USS Manhattan NCC - 88000
Commissioned April 2016
Proudly serving The Foremost Fleet since April 2016

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  • Captain Balian Ibn Barazan
  • It is my goal to make the Manhattan a place where great storytelling happens! Writers of all styles are welcome, of course. However, we'll be focusing on more serious story themes coupled with character development and interaction meant to keep some levity in play. The USS Manhattan is currently on a long term, long range mission in the Delta Quadrant. We are offering a unique mission set that we hope will allow you to build a great opportunity to build new and complex characters. If that sounds like something you're interested in, contact Steve or myself. Posting limits are 3/5/7. I can be found in Discord under PlainAndSimpleOx or Email me via the contact form Here! any time
    2O's Office
    Assignment pending!!!!
    XO's Office
    Welcome one and all to the greatest show on Earth, or space as it is. Let's have some fun and enjoy the ride. If you need me you can find me in Discord, feel free to drop a line.

    GM: The Dark Tribble
    Welcome to the Delta Quadrant, home of The Dark Tribble
    Sim Title: Blind and Deaf
    Sim Notes: Mission Start Date: September 2018
    Place In Mission: Introduction

    Quote: In the country of the blind, the one eyed man is king - Desiderius Erasmus

    SIM Information
    Dramatis Personae
    • Nalonx - leader of a nearby colony of Talaxians
    • Wattorux - 2IC of Talaxian colony and wife of Nalonx
    • Nrom - Lurian Courier between the Delta Quadrant and Federation Space
    • Cpt Ralph Windell Winchester - Cmdr of Event Horizon Station
    • Cmdr Sidney Q T O’Pierce - 2IC of Event Horizon Station

    Important Threads:
    Alert Status

    CO: Balian Ibn Barazan
    The Starbase is currently getting up and running, the Hirogens have appeared, don't panic and be ready for a battle!
    XO: Jack Creed
    Wrangle our new crew members aboard the Manhattan so we can get under way.

    CoS: Logan Drake
    Prepare for boarding parties, Arm the entire crew and prepare to seal off essential area's.
    CE: Max Logan
    Prepare damage teams, help determine a way to deal with the targeting sensor issues

    CSO: Heinrich Zimmermann
    See if you can find a weakness on the Hirogen ship that if we need to we can exploit
    CMO:Jasmin Wynter
    Prepare for casualties, set up casualty collection points and recall all off duty medical personnel!

    CNS: William Cunningham
    Be on top of the crew, with this long term mission I expect us to have some difficulties with the crew. We need them to stay open and active. Keep busy, all crew has mandatory CNS TIME!!!
    Operations: Daggum Hammor
    Assist all Department heads in thier tasks as you are able

    Away Team
    Members: None

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    Rank Character Position Species Height Weight User Status
    Fleet Captain Balian Ibn Barazan Captain El Aurian 5'11" 185lbs Jeremy DeSpain LOA
    Commander Ardashir "Jack" Creed Executive Officer Human 6'5" 180 lbs Steven Sigle Late (3)
    Lieutenant Daggum Hammor Chief Operations Officer Orion 6'9" 311 lbs. James Sinclair OK (0)
    Lieutenant Celina Rodriguez Chief Tactical Officer Human 5'4" 130 Kate O'Neill OK (0)
    Lieutenant Faye Calloway Mission Specialist Human 5'9 145 lbs Lindsay Bayes OK (0)
    Civilian William Cunningham Counselor Human/Enhanced 6'0 180 Mary O'Donnell
    Lieutenant Commander Maxwell Wynter Chief Engineer Human 6' 2" 205 lbs David Shotton OK (0)
    Ensign Kaia Engineer Galdori (Raka) 90 cm 9 kgs Miriam W OK (2)
    Ensign Gwyn Frazer Engineer Human 6"5' 150 lbs Casen Jones LOA
    Lieutenant Jasmine Wynter Chief Medical Officer Human 5'4" 125 Kate O'Neill OK (0)
    Lieutenant Junior Grade Karla Reyes Doctor Human 5'5" 124lb Russell Watt AWOL (44)
    Ensign Sam Pennington Doctor Human 5’9” 151 lbs Sam Pennington AWOL (66)
    Lieutenant Logan Drake Chief of Security Human 5'10" 160 Mike Monte OK (0)
    Ensign Charley (Clover) Winter Security Officer Human 5'5" 132 lbs Michael Hacking OK (4)
    Ensign Security Officer
    Ensign Security Officer
    Ensign Security Officer
    Lieutenant Xeal Loss Chief Science Officer Andorian 5'5" 160 Lbs Robert Thompson LOA
    Lieutenant Junior Grade Peyton Grant Science Officer Human Tyra Schroll
    Ensign Kavox Monsant Science Officer Bajoran 180 cm 85 kg Mike Bourdaa OK (1)
    Ensign Alison Kane Science Officer Human 5'9 145 lbs. Amanda Mercer OK (0)
    Fleet Captain Dark Tribble GameMaster Welcome to the Delta Quadrant Home of the Dark Tribble Russell Watt AWOL (44)

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