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on the bridge of the USS Leviathan NE Walters sat bored at his console this was the most boring shift of the day and of course he had it he was just thinking about asking to be temporarily relieved to take a small break when his Console started blaring a ship decloaking it was small but fast looking very similar to a Flying Angel Class racing Yacht but the sensors lit up like a Christmas tree given the amount of weapons and the armor covering the hull as well as the cloak and all the other modifications this was no ordinary Flying Angel The ship was hailing NE Walters activated the comm =”Captain to the Bridge!”=^= he reported anxiously


Iphigenia headed to the CIC as soon as she got the call from the anxious NE. These days everyone seemed to have anxiety on this ship and worst from her time as Commander of it she learned that anything could easily become a disaster. As she cooly entered the CIC, she looked at Walter’s and said, “Okay I am here. What’s going on?”

Henao, CO

“We are being hailed by a Shuttle Flying angel class its sending a Message text only…Requesting permission to dock and speak directly to the captain aboard the shuttle before offloading new artifact for containment!” he reported

NE Walters

Iphigenia had a series of questions going through her mind. The Leviathan was probably the only ship in the vicinity to off load an anomalous artifact. No matter what it was, they had to take it and secure it.
“Open a channel to the shuttle. Ask for their identification codes and any relevant credentials. Once their identification is verified, instruct them to prepare for docking procedures and provide them with a designated docking port. Alert the RTF Officer, Lieutenant Drang and the Containment Architect, Lieutenant Ruuk and instruct them to stand by at the docking port to ensure a smooth secure transfer of the artifact.
Have Lieutenant Mavix escort the Commander of the shuttle to my location so I can connect with them and gather as much information as possible about the nature of the artifact, its origin, and any known containment protocols. Also, be sure to notify the Dr. Maxwell and inform him to be ready for any potential health risks associated with the artifact.

Henao, CO

he began to relay everything “Credentials are verified and they are saying Priority 1 Courier?” he said confused the captain however would know that a Priority 1 Courier was a Section 31 Agent that brought very DANGEROUS Artifacts “The Pilot is saying that they are recommending that Telepathic crew be kept out of contact with this object as it seems to have a stronger effect on telepaths it does have an effect on anyone but telepaths even more so” He reported

NE Walters

Iphigenia listened intently to Walters’ report, her mind racing with thoughts and considerations. The mention of a Section 31 agent with a Priority 1 Courier and the warning about the artifact’s effects on telepaths heightened her sense of urgency and caution. “Understood, Walters,” Iphigenia replied, her voice steady. “Maintain communication with the shuttle pilot and relay the following additional instructions: Notify Lieutenant Drang and Lieutenant Ruuk about the heightened danger to telepaths. Instruct them to take necessary precautions confirm that the artifact is securely contained and shielded to minimize its effects. They are to ensure that no telepathic crew members come into direct contact with the artifact without the proper protective gear. Safety is of utmost importance.”

Lieutenant Mavix was a joined Trill, but she didn’t think that the artifact should affect her because Trills were not telepathic in the traditional sense. “Have Lieutenant Mavix proceed with escorting the shuttle commander to my location as originally planned. Ensign Jackson will assist her.”

Concern for the crew’s well-being weighed heavily on Iphigenia’s mind. She had been affected by the last mind controlling anomaly aboard the ship and it never had a satisfactory conclusion. Her thoughts aligning she continued. “We must secure this artifact without jeopardizing the safety of our crew. Keep me informed of any further developments or updates immediately. I will be awaiting the arrival of the shuttle commander in my breifing room.”

With that, Iphigenia turned headed to her office, her attention to the task at hand, focused on the imminent arrival of the artifact and the challenges it posed.

Henao, CO

“The pilot is Responding they are moving into position to dock” he reported leaving it at that

NE Walters

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