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There was great deal of chatter among the civilians and even some of the Starfleet officers on board the station. It seemed that Fat Sam’s Lounge, Bar and Grill was having its ‘official opening’ this evening and that anyone who was not part of the command staff or a department head on a ship was able to attend. Great food and drink, music, an open mic, and a floor show were promised at a place where it was promised that everybody would know your name.

It was on the promenade deck of Event Horizon and there was great excitement around … it was hoped that the crew of the Manhattan would join the official opening night.


With his words rolling through her mind, Faye had decided that visiting this bar/grill/social place might be one of those things that fell under the auspices of the assignment. After all, she was their data specialist and to do her job she needed to be constantly collecting data. This was of a different kind, of course, but no less valid.

Faye had swapped out her uniform for an off-the -shoulder black knit tunic that flared out and was cut asymmetrically at her hips. Her look was completed with navy and black leopard print slim trousers and tall black boots that clicked on the deck as she moved through the crowds, her body and mind on alert for anything that might be amiss. she wasn’t on duty, but had her combadge as per regulation, but Faye knew that getting her to actually relax at this, whatever this event was, was going to take a great deal of effort.
`>~Faye Calloway, Data Specialist

Monsant had very little reservations about being a little bit ridiculous in public. His suit looked like it wouldn’t have been out of place on a blind Ferrengi; casual enough, yes, but the colors edged a bit towards the garish side. He had initially walked in with a pair of enlisted crewman, lab technicians, but the two crewmen quickly made off on their own, leaving Monsant to his own devices. For now, those devices seemed to be enjoying a glass of synthale and a plate of noodles, as he looked over at some of the couples amongst the crew already enjoying themselves on the dance floor.
–Ens Kavox Monsant, Scientist

Karla and Durit were there, she in a simple blue dress that seemed to have a strong Bajoran influence, and he in a Cardassian dinner suit. They were on the dance floor slow dancing despite the lively and up tempo song that was being played at the moment. She seemed to be doing the leading in the dance, and he the following. The doors opened once again and the regulars all looked to the doors and “NROM” went up, as the Lurian Courier entered and took up a seat at the bar.

Curious, she approached him, from her time with Durit, she knew of the Lurian Morn from Deep Space 9, she knew they were talkative, but also very shy around strangers. A drink was handed to Nrom and others around him seemed to be laughing at something he said.

  • Karla, Med

Then, the laughter stopped and Nrom’s large eyes became serious and sad. Karla was still too far away to hear what he said, as were others, including the members of the Manhattan crew in attendance.

“Your ship was attacked, Nrom?” a talkative fellow alongside the Lurian said, for the benefit of all in attendance. Nrom shook his head, and the fellow said, “I see, you and your crew saw a ship being attacked? Oh, it was the Hirogen? Just as well they didn’t shoot on your ship, hey mate? So, what type of ship was it? A small ship? Didn’t fire back? Guess its a salvage operation then, and recovery of bodies? What? The small ship survived? It reflected the initial phaser attack on the Hirogen vessel? Are you serious? Impressive! Then the Hirogen fired torpedoes and caused damage on the vessel? Now the vessel would be destroyed? What? It managed to get away and the Hirogen are on their way here? What did you do? Oh, you let the station know, that was good. What now?”

Another fellow, a civilian member of the docking crew on Event Horizon said, “the Hirogen … they arrived, claiming all kinds of things and demanding repairs to their vessel so they can go after their prey. If that vessel was their prey, the occupants of it are in trouble.”

Faye was taking mental notes as fast as she could. While she didn’t have an eidetic memory the way people associated high memory recall, one of the perks (if one could call it that) of her ‘time’ with the Romulans was that she had the ability to capture details in her head intentionally and recall them later easily. It was an active memory process, but it also was very quick. It made it easier since she could take her time before she had to write things down.

The first talkative fellow took another swig from what was in his tankard.

“These Hirogen aren’t the real problem though, are they? The real problem, that’s the people from that big star vessel out there, theys the problem, the real problem. Why they here instead of out there stopping this thing from happening.” He threw up a little on a barstool and it melted a bit.

This talkative fellow, the first one, then looked from Karla to Faye to Kavox and put down the tankard he was carrying on the bar and staggered towards them. Durnit slowly moved up alongside Karla, seeming ready to defend her.

Until this point, Monsant had been content to eat his noodles and take a little amusement in the drunken rant. But at the approach, it became clear this was something more. His hand hesitated over his comm badge as he stood.

“What are youz gonna do about it? Youz all come here on your fancy star vessels and our dear friend, Nrom almost gets attacked and killed. And all youz are doin’ iz dancin’ and dressin’ all pretty like, when good honest people like uz are left to fix up the mess that youz all make. Why aren’t youz all out there, and stopping uz from being killed, and ourz children from being killed and our childrenz children from being all shot at and killed?”

It was clear, he was not only talkative, but also more than a little bit drunk. He swung a fist at Karla, but he almost collapsed into her, and but for the efforts of Durit, she would have been on the ground, a very large and very drunk civilian on her.

“Starfleet are here to help,” Durit said, after steadying Karla, “calm down, friend.”

The talkative and drunk fellow turned his attention on the Cardassian, “I’m not a friend of no Cardi!” And he proceeded to throw up on him.

“It bu—-” Durnit began, but then his voice cut out and he held his hands up in front of his eyes … it seemed that something in the talkative and drunk fellow’s drink REALLY didn’t agree with Cardassians.

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Faye slipped past a couple people behind the drunk man and reached out with her hand to apply pressure quickly to the nerve bundle at the base of his neck. A classic Vulcan nerve-pinch. “I think you need some sleep. I’m sure there is a brig cell that will do the trick and you can sleep off your intoxication,” she said as she prepared to catch him in the technique worked on him, or defend herself if it didn’t. She was a slight woman, but much stronger after her physical rehabilitation. She was worried about the acidic vomit, but one problem at a time.

~Faye Calloway, Data Specialist

He may have been an overweight and talkative drunk, but the nerve pinch had its desired effect on him, and he went down like a sack of potatoes … some of the vomit dribbled down his mouth and onto the floor, but unlike poor Durnit, the acidic vomit didn’t seem to have any impact on him.

Karla just looked at Durnit, and fell to her knees next to him. The skin around his eyes and throat were blistering and she cursed herself for not having her medical tricorder on her.

=/\= Kavox to Station Security and Medical, assistance required at Fat Sam’s =/\= After making the brief call, he looked over the scene, recognizing an attempt at a nerve pressure point by the data specialist. The odor of the acidic vomit assailed his nostrils, as he made his calculation; if there was any escalation, he would attempt to force it away from the already injured person. He wasn’t foolish enough to want to fight as a first choice, but it didn’t seem like negotiating was going to be a realistic option here.

-Kavox Monsant

The other two had taken action, now it was time for her to do the same. She may have been unable to save either of her two husbands, she was darn sure she wasn’t going to lose her lover.

“Clear a space around him, I need room,” she said, drawing on her training and years of experience, she could weep later, “it’s not ideal that I do this, but I’m on the spot. Anyone got a medical tricorder on them? I didn’t bring mine with me. We also need a sample of the corrosive agent so we make sure we can make sure we deal with this properly.”

Karla was close to being hysterical, she knew, and she couldn’t afford to be like that. She breathed deeply and then reached out to feel for a pulse on Durnit’s left hand.

It was faint, but there, and she felt that was a good thing.

“Come on Durnit,” she said, “breathe, you can do this, you MUST do this.”

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