Pre-Sim: The Great Escape

Posted June 2, 2023, 9:53 p.m. by Cadet Deshara Toussaint (Scientist) (Mika Jackson)

Posted by Captain Iphigenia Henao (Captain) in Pre-Sim: The Great Escape

Posted by Cadet Deshara Toussaint (Scientist) in Pre-Sim: The Great Escape

Posted by Captain Iphigenia Henao (Captain) in Pre-Sim: The Great Escape
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OOC: This sim is going to set the pace for the next sim we are about to cruise into. Feel free to jump in and contribute.

IC: Cadet Toussaint quickly and nervously approach Iphigenia’s office while she was on a call with Admiral Webb. Her door was already opened, and she could see the woman was impatiently shifting from side to side. As her eyes shifted from Deshara to the monitor, Iphigenia said to Admiral Webb, “Admiral, I am sorry. There is something I need to tend to. Please send over the brief and I promise to review it thoroughly.”
“Very well. I hope everything is okay.” He said with raising one of his eyebrows. Admiral Webb was experienced and he could pick up on when something was amiss, even if it was through a video call.
“I am sure it is. Just have to divert my attention to the matter. I apologize for the abrupt end to our call.”
“Oh, it’s alright,” he said with a chuckle. “Go tend to your ship. We will talk soon.”
“Yes, will talk to you soon, sir.” she said. The Admiral gave her a quick nod and the transmission ended. Iphigenia looks at the officer with raised eyebrows, “Is there something wrong?”

Henao, CO

Deshara hurried into the office and quickly took a seat. Unusual because most officers stood till she offered them a seat. “Umm, Captain Henao, we have a problem.” Said the woman as she nervously clasped her hands together.

Cadet Toussaint, Science

“What type of problem?” Iphigenia looked up from her desk, noting the unusual urgency in Deshara’s demeanor. She immediately sensed that something was amiss. With a concerned expression, she motioned for Deshara to continue.

“What’s the matter, Cadet?” She asked asked, leaning forward attentively. Her calm and steady presence aimed to provide reassurance to her subordinate.

Deshara took a deep breath, visibly trying to steady herself. Her hands trembled slightly as she clasped them together. The captain could tell that Deshara was grappling with nervousness. She patiently waited for her to gather her thoughts and speak.

Henao, CO

“Captain Henao, we have a problem,” Deshara finally uttered, her voice filled with a mix of apprehension and urgency. The captain nodded, encouraging Deshara to elaborate.

Deshara’s gaze darted towards the open office door, and a sense of alarm crossed her face. Reacting swiftly, she rose from her seat, pressed a series of buttons on the keypad, and closed the door securely. Once the immediate concern was addressed, she quickly reclaimed her seat.

Cadet Toussaint, Science

Iphigenia observed the actions, understanding the need for privacy in such a situation. She leaned forward, her expression serious yet supportive. “Take your time, Deshara. Tell me what’s going on,” she said, her voice steady and calm.

Henao, CO

Deshara finally and rapidly spoke the words, “Captain Henao. You are not going to like this, but I must to inform you that one of the contained anomalies have somehow escaped. We don’t know its current location or its potential danger level.

Cadet Toussaint, Science

What? How did this happen, Deshara? I thought we had strict protocols in place to prevent such incidents.

Henao, CO

Deshara nodded nervously while attempting to explain the sequence of events. “Yes, Captain, we acknowledge the situation. Unfortunately, a malfunction occurred in the containment system. The absence of a dedicated containment architect for a period of time played a role in these circumstances. To put it briefly, there was a lack of adequate supervision over the containment system. We are presently conducting an investigation to determine the actual cause, but our primary focus is on finding the anomaly and guaranteeing the safety of the crew.”

Cadet Toussaint, Science

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