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“There is a Lurian who is a courier for us, he was on a mission bringing us supplies from the Alpha Quadrant when his ship came across a small ship of unknown origin fleeing. This ship was about the size of a Federation shuttlecraft and was being pursued by a Hirogen hunting vessel. The Hirogen fired on the unknown vessel and it reflected the beams back to the Hirogen vessel, damaging it. The crew of Nrom’s ship reported that the reflected light was blindingly bright momentarily. But that the Hirogen vessel then fired torpedoes at the unknown vessel and these seemed to damage it. Nrom’s vessel addressed the Hirogen vessel, advising them that a message of the encounter had been sent to Event Horizon station and that Federation starships would be sent to investigate. The Hirogen vessel limped away, but by this time, the Lurian’s courier vessel could no longer locate the unknown craft. Not having the capability to track the unknown vessel, the courier vessel sent the message to Event Horizon, and I increased ship patrols in the area, and then they returned here. Mr Nalonx (Talaxian) was on the courier vessel and would be of help to your mission, and of course Mr Tamio (Voth) will be along. Mr Nalonx had some interesting notes about the vessel. Mr Nalonx?”

“Ah yes, thank you,” Nalonx said, seeming to be nervous as he spoke,“Sirs, Madams, I have considered the ship we saw and I conferred with Wattorux, my wife and co-leader of the Talaxian colony here, for those who don’t know. Despite having lived here all my adult life, I have never seen one of those ships before. When I spoke with Wattorux she agreed with what I thought. In this sector of the Delta quadrant, and in other nearby sectors, there are stories of an ancient species of aliens called Alduritians with ships that were protected by highly reflective shielding that reflected particle weapon beams back to the ship that had just fired on them. The beams were reflected back on the propulsion systems and the weapon systems of the attacker. We thought they were just rumours, stories, myths, not based in fact. But, ladies and gentlemen, it seems the legends may be true, and if that is true, the rest of it may be true as well - part of the beliefs are that they were just biding their time, preparing for a great task that only they know about, and that when they return, the end for the sector will take place a mere 74 hours after. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I think we should do what we can do to ensure the sector remains intact.”

The station commander’s commbadge chirped. Then a voice sounded through it, =/\= Captain, there is a damaged Hirogen vessel demanding to be repaired, it’s captain claims it was attacked and damaged by a vessel of unknown origin. Do you want me to order it away? =/\=

=/\= No, chief, we need to keep in mind we are here to support the mission of the Federation and Starfleet, and this station has the express purpose to assist all vessels regardless of who the craft belongs to. Call them to come in to dock, and prepare for the repairs, and make sure you put a security detail on it as well, Station CO out =/\=

Next the station commanding officer looked to the executive officer of the USS Manhattan. He looked apologetic, “Commander, I know you and your crew have just returned from a mission, but can I get you to look into this, and deal with it for us? Seventy four hours does not give us long to deal with this. Mr Tamio and Mr Nalonx will travel with you, their local knowledge will assist in your efforts.

“I’m not going while Wattorux is here, injured,” Nalonx said.

“Take her with you then,” the commanding officer of the Delta Quadrant station Event Horizon, “you won’t mind, will you, Sirs?” He asked the Executive Officer of the USS Starship Manhattan.

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The doors parted and a human male that appeared to be in his early thirties came through the door. He was tall with a slender build, black hair, and bright ice-blue eyes. Captain’s pips showed on the collar of his dress uniform, and a few rows of medals adorned his chest. As he walked in, he said with a slightly British - accented speech “Excuse me everyone,my apologies. I must intrude momentarily. Fleet Captain Ibn Barazan, a moment if I may, Sir?” The two officers conferred for a moment and then the younger Captain looked past him and said “Commander Creed, would you join us please?”

Cochrane, CO (Incoming)

Ardashir looked over at the two, then back at Celina. “Excuse me Celina, I am being summoned.” Jack said in his most subtle of Persian accents as he began to walk over and find the two. He wasn’t sure what was going on, this was most certainly a bizarre turn of events. He wasn’t sure who the new man was or why he was summing Ibn and himself.

Creed, XO

Celina nodded skipping any clever remark because her curiosity was peaked. A conference between Balian and Jack was normal. A conference between two captains and an XO was a bit more interesting.

Lt. Celina Creed CTO

As Creed approached, the Captain extended his hand. “Commander.” he said in the same low voice that he had shared with Barazan.

“I am Captain Alexander Cochrane. I’m afraid we all find ourselves in a bit of an odd situation. I’m not quite sure how to relay it either, except directly. Here.” he said and handed a PaDD to Creed. On it were two sets of orders from Star Fleet Command: one set for Ibn Barazan, one set for Cochrane.

Cochrane, CO (Incoming)

“Captain Barzan went to the Delta Quadrant colony research facility? I don’t understand what made Starfleet switch him out so soon.” Ardashir asked as he looked up at Alexander. “I’m sorry sir, just seemed so sudden. I know he was originally tasked with research just didn’t expect him to want to leave so soon. You are taking his position I take it is the second set of orders?”

Creed. XO

Cochrane chuckled softly and said “I don’t know what makes Starfleet do a lot of things, Commander. And you are spot on with the assumption. I just wanted you to see it for yourself. Now, I know this is going to be more than awkward for the crew, so I am going to need your help making the transition… and making it quickly. I know we are apparently short on time to do… whatever it is we are going to do.” and he took a breath. He was obviously a bit uneasy as he spoke, but his body language was one of confidence and calm professionalism. Either he possessed those qualities… or he was a fantastic faker.

“Well… okay. Anything else I should be aware of?” Jack asked, wondering what else he might have had his way.

“So. why don’t you and I try to make it through the next hour without throwing up in the nearest recycler, and then we can have a private chat and you can bring me up to speed. Let’s start with introducing me to our Department Heads and the station personnel present. I think the news of the Command change would sound better coming from their XO instead of a random guy walking in the door.”

“By all means, I can work on that for you sir.” Jack said looking past the Captain he did notice a the Event Horizon event seemed to be going along. “Seems we might be needed before that.”

Cochrane, CO

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The Commanding Officer of Event Horizon Station had heard rumours, but he didn’t put stock in rumours. In this case though, he may have to make an exception. It seemed to him that this rumour might indeed turn out to be true. He looked over at QT Pie and nodded briefly to her. She directed the wait staff with hand gestures and they delivered the next course with little fanfare, but an almost military like precision that would make the Klingon Junior Ballet Company with Bat’leth envious.

“The podium is yours, Commander, Captain,” he said to them after reaching their side, “and my Chief of Infectious Disease Management has gone down with some kind of stomach bug, Captain, and couldn’t join us this evening, the setting is still there if you would like to use it.”

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Creed, XO

Cochrane nodded and said “Thank you very much. I’d be honored.” and then he looked at Creed and leaned in close. “Why don’t you make the announcement, and then I’ll say a few words. We’ll keep it short, get through dinner, and then meet back on the Manhattan. Work for you, Commander?”

Cochrane, CO

Creed nodded as he took the stand. He wasn’t sure what to say if he was honest as he glanced over everyone. “I just wanted to take this moment to let everyone know that Captain Bailan will not be able to join us. He has been transferred to a post in a research colony as commander of that colony. With that said, Starfleet has sent his replacement. If you all would please give a warm welcome to Captain Cochrane.” Jack said as he looked over at the Captain nodding as he stepped aside.

Creed, XO

Cochrane grinned at Creed and whispered “Short and sweet. Thanks a lot!” and then took the offered podium.

“Good evening everyone, and my deepest apologies for the interruption.” the tall dark haired man said, his voice pleasant with a very slight British accent. “My name is Captain Alexander Cochrane. It is with the greatest honor that I have been instructed to assume immediate command of the Manhattan and her mission here in the Delta Quadrant. Captain Bailan has been selected, as Commander Creed just said, to lead a very high-profile research endeavor. His knowledge and expertise will be missed by us all, I am sure. But I will do my best to help us along to the best of my abilities. We have much to learn, and many new opportunities to create lasting friendships, much as we have started here on the Event Horizon. I know that my arrival and introduction are somewhat… unorthodox… and for that I do apologize. But i am certain that such a talented and experienced team such as this can take this change in stride and continue to ensure that our mission here is a success.”

“To our distinguished hosts Nalonx and Wattorux, I appreciate your understanding in this change of personnel. Please know that this will not in any way impair our ability to be of assistance to you and the Talaxian people. With that being said, if you don’t mind continuing the briefing you were giving, I’m sure we will have questions and do understand time is a factor here.”

With that he nodded politely to Nalonx and stepped down, motioning to Creed and taking a seat at the table.

Cochrane, CO

“Captian Cochrane,” Celina said with a small nod as Creed and Cochrane took a seat at the table. “Welcome aboard,” she said with a smile. “I’m Celina Rodriguez the XO’s better half and your chief tactical officer.” She didn’t make a huge deal about meeting him. That would come later in less formal settings on the Manhattan. She turned to watch Nalonx speak yet her mind was going a mile a minute. It would be rude to whip out her personal communicator to google Cochran’s career and too obvious if suddenly she got a work-related issue to google his record. Her curiosity was killing her. Balian would never leave his ship and if he did he would only leave the Manhattan to the best. This knowledge made her foot wiggle under the table. How amazing was this guy? His accent was amazing. Celina was always a sucker for a good accent.
Getting a new CO was exciting and he was easy on the eyes which would make staff meetings so much more enjoyable. Celina could not wait to talk to Cochrane after the dinner.

Lt. Celina Rodriguez CTO

As the Talaxian leader was about to continue speaking, the comcall from Kavox in Fat Sams came through.

=/\= Kavox to Station Security and Medical, assistance required at Fat Sam’s =/\=

“Kavox?” the station commander exchanged a look with his XO.

“Not one of ours, assigned to the Manhattan,” QT Pie said, “let’s see what’s going on.” She flicked a switch and the viewer to Fat Sams started to work. The crowd in the lounge seemed to be forming a circle around a figure on the ground and a female leaning over the Cardassian. A large overweight barfly was unconscious with a small lithe woman near him, an officer in Starfleet uniform also near the event.

“The Cardassian?” the Station Commander said to his XO.

“Came aboard with a human doctor from the Manhattan, he’s assigned to our Medical facility. Name of Durnit. The Doctor must be Karla Reyes, the two are almost inseparable.”

“Get down there, Commander,” her boss told her, “get this under control.”

QT nodded, and looked at Creed, “care to join me, Commander Creed?” she asked, “at least two of your crew seem involved in this … whatever this is and one of my few doctors, and almost the most experienced one is down.”

She moved towards the door of the room, and looked back at Creed, with a look that seemed to say, well, are you coming?

“I am more than happy to leave my talk to you and your officers to a later time,” Nalonx said to Cochrane, “if necessary, I’ll lie through my spots and say you all listened closely and you can lie through your uniform and tell your superiors that the briefing was the best ever.”

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  • QT Pie, XO, Event Horizon Station
  • Nalonx, Talaxian Leader

Cochrane looked at Nalox and said “Well, we can burn that bridge when we get to it, Mr. Nalonx.” and then he looked at Creed. “Commander, let’s you and I go see what people have gotten themselves into.” and he looked around the room. “Apologies, but is the Chief Medical Officer present? If so, please come with us.” and he stood up and walked briskly to the door. Looking at the Staion’s XO, he said “Please. Lead on.” In the back of his mind, he was hoping that this was not some kind of bar fight. Having to throw someone in the brig his first hour on board was not the kind of impression he wanted to make with the crew.

Cochrane, CO

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