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Casela let out a deep breath. “Alright everyone, that was good. You still need to practice on your own or in pairs, when you have time. Dismissed.” She was finished with her mandatory leadership role for the day. She really resented Manhattan for that. She left the training holodeck and because she was still required to be part of “the team” she headed to the lounge with everyone else.

As they all settled in, getting drinks and tables, Casela ordered a water with lime and went to sit at a back table, where for the most part she went unnoticed unless someone was purposely looking for her. It was late, 2330 and she had to be up for 0600. This hour in the lounge were exhausting for her.

Lt. Synthi-er, RTF

Even Manhattan had a short breath after the training. The time passed signing paperworks made little but considerable changes. He had some bruises as the fight was prolonged by the fierce Lieutenant but it was worth all the pain and the effort.
After all of that it was time to rest (perhaps) and as treat a good ice tea was the choice.

Noticing that Casela was somewhat isolated, Erve knew it would have probably been a long discussion if he ever decided to sit and get to talk with her… but he did not backed up and instead decided that a talk was necessary. Sitting in front of the Lieutenant sipping the tea, Erve cleared his throat and broke the ice “Good game, Lieutenant. I really loved how you managed the Team and the fight… I know you don’t like such things but I see some potentiality in you.” He tapped the glass looking the ice swirling around the content “Do you have something to tell? I am sure you do.”

M. Captain Erve Manhattan - RCO

Casela sat back as Manhatten approached. She was tired and in no mood to be ‘molded’ into the image of a good RTF agent. She shrugged, “I might not like it, but I’m good at teaching.” She’d done it several times over the years. Especially with children. Giving them the opportunity to make a better outcome for themselves. “Irida has a natural talent for any weapon, but is too distracted by her need to create rumors. Niven is competent and learns fast, but doesn’t trust her instincts. Derrick has an eye for anticipating his opponent, but faulters at close range. Ut’jwa is fierce and battle hardened, but is vary aware of his wife and what might happen to her. Lihew is competent and well versed in weapons, but is too aware of any female in the room. Allowing them to distract him.” She had thoughts about Manhatten but decided to be diplomatic. “And they are all unobservant. None of you,” she emphasized, “knew I was in the room. That could get you killed.” She sipped at her water.
Lt Synthi-er, RTF

“That’s why they need a lead. You know, they were to be honest the dirt of other ship. Outcast of the ARU and RTF programs. This can seem weird because we are the Flagship but yet we have the worst RTF complement in the fleet. Either way the Second Squadron is the best among these morons, at least they are willing to get better and know what their border is. The first Squadron is like the opposite. They’re good but hell, they think every other squadron is twenty levels down the sea…
For me I would say they are the best chance to get you out alive, but without someone who can lead them properly they will remain what they are.” He then also sipped his drink. Knowing it my bother the argument, Erve gave a long pause to the conversation and after another sip or two he laid down the glass to talk again “Tell me Casela, you’ve described the Second Squadron except me. I want your opinion.” He went straight to the point.

M. Capt. Erve Manhattan - RCO

Casela ignored his primary queston for the moment. “If 1st squadron is such a problem, I suggest you separate them immediately. As ship’s counselor we already have a problem with RTF thinking they are better than everyone else on this ship. Having an elitist team within the ranks of RTF that thinks they are better than the other ‘elites’ is dangerous. It’s dangerous for half this crew to think they are above the rest of the crew simply because of some letters attached to their rank.” Casela stopped and sipped her drink. “They do need a leader, my question for you Erve Manhattan is why not you? You’re the head of RTF on this ship. You set the tone and attitude for the whole division. Which now brings me to your question, about your self. I was joking about actually taking you and the Cmdr on at the same time, but it would have allowed you both to work together and show a sense of cooperation between the regular Star Fleet officers and RTF. Instead you offered and goaded myself and Cmdr Raauhl. And though it was in your mind to show your own skill, it also showed to the other RTF members that RTF IS better than the rest of the ship, or at least needed to prove that fact.” She avoided mentioning the Cmdr. Raauhl had specifically asked to stay for the training so he could learn from the Manhattan and refused to spar one on one with him for the simple reason that he wanted avoid that kind of dynamic on the ship. Manhattan needed to see for himself the power and influence he had to help unify the ship for himself. In the long run Raauhl out ranked him in the overall ship, but when it came to RTF only Cobb really out ranked him, if that. There was too much opportunity for the ships crew to legally mutiny if they wanted. “You are incredibly perfect for the position you hold. The question is what will you do with that power?”
Lt. Synthi-er, RTF

Erve didn’t talked, he just finished his drink and then put aside the empty glass. After a couple minutes staring the Lieutenant with an impassible face, a smile came emerging “Ahahaha… Right, as I am already RCO of the ship my job is mostly interested into dispatching the various squadron of this ship’s complement and deciding whether a squadron is better than another. I am the lead for when there’s a Recovery Operation but most importantly I am there so everyone, STF and RTF complement, does not get hurt. But beside this I do have lots of paperworks to do and this is damn boring.
I see in you more potential than I do and that’s why I have decided to assign, even thought temporarily, as leader of the best squadron that the Leviathan has to offer. And yes I am already taking serious measures for the First Squadron and indeed I am limiting their ability to get in action plus some really nasty and humiliating jobs.” He chuckled pausing “Anyway, you may not know it but I am not that kind of dude who loves inflating its job. I always repeat to those morons that we ain’t better than Starfleet personnel and for how much it can seem stupid and repetitive, they seem to understand that. So you wonder what I will do with all that power? I guess not much, I want to be stable between STF and RTF, I will be keeping our divisions at best but also try to let STF be involved. If I seemed to be wanting otherwise for what happened before, well it wasn’t what I have planned. I just wanted some sane competition and test your competence. Do you want a refill for that? Or I can dismiss you. Your choice.” Erve calmly ended. He did not liked to shout but if it was necessary, then he would have not backed up.

M. Capt. Erve Manhattan - RCO

Casela pushed her empty glass towards him. She knew he wasn’t like that. The care he took in her wounds, and his violent verbal outburst told her that. He cared about the people he was responsible for and he expected others to take their jobs just as seriously. “I know you aren’t like that your record indicates as such. But what other see and how they perceive it is just as important as how you meant it. I have no problem sparing with you. I’m sure we’d learn a lot. I, in fact, from a tactile stand point would encourage you and Cmdr. Raauhl to work out and push, in an educational manor, each others skills. More often than not the two of you will be head of away teams, either interchangeably or together. It would be good to know each others skills and weaknesses. But I would do it in private. There is no need for STF or RTF to be privy to the results of that practice. And I would also suggest that you take the time to speak to Cobb and Raauhl, so they know where you stand as far as rank on this ship and how you can help them and how they can help you. You are part of the command structure, not separate from it.” She waited for her refill and then continued. “I appreciate the confidence you place in me, but there is a reason I work alone. Plus I know NOTHING about RTF. Until I as shipped here and told I would be the KAI9 Handler I had heard of RTF but I knew nothing about them. I will admit I enjoyed the training session though.” Casela smirks and sips at her drink.

Lt. Synthi-er, RTF

It had been a long and exhausting day and Zachariah Cobb craved comfort, the kind that only a fifth of whiskey and some sleepy gazing at his fish could provide. So, dressed in striped pajama bottoms and a black t-shirt, since he had not requested, nor was he expecting, company, he shuffled into the lounge and headed immediately for the bar. Only once he had obtained his drink and was about to head to the fishtank, did he realise that he was not alone.

When Cobb entered Casela sighed with relief. She was going to get out of this little bonding session. “And there you go Manhattan. A chance to get to know the captain. Like I said.” And she would get out of having to commit to leading the 2nd squad.

“Ah, don’t mind me,” he sighed without taking in who was present, “I’m just here for a nightcap, is all.”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Erve was about to reply when the Captain entered and he was cut between her and the Captain’s dialogue .

Casela waved Cobb over. “Captain, join us at our table?” She would get them talking and then she was going to bed. She had lucked out tonight. Casela did not introduce the members of 2nd squadron. Doing that would being taking on responsibility for them, so she left that for Manhattan to do.
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS/RTF

“Casela! Don’t dare to leave me!” But the efforts were nullified as she was already gone…

Casela groaned internally and sat back down. She couldn’t outrank TWO captains. She sat and contemplated how she would make her escape.

He sighed, cast a final, longing glance at his fish, then moved to join the RTF team at their table.

“Captain, Lieutenant,” he nodded as he sat down, “Good training session?”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Returning to greet the Captain, Manhattan sighed too and raised his hands to say gesturing ‘I don’t know what Im doing here!’ “Yes it was good. What have you taken?” He pointed out at the glass he had in hand.

M. Capt. Erve Manhattan - RCO

“Ah, I’m quite partial to a fine bottle of Aldebaran whiskey we have behind the bar,” he replied, swirling his glass. “I can recommend it if you’re yet to sample, Captain Manhattan?”

“Yes you can, Captain. But I am not a dude that loves alcohol that much.” He leant his glass to the man “Just a bit, not too much.”

Casela nodded, it had been a good session. She sipped at her drink, waiting for the two men to actually start talking. It was late, but there was no better time than the present.
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS/RTF(why do I have to answer to so many people?)

“So,” Cobb began, figuring that if they were going to keep him from his fish then they could damn well furnish him with some measure of conversation instead, “is this a regular routine to toast the victor at the end of a training session? And who was the victor anyway?”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Taking a sip of the alcohol drink, Manhattan almost got the intense flavor into a weird face, which he avoided and then normalized under the discrete faces of his companions “It is for the RTF members. Casela is new to this and may not like it, right Lieutenant?” He chuckled knowing she wasn’t really a party person “I guess she got the victory for today.” He winked at the Captain “I may not have used all my force, ahah! Anyway this thing is good, Captain.” He lied about the alcohol.

M. Capt. Erve Manhattan - RCO

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