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Returning to greet the Captain, Manhattan sighed too and raised his hands to say gesturing ‘I don’t know what Im doing here!’ “Yes it was good. What have you taken?” He pointed out at the glass he had in hand.

M. Capt. Erve Manhattan - RCO

“Ah, I’m quite partial to a fine bottle of Aldebaran whiskey we have behind the bar,” he replied, swirling his glass. “I can recommend it if you’re yet to sample, Captain Manhattan?”

“Yes you can, Captain. But I am not a dude that loves alcohol that much.” He leant his glass to the man “Just a bit, not too much.”

The captain’s disappointment was palpable. For a brief moment he had hoped to perhaps find a compadre in the RTF Chief. He shrugged. “Each to his own.”

Casela nodded, it had been a good session. She sipped at her drink, waiting for the two men to actually start talking. It was late, but there was no better time than the present.
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS/RTF(why do I have to answer to so many people?)

“So,” Cobb began, figuring that if they were going to keep him from his fish then they could damn well furnish him with some measure of conversation instead, “is this a regular routine to toast the victor at the end of a training session? And who was the victor anyway?”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Taking a sip of the alcohol drink, Manhattan almost got the intense flavor into a weird face, which he avoided and then normalized under the discrete faces of his companions “It is for the RTF members. Casela is new to this and may not like it, right Lieutenant?” He chuckled knowing she wasn’t really a party person “I guess she got the victory for today.” He winked at the Captain “I may not have used all my force, ahah! Anyway this thing is good, Captain.” He lied about the alcohol.

M. Capt. Erve Manhattan - RCO

“Well I should hope you did not!” Cobb shot back, slightly alarmed. “Quite frankly there have been a lot of accidental injuries affecting this crew since we set sail. Let’s try and make sure we have some still standing to fight the next anomaly, eh?”

Casela rolled her eyes to herself. The only person getting hurt was her. Geese, over reacting much? she thought of the captain’s words. If Manhattan wasn’t going to do it…”Captain, meet the Black Devils, squadron 2 of RTF. Irida Kovacenkov, Mission Specialist; Derek Trainor, squad marksman; Luhiw Kjab, recovery device specialist; Niven squadron Vanguard; Uj’aw, squadron Rear Guard.” She pointed out each member from around the lounge as she introduced them. “They are very good,” her voice neutral, but high praise from her.

“If she say so, I must be in heaven.” He chuckled trying to keep drinking the alcoholic beverage “Oh lord…”

Cobb studied the men and women before him. His own fighting days might be consigned to ancient history, not that they ever resembled anything like the RTF, but he recalled enough to know that these were warriors at the very top of their game.
“I shall sleep a damn sight better tonight knowing it is you who is guarding my back,” he raised his glass to each of them in turn.

He cast a deliberate glance in the direction of the Counselor. No doubt she could sense how uncomfortable this kind of forced socialization was making him. Although if she did, it seemed she was in no mind to affect a rescue.

“I know you prefer your night cap quiet captain, but since you are here, I thought you might like to see the crew that Cpt Manhattan has been getting ready for you, while you are here.” She looked pointedly at Manhattan. He had JUST said he wanted to work smoothly with Cobb and Raauhl. Here was his chance. Do something already.

“Aye,” he nodded a little too eagerly, like a schoolboy impressing teacher with a correct answer. “I do. And so far I am impressed with what I see.”
Manhattan himself, however, remained the very definition of an enigma. Is this how one ascended to the top of the most powerful unit in the ARU? By shrouding himself in mystery?

“So,” he continued, turning his attention back to the other man. “If you don’t care much for a drink, then what do you like to do in your spare time?” he asked Manhattan.

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Lt. Synthi-er, RTF

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

“I don’t love speaking of myself, Captain. But as you asked me…” he finished the drink with a gulp, trying to keep his spirit inside “I mostly try to get some joy with my beloved weapons… I would do it all day but I mean, the job calls me. If it is not a weapon it is certainly cooking.” He smirked at the old man “Listen, if I may, I am willing to get a small visit on our deck so you can see how we work.” He tried to mislead his figure “There’s the First Squadron in the Holodeck and the Third Squadron is now doing maintenance beside the late time. I want that Starfleet knows we aren’t doing anything bad to our allies.” He giggled. He knew that Casela’s looks meant he needed to do something so he took the occasion to make it happen. As he proposed it, Erve decided it was also time to free from the ‘torture’ the Lieutenant “Lieutenant Casela,” the good Captain called his subordinate “You may go. Have a nice rest.” He smiled at her trying to send her a message: you better enjoy it!

M. Capt. Erve Manhattan - RCO

He’d said something about training. Something else about weapons. But only one single word had caught the attention of Zachariah Cobb.
“Yes, I shall come visit your deck, Captain,” he murmured almost absent-mindedly, “and good night, Casela.”

Then, a wide smile spreading across his face he added, “You are a man who likes to cook? Well now, it just so happens that I am a man who likes to eat! So what of that, eh? Perhaps we are not so incompatible after all, Manhattan. What is your specialty, if I may ask?”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Casela concealed her relief. They BOTH dismissed her. She nodded, “Good night.” and ignoring the rest of the teams attempts to make her stay she slipped out the doors and was gone before they could change their minds. It was already past midnight and she’d been up since 0530 and she’d be up again at 0530. She made her way down to the counseling deck, checked on Gen, and going into her office and locking the door, she pulled out a cot and promptly fell asleep.
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS/RTF

“My specialty you ask?” He started walking down the aisle with the Captain following him behind “I guess I don’t really have a specialty, but there are some dishes I appreciated to cook like mexican Tamales and Elotes with a homemade recipe to adapt to my home world ingredients, or if I may offer you sole more american like dishes I can do some pretty decent patties. However my favorite is the Grolanda stew, something of my place. Damn I miss it! If you want a cake I am also good with pastries and sweets.”

Turning an aisle he opened a door, it was the RTF Briefing room “Well let’s start from this room, but I guess you already know it. But what you don’t know it’s their features like this.” A button on the wall was pressed, immediately automatas turrets came down from the ceiling and all pointed the poor Cobb “Don’t worry, they won’t kill you, I do believe. But they can detach and get into ‘sweep’ mode, turning into hovering drones for short range sweeping operations ahaha!” And indeed he showed their function as they flew all over the place.

M. Capt. Erve Manhattan - RCO

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