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Posted June 2, 2023, 11:42 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Shoval drang (RTF Officer) (Jeremy Snyder)

Posted by Ensign Saoir (Transporter/Security) in Coming aboard

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Shoval drang (RTF Officer) in Coming aboard
A bird of prey de cloaked ,off the starboard side of the ship. A tall Klingon beamed aboard, with his pet targ he stretched his arms.looking around at his surroundings,to see who was there. He was carried a bag full of his belongings, he spotted a ne “ Jih am Shoval Drang, reporting for qu’. “ his English is not as bad as it was.


A tall Kelpian named Saoir, dressed in a black uniform adorned with a gold Ensign pip, patiently awaited the arrival of Lieutenant Shoval Drang, along with a Transporter NE, as he materialized aboard the Mjolnir-class vessel. Saoir held a PaDD in his hand, containing Lieutenant Drang’s onboarding schedule and first set of orders. As the Klingon officer finished speaking, Saoir responded fluently in Klingon, “Qam choraQ, le’ona’to* puqloDdI’ yItlhob. SoHvaD jIQoy’taHvIS, ‘ej QaQwI’pu’ jIH neH jIH.” which translated to “Welcome aboard the Leviathan, Lieutenant Drang. I am Saoir, and I will be handling your onboarding today.”

Ensign Saoir, Transporter Op/Security

Shoval Drang has a padd ,with his transfer orders to the Leviathan. as well as eyen his targe who was sniffing the floor, and was able to make the move from a bird of prey easily. “ greetings I am Shoval Drang, son of K’upus Drang of the high council. You speak Klingon well, you’re taller but I bet I am older ha ha ha. “ he picked up his Bat’leth “ this has served me well, I have had many glorious moments with my Bat’leth“

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