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Posted Aug. 31, 2020, 4:43 p.m. by Captain Zachariah Cobb (Commanding Officer) (Sharon Miller)

Hey all,

so for those of you who don’t frequent the discord channel, you might not be aware that for the past month, just as a little bit of fun, I’ve been choosing a ‘line of the night’. This is a line from that day’s posting that made me laugh, made me smile or otherwise caught my attention in some way. So since the month is now over, I thought I’d reproduce the lines on the board so that everyone can see them. Again, this is purely a bit of fun and doesn’t count towards anything official. Also, I realise it’s skewed in favour of those who post daily, but that’s just the nature of me choosing a new line every day.

Anyway, I hope these lines make you all smile as much as they did me!

Date Character Player Line Post
02/08/2020 William Hampton Samuel Stroud “This warpcore is not a bonfire and main engineering is not a campground, so keep storytelling elsewhere.”
03/08/2020 Erve Manhattan Jay Luistro “Fish? Lord that fish is risking its life for us. Remember to award the fish a medal for the bravery shown on the battlefield.”
04/08/2020 Fey Kastil Brian Armstrong “This is why I love my medical team. We’re Sweeden in this pot of factions and cliques, we don’t care who you are or where you come from. We expect you to hand over your records willingly so we can make sure you don’t die, grow a new limb, or spontaneously combust.”
05/08/2020 Casela Synthi-er Jennifer Ward “the problem with personnel files is that the personnel they are about, don’t write them. They are the truth from a different point of view”
06/08/2020 John McHarrie Jim Watkin “Oh, good morning, Commander,” McHarrie said genuinely surprised to not be alone. “Hey, Dave, you’re not two-timing on me, are you?” he asked it.”
07/08/2020 William Hampton Samuel Stroud “You all pretend your way is better, that somehow instead of destroying our enemies, we should hand out hugs like ration packs”
08/08/2020 N/A N/A None chosen N/A
09/08/2020 Erve Manhattan Jay Luistro “What is happening… I came as soon as I could like a woman having birth mid ambulance ride”
10/08/2020 Tellek Bog Charles Stevens “Careful Tock she will make a real little boy out of you”
11/08/2020 N/A Charles Stevens “if you want something to love you unconditionally get a dog, but if you want something to love unconditionally have a child” N/A
12/08/2020 John McHarrie Jim Watkin “Sadly, there are those that would seek to weaponise certain anomalies. You only have to look at what the Regulans did with Sparkle-Dancers or what the Remans did to this critter.”
13/08/2020 Fey Kastil Brian Armstrong “Now, you can change yourself into a gown, I can change you into a gown, or I can call Captain Cobb and he can change you into the gown”
14/08/2020 Casela Synthi-er Jennifer Ward “Doc Fey is ethereal, like the beautiful fey of Earth’s legends. She’s also brilliant, and she keeps giving you sweets. Which as the old saying goes, ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,’ and apparently you are that man”
15/08/2020 N/A N/A None chosen N/A
16/08/2020 N/A N/A None chosen N/A
17/08/2020 Ryder Raauhi J Ridgley “You have one earthly hour to figure out who did the deed, one amongst you is the killer and isn’t who they say they are. A wolf in sheep clothing, a swindler, poser and a murder! Who is it you must figure it out. Or you too will perish!”
18/08/2020 Genesis (Gen) McCallister Calé Reilly “You’re afraid.” she said. ”You have to not be afraid. Because they will keep coming…your ship. That’s what you’re going to do and it’s too late now…so you can’t be afraid. Ad you can’t let the doubt and dark inside be in control otherwise you’ll attract more like it…”
19/08/2020 Fey Kastil Brian Armstrong “If everyone would kindly remove their clothing, myself and Captain Manhattan will inspect the clothing under everyone’s observation.”
20/08/2020 Tellek Bog Charles Stevens “Hell’s have it, I new I was going to have to do this, why didn’t you just suit up from the get go, you old fool.” He struggled a few moment getting the compression body glove over his rotund figure.”
21/08/2020 Andrea Stone Miha Kozlevcar “I understand there will be frictions and hot blood. There always is. And there’s plenty of room in the Brig, for hotheads to cool off so I’m not worried at all”
22/08/2020 N/A N/A None chosen N/A
23/08/2020 GLaDOS Miriam W “I’m sure most of you know me by reputation. After all, it’s not every day that the CSO is an Ex-Borg.”
24/08/2020 Erve Manhattan Jay Luistro “Well let’s start from this room, but I guess you already know it. But what you don’t know it’s their features like this.” A button on the wall was pressed, immediately automatas turrets came down from the ceiling and all pointed the poor Cobb “Don’t worry, they won’t kill you, I do believe.”
25/08/2020 Casela Synthi-er Jennifer Ward “What bothers me the most, what is most disturbing to me, is how well that armor slides back on. Like I never took it off, like it is my true self, who I really am, and not the armor created to ensure my survival instead.”
26/08/2020 Fey Kastil Brian Armstrong “As for her background check, there would be only one negative mark on her record and it’s the same one that is on mine. A fight broke out at her first job and she tried to break it up, when she was punched, I responded with a table. It was my first bar brawl…and it was in a tea shop.”
27/08/2020 N/A N/A None chosen N/A
28/08/2020 N/A Jennifer Ward “I am Damon Olash of the Ferengi vessel Nant. Federation vessel, Identify yourself and your business here. You are between me and my property. I suggest you move. No one has been foolish enough to stand between me and my profits since I was a child and negotiated my first interplanetary acquisition.”
29/08/2020 Tellek Bog Charles Stevens “I would really like Fido to get the frequency from the containment module as I am into coms and can use the internal PA.”
30/08/2020 N/A N/A None chosen N/A
31/08/2020 Tellek Bog Charles Stevens “Bog grinned, as he initiated characters from a twentieth century comedy to the Holo emmiters used buy the EMH, for men appeared wearing tan coveralls odd looking goggles and backpack pored energy rifles. The odd unit patch consisted of a circle with a slash covering a green cartoon ghost…“That should keep him distracted, counselor.” His eyes gleaming as the theam music was piped threw the PA…”

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