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A bird of prey de cloaked ,off the starboard side of the ship. A tall Klingon beamed aboard, with his pet targ he stretched his arms.looking around at his surroundings,to see who was there. He was carried a bag full of his belongings, he spotted a ne “ Jih am Shoval Drang, reporting for qu’. “ his English is not as bad as it was.


A tall Kelpian named Saoir, dressed in a black uniform adorned with a gold Ensign pip, patiently awaited the arrival of Lieutenant Shoval Drang, along with a Transporter NE, as he materialized aboard the Mjolnir-class vessel. Saoir held a PaDD in his hand, containing Lieutenant Drang’s onboarding schedule and first set of orders. As the Klingon officer finished speaking, Saoir responded fluently in Klingon, “Qam choraQ, le’ona’to* puqloDdI’ yItlhob. SoHvaD jIQoy’taHvIS, ‘ej QaQwI’pu’ jIH neH jIH.” which translated to “Welcome aboard the Leviathan, Lieutenant Drang. I am Saoir, and I will be handling your onboarding today.”

Ensign Saoir, Transporter Op/Security

Shoval Drang has a padd ,with his transfer orders to the Leviathan. as well as eyen his targe who was sniffing the floor, and was able to make the move from a bird of prey easily. “ greetings I am Shoval Drang, son of K’upus Drang of the high council. You speak Klingon well, you’re taller but I bet I am older ha ha ha. “ he picked up his Bat’leth “ this has served me well, I have had many glorious moments with my Bat’leth“

Drang security

Ensign Saoir presented Lieutenant Drang with a rare smile, appreciating the mention of his fluency in Klingon.
“Greetings, Lieutenant Drang, son of K’upus Drang of the High Council. Your arrival as the Recovery Task Force Officer has been long anticipated. It is an honor to have you aboard the Leviathan. I am sure your experience with the Bat’leth will be of great use in your new role. I have heard it is a weapon that demands skill and courage and I’m sure you have many tales of valor to share. Please follow me, and we will begin your onboarding process as scheduled,” Saoir said, gesturing for Lieutenant Drang to accompany him.
As they made their way through the corridors of the ship, Saoir explained the ship’s layout, “We do not have what you would call a bridge, but it is a whole center which is comparable to the size of a Starbase’s Operations Center. We refer to it as the Combat Information Center or CIC. Never call it a bridge.” Saoir warned. “It’s quite impressive when it’s in action. And it is one of the most highly functional tactical command centers built on a starship.” He also provided information about the ship’s mission and ongoing operations.
“I trust your transition from a Bird of Prey type vessel to the Leviathan will be smooth. If you have any questions or require assistance during your time aboard, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I know almost everything there is to know about anything aboardthe Levi. There are some troublemakers you will want to avoid.” He paused, looked around then continued, “Ensign Jackson is one of them. If I were you, I would steer clear of his unruly shenanigans. I do not know why the Captain does not give him a proper reprimand.”
He glanced at the pet targ he had with him and asked, “What is your pet targ’s name?”

Saoir, Transporter Op/Security

“ My targ is named eyen , we must have some blood wine . To: celebrate my role in the federation, together we will tell tales of battle. And you can tell me how to Use the replication device. Oh that is unless you cannot handle blood wine? As tall as you are I’m sure that you can.
I plan on getting to know you friend, I am not a superior officer ,unless I need to be for your safety.”

Lt jg Shoval Drang security

Saoir stared at Shoval for a moment then said, “In any case, you will always be my superior officer, unless I surpass you in rank. When Shoval mentioned blood wine, Saoir placed a hand on his stomach, feeling queasy. “Bloodwine? My ability to consume beverages like blood wine is… well, limited. I am a vegan, so I do not partake in the drinking of blood of any species, unless, of course, there is a vegan bloodless option available. However, I’m more than happy to provide information and answer any questions you may have about the replication device.” Saoir walked over to a replicator and asked, “What can I replicate for your pet targ, Eyen? It can be anything.”

Saoir, Transporter Op/Security

“ perhaps you can drink Warnog? I respect your belief, even though I don’t know what it is. You can replicate us, Gagh. And Rokeg blood pie,
I hate to drink alone and I wish to know my ensign. It would be ofuse to know how the replication device works, n my bird of prey our food was live.
Unless we had food packs, we had no device onboard.

Shoval drang rtfo

“Respectfully, sir, I usually refrain from consuming alcoholic beverages.” With some hesitation, Saoir requested the replicator to produce Gagh and a Rokeg blood pie. Both dishes materialized before Saoir’s eyes. The Rokeg blood pie seemed somewhat intimidating all on its own, mainly due to its crimson color. However, the Gagh was worse as appeared to be wriggling with a rather unsettling motion. Saoir’s stomach churned, and he felt a sudden urge to vomit. He quickly covered his mouth with his hand and managed to stammer, “I apologize, but…” Unfortunately, he couldn’t finish his sentence before dashing towards the nearest bathroom.

Saoir, Transporter Op/Security

Jackson, who stood in a corner, observed the unfolding events. When Saoir suddenly left to find a bathroom, he stood there shaking his head. “Saoir is quite weak,” he remarked to Lieutenant Drang, wearing a grin. “Honestly, I can’t believe he’s part of the security team.” Jackson grabbed one of the wiggly Gagh and popped it into his mouth. “Hmm, I’ve never been able to figure out the taste of Gagh. Maybe it’s like pork?” Extending his hand, he introduced himself, “I’m Ensign Jackson. You must be our new RTF Officer. It’s a pleasure to meet you, sir. Welcome aboard the Leviathan.”

Ensign Jackson, Security

Shoval shook his hand “ nice to meet you ensign, I’m positive the captain has faith in him. So let me guess you don’t drink blood wine as well, I have never had this pork I bet it tastes like targ. Meet my targ eyen, his heart is mine one day. So how long have you been on board? “ Shoval grabbed a hand full of blood pie and eat it.

Shoval drang rtfo

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