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OOC So Jake has taken a much needed LOA. I’ve talked to Sharon and I’m going to try and fill in for him. I am NOT good at creepy, so if anyone has suggestions please tell me or add details to it. But this is where we stand here. Time to decide how to proceed:

OOC: To help us keep track I have put this together. I’m sure someone else who knows HMTL can figure out how to make this nicer, but that’s not me.
Sandman’s instructions: Place the three cards that you believe to be correct on the mantlepiece in the lounge if it is correct you will be set free, if it is wrong, one of you will perish at random. Don’t follow the rules and there will be consequences, don’t play there will be consequences, run out of time? Then you’ll be trapped here forever.
The body had blunt trauma to the head did not kill him

Prof. Aubergine = Captain Manhattan
Mrs. Kingfisher = Crewman Kindle
Doctor White = Irida
The Apple Brothers = Hampton, Potter, Korvoh, Remington
Major Vinegar = Blaire
Body Bag = Eugene

Lounge –
Hall – Hampton is staying. NE Eugine’s body is here. Agent Potter
Study – Manhattan
Library – Blair and Remmington
Theatre Room (Ballroom) –
Game Room –
Mess Hall –
Conservatory –
Dinning Hall – Irida and NE PlayedbyGen

Revolver–It appears that this is the cause of death after examining the body.

Medical exam:
Had blunt force trauma to the head
Bullet wound killed him
Clutching red velvety cloth (maybe from the library or ballroom)
The investigation would show that the body was indeed their missing crew member. It appeared he had blunt trauma to his head though this didn’t kill him, the open wound in his chest about the same size hole enough to stick a hunger through, the bullet still inside of him. The blood around the wound was still warm and wet, and indicator to how soon he had died as well as how long they had been in this ‘dreamscape’. In his clucthed hand was a fragment of cloth red and velvety in color, it looked very much like something you’d see in a library curtain or perhaps the curtain of a ballroom.

  • Sandman

The doctor stood up from the body and turned to face everyone, “My analysis has concluded this man was shot with a small caliber weapon, a 22 to be precise. After he was shot he had stumbled back and attempted to grab something to keep himself upright. What he grabbed was the velvet curtains of either a library or ballroom which then tore due to his momentum and weight. When he fell back, his head hit the corner of a table or desk which rendered him unconscious and unable to conduct self aid to keep from bleeding out. We should look for which location has a significant pool of blood between the library and the ball room. Because the gunshot was done at close range to be able to allow the projectile to reach as far as it has, we should also inspect everyone’s clothing for the blood from the blow back of the impact with the heart. If everyone would kindly remove their clothing, myself and Captain Manhattan will inspect the clothing under everyone’s observation.”

  • NEnsign Korvoh

Remington shook his head. “People, if this is the “game” our host is playing, the answer is going to be in the cards. It could be any one of us that did it. It all depends on whose card is not here or whose card is missing. If we go by the clues that Korvoh found, it’s the revolver in either the ballroom or library. The problem is there are more than six characters. There could be more weapons than what is included in the standard game, as well as more rooms.”

He searched his own pockets and withdrew the contents. Spreading them out on the table, he finished with, “Here’s what I got. . . “

Remington (CIO)

Somewhat reluctantly, Blair once more fished for his own cards then laid them out on the table with the rest. Then looking around the room once more he suggested, “Hey, maybe we should all split up and try to gather evidence?”

  • NE Blair (Scientist)

With everyone’s cards now exposed, they could see that there were nine rooms, Lounge, Hall, Study, Library, Theatre room Room. Games room, Mess hall, and conservatory. Several weapons including, Revolver, Knife, rope, poison, bat’leth, phaser, K-Bar, wrench, and hypospray the only difference to the game was that everyone had a card except for the dead crewman. On the other side of the Hall card however, text describing what they had to do with the cards.

Place the three cards that you believe to be correct on the mantlepiece in the lounge if it is correct you will be set free if it is wrong, one of you will perish at random. Don’t follow the rules there will be consequences, don’t play there will be consequences, run out of time? Then you’ll be trapped forever.

  • Sandman

Hampton shook his head. He was not going to make himself a puppet, no way no how. He sat down again. Crossing his arms. “I’m not going to spend my last hours as a court jester.” He said out loud.

Lt. William Hampton- CE

“Well the cards don’t show a library or a ballroom, so we will have to search all the rooms. He gave us an hour, we’ll have to move fast or split up.” Irida looked at Manhattan. She wouldn’t apologize for not trusting his odd behavior. Sandman said one of them was a wolf in sheep’s clothing and she would not be caught unaware. She turned to look at Hampton. Her question genuine, honest, and asking his professional opinion. “If we don’t play his game, what do you suggest we do in order to get out of here?” Of course he could be Sandman instead of the real Hampton, hoping to stop them from finding the answer.
Irida, RTF

“I suggest splitting up,” Blair agreed. “I’ll take the library. Who wants to come with me?”

  • NE Blair

While the others discussed what the plan was, as well as Hampton refusing to join in, Icarus continued to study the cards. Standing up as, he let his gaze go from one to the other, studying body movements, facial expressions and behaviors.

Finally, the CIO began moving to the door, he said, “I’m with you, Blair. Let’s hit the library.”

Remington (CIO)

“Okay, good,” Blair replied, moving towards the door. On the threshold he paused and once more faced the room. “I suggest that the rest of you also begin searching for clues. We don’t have long. Now please, Mr Remington, stay with me. The goatman will find it harder to come between us if we remain side by side.”

  • NE Blair

Irida looked over at the rest of the team. “Alright, I’m going to check out the Dinning Hall. NE PlayedbyGen why don’t you come with me?”
Agent Potter piped up, “I’ll stay here with Hampton. We need to stay in pairs.” Manhattan nodded, “Good idea Potter. Korvoh and Kindle you two are together. I guess that means I’ll go alone. I’ll take the study and then catch up with another pair. Korvoh, Kindle where are you going?”

“Remember we need to find out who, what and where. So pay attention everyone,” Manhattan reminded everyone as they headed out of the Hall.

As Remington and Blair headed out of the hall they would head down a large hall with several doors lining each side. The hall seemed to be filled with fog from an old fashioned party fog machine, but it seemed to reach out tendrils to wrap around ankles and knees. The sound of heavy breath and muffled thudded foot steps could be There was no way to tell which door went to which room. Any attempt to open a door would show that they were all locked. Someone would need to find a way to get the doors open.

OOC: At the top I have listed where everyone is going, except for Korvoh and Kindle because I don’t have a response from them yet. Feel free to add where you are going and add what you find.

Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

“I do not believe it is logical to split up as that would allow the murderer the opportunity to take us out more easily. Logically, she should all go and examine the Library and the Theater to find a large bloodstain. Given the current passage of time, they would not have had the opportunity to clean up after the crime.” After a moment, seeing no one is going to bother, the Vulcan opts to go to the Theater room.

-NEnsign Korvoh

Blair caught the medic’s words of protest as he stepped into the corridor and, for a moment, regretted suggesting this course of action. Undeniably there was safety to be found in numbers and yet here he was, alone save for a single other crewmember at his side. Looking up at Remington, he whispered, “Don’t leave me. You’re not going to leave me, are you? We have to stick together. Close together. So the goatman can’t come between us.”
As if to punctuate his point, Blair found himself reaching out and grabbing a hold of the CIO’s arm.

The corridor itself was dark, the fog like a blanket muffling their footsteps, warping their voices, wrapping itself around them like a cold, prickly blanket. Each door they came to seemed locked, each doorknob rattling and groaning against the silence as Blair tried, and failed, to find refuge from this nightmarish passageway.

There! He thought that something was moving. Lurching and creeping under the fog at the end of the passage. With a scream, Blair almost threw himself into Remington’s arms, then just as quickly threw himself back and into one of the locked doors.
“He’s here!!!” he wailed, tears falling unhindered down his clammy cheeks, “The goatman is here! We’re all doomed!!!”

And with that he turned and fled down the corridor and out of sight, the only indication that he had ever been here a gentle ripple of disturbance in the fog itself. And Remington, now all alone in this cold and darkened passage…

  • NE Blair

The Captain heard the scream and eased as he looked behind in the darkness of the environment “What the hell…” he tried to take the RHG “Obviously…” he sighed as the weapon wasn’t there If I manage to take your neck, oh oh Mr. Sandman, I’ll slap you with my right Hand, Mr. You-Re-So-Fried. it was now time to investigate and choose where to go: keep going and ignore the screams or get back to see what happened? The slight fog around made him feel almost tempted to go back “I guess I need to check on everyone…” heading towards the door the good Captain, or better, Professor Aubergine, was terribly upset of the situation and that Starfleet officers could get scared of a damn goatman “I swear that if it is just for that goatman… someone else will get my beautiful hand.”

M. Capt. Erve Manhattan - RCO

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