Andromeda Curse - USS Einstein [Away Team]

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The CIO moved to the nearest console and tried to access it’s controls, hoping to get into the environmental controls.

To no one in particular, he asked, “Is there any data on any type of anomaly that likes temps warmer and gravity lighter? Any kind of reerence on what we MIGHT be dealing with?”

Remington (CIO)

Irida moved in front of the group. She spoke back towards Manhattan, “I don’t like it. It’s…” She went silent. There was an anomaly not a ghost and not some boogie man. She scanned the bridge, still bouncing on the balls of her feet to try and stave off the effects of what ever it was. Was the thing up here? If it was she wanted it contained and then they could get to work. The eeriness would NOT get to her. Mimicking their trainer she pulled out her Mark VII baton, just in case. The thing might react to electricity so it wasn’t charged, but she had this feeling in the bit of her stomach that something was going to jump out of the shadows at her. She shook her head, she would not give in to her overactive imagination.
Irida, RTF

“Well. I see nothing useful here… Hampton, let’s get near a console, let’s download the ship’s database. And Irida…” he looked at her “Ah nothing. Just get us some cover. After the bridge we’ll inspect the lower decks.” He seemed not being that afraid after all, for Erve it seemed a normal walk onboard a normal ship.

M. Capt. Erve Manhattan - RCO

Irida nodded, and stayed by the turbolift. Two reasons: 1 it allowed her to see the entire bridge from that vantage point and she could move easily anywhere else. 2 it kept the turbolift doors open and made sure it didn’t leave the bridge so they had a quick exit. Luckily for the moment she was still within range of shield.
Irida, RTF

The woman closest to the Turbo lift would feel a push as if someone shoved her towards the turbo lift and the doors closed, the lift began to move its lights flickering on and off before finally it came to a stop. The doors however did not open.


Irida fell back against the wall of the turbolift. When it stopped. “Computer, bridge!” =^=Irida to Cpt. Manhattan. What happened? I got shoved into the turbo lift and it’s malfunctioned.=^= She hoped the innoculation that they creepy doctor gave her worked, because she’s no longer under the protection of Hampton’s shield. If the turbolift didn’t start moving, Irida would try using her Mark VII baton to force the door open.
Irida, RTF

Hampton was too busy working at one of the engineering consoles on the bridge to notice Irida shoved back into the turbolift. He began attempting to access the ship’s computer, looking over internal sensor data to try and pinpoint was exactly was making everyone so drowsy and why the environmental controls were all out of whack. He felt the fatigue himself, but he wasn’t an idiot, and there was no way he was going to fall asleep on this ship. He did, as a precaution, set his phaser on its lowest level. Should the drowsiness ever overtake, he could simply zap himself back awake. It would be uncomfortable, but it would work to stave off the effects of whatever was onboard the ship.

Lt. William Hampton- CE

“You know, maybe if this thing is an anomaly then they might have been studying it in the science labs?” Blair suggested, seemingly oblivious to Irida’s predicament. “Perhaps we should make our way there next?”

  • NE Blair (Scientist)

The viewscreen flickered to life, an up-close image of a human with his index finger to his mouth against a backdrop of the moon smiled at them before saying in a slow creepy voice “Tic… Toc… your life is on the clock” He cackled a laugh before the viewscreen changed to a large ancient clock with a pendulum swinging left and right. The team would see it was counting down from 120 Minutes.

  • Sandman

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William heard the laughter and looked over his shoulder and saw the clock, he turned back to the console, looking over the internal sensor data, checking for anything anomalous.

Lt. William Hampton- CE

The internal sensor scan would show that there were nine life signs, eight on the bridge one on another deck in a turbo lift. None of this seemed strange except that there were ten people on the away team.

OOC: what the viewscreen showed.

Hampton looked at the console and his eyes widened. He turned back to the rest of the away team. He looked over everyone of them thoroughly. “Captain.” He motioned to Manhattan to come to him. Once he did, Hampton lowered his voice. “There are only 9 people alive, we have 10 onboard this ship.” He continued scanning the people in the room. Looking for somebody who didn’t beam over with them.

Lt. William Hampton-CE

Ensign Korvoh looked at Hampton puzzled, or at least as puzzled as a Vulcan can look. “It seems the ship sensors are more reliable than the tricorder, or the more logical conclusion, the inoculant has failed and we are all experiencing a group hallucination or dream state. A rather curious situation, but one I’m afraid I’m ill equipt to deal with. Please let me know how I can be of assistance?”

  • NEnsign Korvoh

At the back of the group, Blair was nervously muttering to himself. “It’s the Goatman! You ever heard of the Goatman? He comes amongst you. Gets between you. You think he’s one of you. But he’s not. He’s…”
He reached out and gripped Manhattan’s arm. “We need to get to the science labs! If they’re anything like on the Leviathan then all the tools we’ll need to protect ourselves from the Goatman wil be there!”

  • NE Blair (Scientist)

“What would you suggest, Mr. Hampton? Be quick. And shut your mouth Mr. Blair! You made more harm than good today. You’ll be assigned to Dave’s cage.” The man waited the CE to say something “It’s starting to get interestingly fun…” he smirked of crazyness.

M. Capt. Erve Manhattan - RCO

Irida didn’t get a response from Cpt Manhattan. She didn’t like that. The Captain was reliable and a good agent. If he didn’t answer there was a reason, and it probably wasn’t good. She tried the control panel to open the door, and if that didn’t work, she would try to pry the door open using the Mark VII for leverage, and lastly she would climb the ladder in the access shaft.
Irida, RTF

“Are you dead, Miss Irida?” Blair called against the closed turbolift doors. “Please come out and help me get everyone to the science labs. The Goatman is amongst us and we need to find some way of protecting ourselves!”

  • NE Blair (Scientist)

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Irida heard the shout and swore in Russian. She yelled back, “If there is a dangerous goatman up there, then SHOOT IT!” Then a thought occured to her. Why was Cpt Manhattan not taking care of this creature. He was always calm and collected. “Where’s Manhattan?! Did he get hurt?” She prodded the doors again and shouted back again. “Turbolift is stuck and the doors are jammed. You’ll have to climb down here, or find another way off the bridge.”
Irida, RTF

“Oh good god…” the Captain rubbed his forehead “Stag calm, there’s still not goatman! MR. BLAIR, stop saying stuff that aren’t concrete. At this moment I would love to get the team somewhat calm.” Then turning back to Irida “HEY, IRIDA, STAY CALM, WE ARE GETTING DONE A MORE IMPORTANT THING. WE’LL GET YOU IN A SECOND, HOLD ON!” He shouted.

Hampton took a deep breath, he pulled out his phaser and set it to maximum stun, and widespread burst. He looked at the group of ensigns before him, keeping the phaser lowered. It would be so simple to just stun the whole crowd and see who wasn’t affected. His instincts told him to fire. but the more rational part of his mind began to talk sense to him. He realized his career would be over if he shot an entire away team. He simply kept the phaser in his hand. He turned to Manhattan. “I’ve got one suggestion, but you probably won’t like it.”

Lt. William Hampton- CE

“It involves the phaser, I suppose…” the Captain held a hand on his rail-hand gun “what are you suggesting, Mr. Hampton?” He asked raising a brow.

M. Capt. Erve Manhattan - RCO

Hampton nodded at the setting of his phaser, widespread stun. He then looked over at the group of ensigns in front of them. “I’m just saying sir,” he said in a hushed voice so that only Manhattan could hear. “Anything alive won’t be effected by a stun setting.”

Lt. William Hampton- CE

“If you say so. I mean it makes sense but what if you fry us instead?” He nodded at the Lieutenant “I’ll leave you the benefit of the doubt. Let’s try this.” He then made a sign with his chin toward the others “So how do you want to put them, in an execution style, heads on the wall, or something more modern like bam bam bam?” He laughed “No?”

M. Capt. Erve Manhattan - RCO

Hampton grinned. He turned to the gaggle of ensigns standing before himself, Manhattan, and Remmington. He simply held up the phaser without saying a word and fired a wide burst of stun, striking every ensign. He watched as they all fell to the ground, looking to see who wasn’t effected.

Lt. William Hampton- CE

As they fell to the ground a laugh erupted around them, “You’ll have to try better than that” a eery voice howled in laughter as a bright flash the location changed and the away team found themselves in a mock up of what could only be described as an old victorian house. Their weapons gone and their uniforms replaced with that of different profession.

Captain Manhattan was now dressed in a purple suit, and over his shoulder a picture of him with the name “Prof. Aubergine”. Crewman Kindle was now dressed in a beautiful white green, red and blue frock, her portrait had the name tag Mrs. Kingfisher.

Iridia, she too was now dressed in a frock but this one was pure white almost like a wedding dress. The name associated with her portrait was Doctor White. Hampton, Potter, Korvoh and Remmington were dressed in matching suits of green, they shared a portrait with the name The Apple Brothers.

Finally Blaire was in an old style military uniform from Earth’s WW1 era on the British side, and his portrait had Major. Vinegar

But infront of them was a body bag ontop of a large dining table it’s contents appeared to be a man. The only person who wasn’t in the room and alive… Was Eugene.

“You have one earthly hour to figure out who did the deed, one amongst you is the killer and isn’t who they say they are. A wolf in sheep clothing, a swindler, poser and a murder! Who is it you must figure it out. Or you too will perish!” The sandman laughed hysterically before adding.

“Tic toc, tic toc, your life is on the clock”

  • Sandman

Blair looked down at his uniform, seemingly unsure in that moment whether to cry from pure fear or rejoice that he’d been promoted to Major. He took a step back and studied the other individuals around him, then with a laugh declared, “Looks like I’m the ranking officer!”

Then, approaching the table, he reached out as if to reveal the bags contents, pausing at the last to seek reassurance. “We have to be sure, right? That…that he’s dead?”

  • NE Blair (Major Vinegar)

Hampton looked around a moment slightly disorientated. His eyes narrowed as a scowl formed on his face. “None of this is real.” He mumbled. Looking at his clothing, and everyone else’s. He shook his head. “I made the shield, we shouldn’t be affected by whatever is happening to us. It worked!!! I know it did!!!” He exclaimed angrily. His face turned red, a look of rage took over his face and his eyes became more wild, an enraged look filled his glare as he turned to Blair after the ensign made his joke. “Shut up.” He spat, venom in his voice, “Shut your mouth.” He took a moment and composed himself. “No.” He said, closing his eyes, his skin turned back to its usual relatively paler complexion. “I’m not playing any stupid games, I don’t care what happens.” He turned to the rest of the away team. “I’m the only member of this crew that doesn’t have strings attached to him, I’m not about to tie some on now just for some demonic creatures amusement.” He simply walked over to the table and took a seat. “I won’t spend my last hour alive being a court jester.”

Lt. William Hampton- CE

In Hampton’s ear, Sandman’s voice rang “You corporeal life forms believe you can surround yourself in Gravitons and particles to protect you from everything. How feebly minded you are. If you won’t play then you will die but not before you see all your friend perish first.” Hampton would feel the presence had disappeared like a chill on a cold morning being lifted by the breaking sun.

Hampton Chuckled. ‘You have no idea how little I care about these people or how much I want them all to suffer you soulless creature.’ He thought.

Irida looked around, and then at what she was wearing and a horrified expression came over her face. How was she supposed to fight in this? She had a quick mind though. She looked at Hampton. “It’s not real?” She looked around and nodded, “But is it not real as in we are in a holodeck or did this…thing, put us to sleep like he did the Einstein crew?” She began to move around the room examining it. Something was familiar to her about this. The setting, the names on the portraits, the items in the room. “It’s CLUE! The game. We used to play it as kids. You had to figure out who committed the murder, what they used to do it with and what room in the house. You got cards to tell you what you knew.” She reached into the pockets of her… see if she had anything that would provide clues to what they did know. She glanced at Hampton. “I don’t want to play his game either, but I want to stay alive. What if we leave?” She walked over to the door mostly likely to lead out and opened the door.
Irida, RTF

Each would find a set of cards in their pockets, detailing weapons and rooms of the manor, so of them were the classic knife, rope, and revolver but then there were things like Bat’leth, K-Bar and Phaser. In the classic game, it was meant not to be shared, the idea was to win individually but here they were to win together or not at all. The would have to declare the killer, the weapon and the location to win.

  • Sandman

Ensign Korvoh looked around the room for a brief moment, collecting details of the room he was in. “In most cases, I would agree with Lieutenant Hampton, our best option is not to play the games of this psychic entity. However, if the Captain should try to send a rescue, they will be ill-prepared for such an assault. It is imperative that we find a way to get a message back to the Leviathan to warn them of the nature of the entity so they may provide appropriate countermeasures. I agree that Lieutenant Hampton’s device worked perfectly just as the inoculation did. The issue was a misunderstanding of the cause.” Korvoh moved to the body bag to open it. “With your permission, Captain Manhattan, I will perform an autopsy on the victim to better help us in this investigation.”

  • NEnsign Korvoh

“Yeah there’s no need to ask me permissions. Apparently made teacher.” He moved around the room as he tried to find something, even a single detail that may have told them ‘you’re sleeping morons’, because in all honesty he was incredulous “Irida have I ever told you, you look so nice in that bride clothes? Man mine are just a mess. I would marry you but I mean, these colors eww…” he carried in his arms the woman when he noticed something in her pockets “Oh what is this?” He drew a card from the pocket “Guys I found this, you know something about it, Irida?” He asked the agent who knew apparently more than the others did.

M. Capt. Erve Manhattan - RCO and Professor Aubergine

Irida pushed at him, “Cpt Manhattan, WHAT do you think you are doing? Put. Me. Down!” Irida could gossip and flirt with the best of them, but this was business, this was serious. They were going after an anomaly. And the only thing Manhattan ever showed passion about was weapons. Once she was down she grabbed his wrist, keeping him still and taking the card. “This is NOT Cpt. Manhattan. He does not act in such a manor.” She glared at him, and she was without her Mark VII now. So she couldn’t shock him to see if this was really Manhattan or the wolf in sheep’s clothing. “Tell me something only Manhattan would know, or I’ll snap your neck,” Irida threatened keeping hold of him, hoping one of the other RTF members or Remmington were of mind enough to back her up.

She looked at the card. “Everyone check your pockets. We need to look at all of them. There should be 1 card for each room in the house, each person, and each weapon. After we see what we have, there should only be 1 missing from each category, and that is our answer.” She looked at Korvoh, “I don’t want to disrupt your work on the body, but see if there are any cards left on him as well, please.”
Irida, RTF Dr. White

Hampton watched Irida’s reaction to Manhattan’s peculiar attitude. His slight chuckle from before turned into a snarky grin. “Yes Irida, perfect strategy, threaten to kill your commanding officer, someone we know is not the murderer, brilliant plan. I wonder, what will you do when he snap his neck and nothing happens? That is going to be an embarrassing moment for sure I suspect.” He stood up from the table, “You are fool, make yourself useful or get out of the way. Manhattan is a commanding officer who we know beamed over with the rest of us. The one who is the murderer is not a member of the crew, Manhattan, myself, Remmington and Kindle are members of the senior staff, so we clearly are alive.” He put his hand in his pockets and pulled out his cards. “Now stop trying to be a detective and try being fly on the wall for once, before you kill your CO.” He chuckled as he read his cards. “Stupid girl.” He mumbled under his breath.

Lt. William Hampton- CE

“I was just being a gentleman, Irida.” The teacher puffed a bit offended “Thanks anyway, Mr. Hampton.” He chuckled noticing the occasional instance where Hampton wasn’t actually ‘himself’.

“Stop arguing!” the previously timid Blair yelled at the group. Clearly the uniform had bolstered his confidence a little. “We have to work together if we’re going to solve this. It’s all of us get out of here alive. Or none of us do.”

“Major, calm your tone down. You may be higher in rank, but if you may, I am still the Commanding Officer of this mission.” The Captain gave a slap on the back of his head making the helmet fly on ground “Now, everyone take your cards from the pockets, we need to understand who the hell is killing us.” He drew his from the pocket and gave back Irida’s one.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out his own cards, studied them for a moment and then slipped them back. “Okay, so now I know who didn’t do it. So…let us get to guessing.” He turned to the engineering chief. “I think it’s Mr Hampton, I mean, I think it’s the Apple Brothers, in the orchard with…a hyperspanner?”

  • NE Blair (Scientist)

“Why should have Mr. Hampton killed that poor soul? And also we have confirmed that he’s part of the original away team, so he should not be an illusion.” He looked at his card still trying to figure out what was in the figure “You all ensigns are the suspects here. I’m just saying!”

M. Capt. Erve Manhattan - RCO and Professor Aubergine

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