Side Sim: Counseling Center - Lt. Ruuk Checks in with CNS

Posted June 1, 2023, 1:16 p.m. by Lieutenant Dayner Ruuk (Containment Architect) (Steve Alliss)

The turbolift doors slid closed. “Deck 33” Ruuk said and the lift whirred into life. He was on his way to the check in for duty with Counselor - the last of his on-boarding formalities to complete.
Ruuk’s feelings heading into this meeting were pretty indistinct. All of his previous encounters with ship’s counselors had gone well, yet, counselors seemed a bit of an enigma too him, primarily because his work seldom crossed over with theirs.
No sooner had the Turbolift started, it had stopped again, reaching the desired deck. Ruuk stepped out and strolled the corridors until he found the door marked ‘Counseling Center’. He pressed the door chime, and waited to be called in.

Lieutenant Dayner Ruuk - Containment Architect

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