Checking in with the CO - Pre-Simm

Posted Jan. 15, 2019, 9:31 p.m. by Warrant Officer Walker Darach (Chief Operations Officer) (Steve Johnson)

Posted by Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) in Checking in with the CO - Pre-Simm

Posted by Warrant Officer Walker Darach (Chief Operations Officer) in Checking in with the CO - Pre-Simm
Walker let out his breath as he materialized on the Manhattan, how in the world did he get himself convinced to do this. He had spent a lifetime standing up for his crewmen against the officers, but he let them make him one of those officers. A Warrant Officer, but still an officer.

“Welcome aboard sir,” the crewman at the transporter console said as he stepped off the pad.

Walker just shook his head. “Son, don’t call me sir, I work for a living.”

“Yes si.... um… I mean… Yes Warrant Officer,” he stammered.

Walker nodded. “As you were Crewmen.”

Hefting his sack, Walker made a quick stop by his rack on the way to the bridge. He wasn’t quite sure what he was going to do with all of that space in his quarters. He always traveled light between postings, as an non-comm you never got that much space. So you learned to pack light. But now, it was almost to much space.

As he stepped onto the bridge, he tugged at his collar slightly, and adjusted his uniform. Better to get this part over with, so he could get started on his work. Stepping up to the ready room he tapped the chime and waited.

WO Darach - COO

“Come in.” came a male voice with a slight British accent from behind the door and it slid open to reveal the room inside.

The office was obviously recently moved into, as there were still a few small boxes stacked in a corner of the room and two bookcases on one wall stood with empty shelves behind their glass doors. Pictures had been mounted around the room, and various odds and ends graced places here and there. Displayed prominently, however, on a shelf by itself high up on the wall directly behind the desk that sat opposite the door, was a lone figure of a gold Ox. Lighting had been directed so that it drew the eye of anyone who came through the door almost immediately.

Seated behind the desk was a human male in the red uniform of Command officers. He looked up as the doors opened. His hair was black, making the bright blue eyes beneath the well-groomed hair even more intense. He had a youthful appearance, somewhat more so than the Captain’s pips at his collar would seem to indicate. As Darach stepped in, Cochrane’s face lit up in a smile of genuine pleasure and he stood up, extending his hand. “Warrant Officer Walker Darach. A true pleasure. Please. Come in and have a seat. Captain Alexander Cochrane, at your service.” the man said and gestured to one of the seats in front of the desk.

Cochrane, CO

“Thank you Captain,” Walker said as he stepped in. He took a second to look around, and noticed the Ox above the Captain’s desk. Definitely an interesting choice in decoration, but he was sure there was a good story behind it. It didn’t take long to notice the stack of boxes over in the corner.

“So I see that I’m not the only one just settling in today, sir,” he added after a slight pause, as he slipped into the offered chair. He still had to feel out the new CO, some were a lot more picky about the formalities. Not to mention, the CO was still new enough that probably most of the crew didn’t know him that well either. While most people probably wouldn’t put up that much of a fuss, it wasn’t good to get started on the wrong foot, the first day in a new command.

WO Darach - COO

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