I can keep the crew safe. I have not had a CIO on any ship I have been stationed on. I know your duties are primarily gathering information and intelligence as well as carrying out investigations in target areas. Tell me what do you do in-between missions? If you have any free time, would consider dedicating at least an hour a week to get me trained on the procedures?”

Henao, CO

Adam nodded slowly, it wasn’t hesitation just deliberate “Between reviewing reports, conferring with colleges both within and without the ARU, and my Bridge duties I mostly spend my free time either exercising or in my quarters” He didn’t get into specifics as to what he did in his quarters “I can dedicate as much time as you think necessary to help you catch up, getting a position within the ARU requires one to have a sprinting run for a start. As a tidbit to start with, the clearance levels are different from what you are used to. At the top is Omega, I don’t know how high that clearance level is as I only know my level, and all those below. I know that you have the same level and likely a higher one at that. What that means is that we have access to almost any information regarding the work done within the ARU. OMEGA level staff on the ship are Commander Vrenek, Lieutenants Mavix, and Thenis and of course myself. The rest of the Department heads have variations of GAMMA and DELTA clearances depending on their jobs. This is the first thing to know is what your crew can be informed about. Knowing what the regulations say you can do and why is the first step in knowing when to ignore the regulations” He said matter-of-factly

Iphigenia listened carefully as he explained the clearance levels and mind-mapped it on her PaDD.

He gave the Captain a moment to digest what he’d said before continuing “There have been occasions when a previously classified entity gets loose and the crew needs to be informed of many details regarding it that normally they would not know about.” This wasn’t normal advice but this Captain didn’t like the regulations as they were so the simplest solution was to give her a way to avoid them, captains prerogative was a beautiful concept when applied correctly.


“It seems these occasions are far and few, as they should be. As far as the training, we should start by doing an inventory of the catalog of the anomalies that are currently onboard. I think this type of referential training will help me learn how these anomalies affected the ship and the crew before they were contained and moving forward I will have some idea of how the containment procedures tie into the overall procedures of ARU. As far as the different clearance levels, it makes sense to group everyone with the same clearance level in the same training and have them complete training based on their clearance level and the levels that are below that security level.”

Henao, CO

Adam nodded slowly “That would work seeing as most personnel already work with those of a similar level, you may also wish to let each Department head choose their own exercises as well as converse with the RTF commander to observe their exercises and training methods, it’ll be good to see how they operate differently and what similarities they possess, it’ll give you a clear picture of what is necessary for ARU operations.


“I think that is a good idea. I guess we could simulate the anomalies we have in containment using the holosuites for believable training exercises. If any of the crew were to fall during the holosuite program, they fail the training. They would be required to end the simulation and exit the holosuite program. Their training will be done for the day. Afterward, I would like them to repeat the training with the same consequence if they fail again. Do you have any objection to that suggestion?” She expected the crew to become quickly acclimated to the ARU procedures but she knew sometimes her expectations could be unfairly high. Also, she figured she’d better share her rationale for the proposal. “I think failure can strengthen or weaken a being. It will be an opportunity to identify those that are persistent and those that are.... unambiguous. Of course, you will not be required to complete the training if you do not wish to do so. I would rather you be an observer and an administrator of sorts. Help me determine who is and isn’t ready.”

Henao, CO


Adam half quirked an eyebrow, for him, it was as close to a vocal exclamation of shock “That would not be a problem for me, these types of exercises are common both in tactical and intelligence training.” Both were his fields of expertise “These exercises would need to be at least partially planned with the respective department heads as I don’t have the knowledge to create or administer such training to suit each team, this is more detail-oriented than similar standard Starfleet exercises.”


Iphigenia smiled and raised her own eyebrows, “But I was under the impression that you knew everything, Commander Magnusson.” she teased him. “Yes, you are right we should plan to execute the training with the department heads.” She frowned in thought as she placed one of her fists under her chin, “However most of the department heads are new themselves.” Then she pinched the middle of her forehead as she closed her eyes and let out a loud sigh. “There is just so much to do. I feel like we are never going to get to where we need to be. Admiral Webb expects a status update on the Leviathan crew and expects us to be well on our way to our new mission in a few weeks. Do you think we can do it?”

Henao, CO

Magnus raised an eyebrow at her teasing, he was pleased with the joke, however, Good shot He thought to himself. “They’ll always be new, they’ll always lack the experience because this isn’t a job you can be trained for, not properly. These training simulations will show us what the Department heads know or more importantly what they think about this job. I’ll get them some related files to containment breaches departments similar to theirs on other ARU ships. Until we learn from the actual thing that will do.” He interlocked his fingers and placed his hands over his thighs “Don’t think in ‘ifs’ and ‘cans’ Captain. We will or we won’t and I think we will”


“I like your optimism. It’s exactly the type of attitude we need. It’s not that I do not believe in the crew, they are just not motivated. It’s discouraging even for me.” She smiled and said, “I assume you will be hanging out in the shadows observing all the training. Anyway enough talk of training and ARU, tell me about yourself. It’s unsettling to me that I do not know anything about you. I know you Intelligence Officers like to stealthy move through Starfleet and appear out of thin air when needed but I see an opportunity here to not just work with highly regarded resource officer, but to form an alliance. I am aware you are a trained tactical officer as well, and I am too. At least I know we have that in common.”

Henao, CO

A slightly raised eyebrow was the only reaction on the Intelligence officer’s wooden expression “Not much to gleam that can’t be read through my record, My father was an Engineer which is why I enlisted. I’d originally planned to head in the same direction but I had some talent for tactics so during my second year I shifted my focus and when I graduated I was assigned to the USS Dauntless under Captain T’Fal, I believe he’s a Commodore now assigned to the Cardassian border”

“That’s the thing, Adam. I have read your record and I want to know what is beyond what is written in your Starfleet file.

Adam interlocked his fingers and placed them across his crossed legs “I’ve now been in Starfleet just over twenty-eight years and fourteen of those I spent on the Dauntless. She was a frontline ship during the Dominion War, at that time I was a junior officer..” He hesitated “I received a field commission and was Acting-Tactical chief for the later part of the War. Afterward, I was the Chief Tactical officer for the better part of a decade.” He spoke simply, as one might about weather, with no particular emotion in his tone.

“The Dominion War, I heard that was a nasty War. I was just a young child in Texas when it was raging about the Galaxy.”

He paused for a moment before continuing “During that time I got married, had a child and got divorced. My ex moved with Annabelle to New France. Not long after that, I transferred to the Ark Angel under Captain Drudoc for a couple of years, that’s when I began a lateral move into intelligence. Although it was a move that made sense career-wise I mostly made it so that I’d be able to become the Intelligence officer for New France a year later. I spent most of that time traveling, network building, and doing some odd jobs.” He didn’t elaborate further

“Ah, Annabelle. Your daughter. I love her name. It has a classic Southern Texas tone to it.” She said with a smile. “How old is your daughter?” Iphigenia knew that she’d probably never have children of her own. It made her sad, but on the other hand, she was doing what she loved, traveling around the universe, encountering the unknown. It was no life for a child.

A slight smile softened Adams face, he rarely softened his expression outside of thinking of his daughter or dealing with children “She’ll be twenty-one this fall, only one year left of her studies.”

Iphigenia smiled also. “What is she studying?”

“The law, She has always had aspirations to become a Judge, she’s bright so I think she has a decent chance”

“The Ark Angel? I have a distant cousin who is currently serving on that ship. Commander Itri. She is the XO. So you moved on from the Ark Angel. What did you do next?”

“I finally got the job on New France and used most of my time to repair my relationship with my daughter, she was eleven at the time. I spent the next seven years with her until she moved to Earth for University. I left New France after that and continued standard Intelligence Fieldwork until I uncovered the existence of the ARU and was offered this position.” He nodded to himself as he finished, nearly thirty years of service boiled down to a five minute roundup, as all things should be.


Iphigenia nodded. Adam has given a high-level but very comprehensive view into his background. “What do you think you would be doing if you had not uncovered the ARU? Most importantly without the ARU being a factor do you think you would still be active in Starfleet. Do you think you would be retired?”

Henao, CO

Adam considered the question for a moment “No I don’t think I would have retired. I have standing offers to join the Home office on Earth but I’ve always preferred duties on ships when I could. Besides I think I still have a few more decades of service in me” He hesitated for a moment “I also have a short collection of people with hostile intentions toward me, former foes from more turbulent times, the occasional warlord or pirate king that know my name from encounters on the Dauntless. I also as involved in a situation with the Syndicate a few years ago, there should still be an active bounty” He raised a hand before the Captain could respond “It’s mostly there to save face for the organization, they can’t afford a conflict with Starfleet Intelligence.”


Iphigenia was glad that Adam felt like he has a couple of more decades of service left in him. She could only hope that he would continue them on the Leviathan for as long as the ship existed. It was selfish of her but Adam seemed to be the most competent ARU officer aboard the ship and she needed him to stay. Iphigenia laughed in amazement. She assumed he was talking about the Orion faction that was involved in nefarious activities. “A bounty? What did you do to have the Syndicate place a bounty on your head? What will happen if they capture you? ” Iphigenia asked out of concern.

Henao, CO

Adam shrugged “Not much beyond a potential beating until I am brought before whoever it was that put out the bounty. It’s not that uncommon for Starfleet officers to run afoul of the Orion Syndicate, there are safeguards in place. We have assets in place that allow us to learn of any potential hits on Starfleet personnel. If they do get lucky enough to capture me and I am unable to escape on my own” He said in a way that he found that to be highly unlikely “I believe the standard operating protocol is a small and fast ship with a contingent of Federation Marines is deployed for rescue operations, probably one assigned with a Hostage Rescue Specialist..” He spoke simply, as one might of a potential sports match.

“A beating? You say that like it’s a run-of-the-mill consequence.”

“As to what I did, that will require some background. My family doesn’t have a big history of Starfleet membership, we have the occasional ancestor joining but nothing more, there has never been a big militant tradition in my home country. My uncle broke the mold by becoming a Marine Officer maybe forty, or fifty years ago and that inspired a number of his kin to join. Growing up my closest friend was my Cousin Peter, the two of us and two other cousins spent most of our free time together. Peter is a year older so he joined first and the four of us followed. We’ve remained close and help each other out on occasion” He put emphasis on help

Iphigenia listened intently. She felt like she was getting rare insight into the life and persona of Lieutenant Commander Adam Magnusson. She intervened a quick remark or question, “Help? As in..?”

“About ten years ago Peter had been working undercover with a sub-faction of the Syndicate, the Takra Cartel. He’d learned of a potential attack on Federation Space and worked with Starlfeet Intelligence to take them down, you should be able to request information on Operation Cinder, it was a highly successful operation that stopped an attack on Federation Space. Not long after the operation my cousins and I received a call” There was some tension in his voice now, he could recall saying simply to Starfleet that they had been on vacation during those six months, it cost some of them rank or position. “Peter had discovered the remnants of the Cartel and learned that the senior command had survived the assault and was rebuilding. We spent a few months systematically tearing the organization down.” Adam hesitated “This wasn’t sanctioned and officially Starfleet has no knowledge of this action, the Klingon Empire denies that anything took place during those months. Long story short four people were all that it took to dismantle an organization deeply connected to the Syndicate, we all have outstanding bounties for that” For the first time Adam smiled, it was an unnerving smile “You needn’t be concerned that anyone will attempt this bounty, you won’t find anyone displeased that this pirate group no longer exists”


It made sense now why he was very stealthy in his movements around the ship. She was glad he at least told her about the bounty and even though he didn’t seem to be worried about the it, Iphigenia was. CIOs were far and few in Starfleet and with this bounty hanging over his head he was always in danger of being found and taken from the Leviathan. “I am sure it’s in the best interest of everyone that this pirate group does not exist anymore. I assume very few people are aware of this bounty on you? Otherwise, how can you be sure no one will attempt to collect it? Bounties can be quite appealing and irresistible to just about anyone if the price is right.”

Henao, CO

“It’s a decent amount and fairly open on the criminal market side but the people that know about it also know who it targets and we all have reputations protecting us.” Adam suddenly frowned “Also one of two things always happens whenever someone does take the bounty, they either get an offer for double the amount to not pursue it, or they disappear” He didn’t seem to like that fact “I have yet to discover who is behind that but I have a feeling that this bounty is less an incentive to capture myself and more a trap for someone else”


Iphigenia listened attentively to Adam’s words, trying to understand the weight and complexity of the situation. “To me it sounds like you’re dealing with a rather intricate and dangerous situation either way, Adam. The fact that those who accept the bounty either receive tempting offers to abandon it or mysteriously vanish does raise suspicions. It’s certainly a cause for concern and warrants caution.”

She leaned in slightly, her expression serious. “If someone is manipulating this…this bounty system to set a trap, it suggests there may be individuals or organizations with ulterior motives at play. It’s important to prioritize your safety and well-being above all else. I would advise you to be vigilant, gather as much information as you can about the situation, and consider involving the appropriate authorities or seeking assistance from trusted allies.”

Iphegenia paused, contemplating the possibilities. “However it seems you have already gathered a network of reliable individuals who can help protect you. This is good because there is always strength in numbers. By working together with others who share similar concerns and have reputations protecting them, I do feel relieved and am confident you will be able to navigate this complex situation more effectively.”

She leaned back in her chair, her expression sympathetic. “Above all, trust your instincts, Adam. If something feels off or if you sense danger, it’s crucial to prioritize your own safety and well-being. Take the necessary precautions and seek guidance from those you trust. Hopefully, you’ll be able to unravel the truth behind this bounty and ensure your own security in the process.”

Henao, CO

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