What's for Dinner (Concurrent with the Metamorphosis of Saoir Sim)

Posted June 1, 2023, 7:56 p.m. by Captain Iphigenia Henao (Captain) (Mika Jackson)

Iphigenia strode into the bustling lounge. Her presence commanded attention, and the crew members and passengers dining there glanced up from their meals, momentarily distracted by her arrival. Dressed in her crisply pressed uniform, she projected an aura of power and authority.
The food in the lounge was renowned for its diverse culinary offerings from across the galaxies. It boasted a menu that catered to all palates, from traditional dishes to innovative creations that pushed the boundaries of flavor. Iphigenia, having tasted the delicacies from countless planets during her explorations, craved only the finest and most extraordinary dishes. As she approached the maître d’, a distinguished-looking android named Maximo programmed to maintain a calm and composed demeanor, greeted her with a warm, artificial smile. Iphigenia’s piercing amber eyes fixed upon him.
“Captain Iphigenia Henao, a pleasure to have you with us. How may I assist you today?” Maximo inquired, it’s voice infused with polite formality.

Iphigenia returned the smile, leaned slightly on the counter and said, “Max, I want to know what’s for dinner tonight. I want something home cooked, like a big ole steak, with potatoes, and ranch style beans. You have anything like that?”
Maximo paused for a moment, analyzing the extensive menu options available. With each passing second, its processors whirred, making calculations to meet the Captain’s expectations. Finally, it responded, his voice tinged with a hint of enthusiasm,
“Captain, I can make your culinary dream a reality. Sit, sir, and I will be right back. Can I get you something to drink? Oh wait! I have just the thing.” It disappeared and returned a few minutes later. “I was saving this just for you.” Maximo placed a bottle of Jack Daniels on the table with a shot glass.
Iphigenia’s eyes lit up and her lips formed into a smile that showed her perfect teeth. “Max, you are too good to me!” She cracked open the bottle filled the glass, threw it back and slammed the glass on the table. “Whew! Now that will make you grow a beard.” She poured herself another and drank that too.
“I will leave you to it, sir,” said Maximo proudly. “As soon as your dinner is ready I will bring it out.”

Henao, CO

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