Quiet Moments

Posted June 1, 2023, 7:28 p.m. by Captain Iphigenia Henao (Captain) (Mika Jackson)

Iphigenia Henao rarely got to embrace her Texan roots as she managed the Leviathan, commanding with more unwavering determination rather than Southern charm. With her piercing amber eyes and a fiery spirit, she led her crew through the vast expanse of the cosmos.
When not in the CIC, Iphigenia found solace in her personal quarters, where the air was filled with the low soothing sounds of country music. As she kicked off her Starfleet issued uniform boots and settled into her favorite chair, a glass of rich red wine in hand, the melodies of old-time classics allowed her to momentarily escape the weight of her responsibilities. Deep down, she cherished those quiet moments, where the essence of her beloved Texas roots could be fully embraced. Despite the demands of her position, Iphigenia never forgot her family. Whenever she could, she would make a special call to her twin brother, Cosimo, remembering stories of their childhood adventures and seeking the bond that only twin siblings can truly understand. These calls reminded her of the unbreakable ties that anchored her amidst the boundless unknown, fueling her determination to navigate the stars with grace and strength. “Computer, place a call to Cosimo Henao on Earth.”
The room around her hummed with anticipation as the computer’s electronic voice acknowledged her request. Calling Cosimo Henao, Jr, CEO of CH Armories & Tactical Defense LLC… The attempt at a connection went on for several minutes and while the computer possessed incredible capabilities, bridging the vast distances between celestial bodies was beyond its reach and quite impossible. Sometimes the Leviathan was too far out of reach and the astronomical distances interferred with connections back to the Milky Way galaxy. She would have to wait to hear her dear brother’s voice and get an update on the well being of her father, sister-in-law, and her twin nieces. She closed her eyes and listened to the sad lyrics of the music.

Henao, CO

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