Manhattan's Office - Cobb makes a delivery

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He wondered whether to call this meeting in the holodeck and arrive on horseback like the Pony Express. But instead he just rode into Manhattan’s office on a bad mood, parcel tucked under his arm like some kind of ticking time bomb.

“Mr Manhattan,” he forewent any pleasantries to get straight to the matter at hand, “I have a delivery from the doctor. She would have brought it herself but she’s currently operating on one of your officers. Lt Synthi-er!”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Like a old man of the 20th Century, Erve raised his brows and lowered his glasses looking at the Captain with a confused face “Sorry?” He was compiling paperworks like in the past 20 days “What about my Lieutenant? She’s in surgery for what… Last time I saw her she was healthy like your fish, just to use a metaphor.” He chuckled still unconscious of the facts. Or what the Lieutenant should’ve had told him.

M. Capt. Erve Manhattan - RCO

“You leave my fish out of this, Manhattan,” Cobb growled. He was angry and no amount of fish-talk could save the RTF Chief right now. “And from what I hear, the last time that you saw her, which was one of your training sessions I believe, you left her with several broken ribs, one of which damned near punctured her lung!”
He squared off against the other man. “Now what the hell kind of training session leaves an officer in such a condition, eh? What the hell are you training them for? Resuscitation?”

The good Captain stared the other captain for a moment. He didn’t knew what to say because he just started to connect the puzzle. Then as he understood the whole situation he gave a deep sigh, backed on the seat rest and face palmed repeating continuously and under his voice “Damn damn damn damn!” I’m going to skin off Casela, you damn moron! he thought before clearing his glasses and return to the Captain’s question “No, sir. It was meant to be a sane training without too much injuries. I haven’t beaten her that hard! I measured my hits with precision as I knew she had bruises and injuries before the training. Indeed I sent her to Medbay before she could enter the holodeck, sir.” He knew now that she may haven’t never told the Doc she had broken ribs from the standoff with the XO. This way even the controlled hits of Manhattan could have caused internal bleeding or some sort of scramble that could have damaged her internal organs.

Then finally remembering the parcel, he thrust the brightly decorated box into Manhattan’s arms. “And this is from the doctor. Although if it were up to me she’d be baking you a cake made out of lead.”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

“A box?” He took the box and stood up to grab a knife among the collection “I guess you don’t know what it contains…” he gulped a bit scared of the content. He used the tip of the knife and opened the box carefully.

M. Capt. Erve Manhattan - RCO

Once the lid of the box is open enough to engage the inflation protocol, a balloon is filled with helium rapidly lifting it from the box and into the air with the box. A laughing track plays with the inflating balloon that reads claims like “It’s Your Fault”, “You Did It”, and “You F&$%#@ Up”. This, of course, didn’t stop the inflating balloon as it continued to expand until it inevitably couldn’t hold anymore. The popping noise wasn’t nearly as startling as what came out of it, a cloud of colorful fine powder billows outward with tiny, shiny particles of what could only be glitter that expands to encompass an area of about 9 square meters.

  • Little Box of Blame

The Captain remained still, looking down the now empty box. He stayed like that covered in glitter as he processed the informations and realized that now he had to clean the whole office, knowing that fine glitter was a pain the back to remove “You gotta be kidding me, Doctor.” He breathed away some of the glitter on his tongue and on his glasses “Why to me? Why?” He stared the Captain helpless. Then as he moved down the box on the floor and sat again back, Erve put his arms triangle like and could only say “Casela you’re done.”

M. Capt. Erve Manhattan - RCO

Cobb’s eyes grew so wide he worried they might burst along with the balloon. He should have known better than to trust the tricksy doctor!
“Now, Manhattan, I had no idea!” he began to defend himself, but then the more he looked on at the RTF chief, sparkling like a cheap disco ball in some seedy, backstreet bar, the more he struggled to keep his own face straight.

“Well, don’t you look a picture,” he continued as his own enjoyment grew. Stepping back, he found a place to lean against the wall and folded his arms against his chest. “I’ve heard tell that once you get showered in glitter, it never fully leaves you. A man can go a decade or more and still be picking sparkles out of his beard!”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

“Yes yes, funny. Wow! Doc, how funny.” He clapped his hands “Good lord. Captain, I may not be totally happy about this but the fact is that glittered or not we have a bigger problem. I have an agent who is injured and it is clearly not my fault! What if I get hanged like a disco ball by the court martial?” He asked to Zachariah. Knowing he was enjoying the sort of joke, Manhattan tried to keep the spirit of high even though he was really, really annoyed “If you encounter the milady, tell her I will get a revenge, with a cherry on the top!”

M. Capt. Erve Manhattan - RCO

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