Pre Sim - Vorraye meets the Captain

Posted March 24, 2019, 3:44 p.m. by Civilian Vorraye Anders (Diplomatic Attache) (Melissa Aragon)

Vorraye had been on board for two days. She had checked in to medical and had her psych check up. That only left the Captain.

She’d done some checking up on him and his survival abilities were his strong suit as far as she was concerned. From a public viewed divorce, to making an honorable name for himself amongst the Klingon. It didn’t surprise her that she’s been signed to his ship. If anyone was bound for deep space and possible “First Contact” scenarios, it was Captain Cochrane. And chances were, in between, they’d end up running into folks who sometimes needed just that extra bit of simpering and bowing that she was so good at.

Moving towards the Captain’s Ready Room and personal office, she tugged down the sapphire tunic top that came almost to her knees. The black leggings and deep blue ankle boots complimented the simple top, as did the gold torc at her neck with a moon on one side and a wolf’s head on the other. She had waffled between her Star Fleet uniform and her civilian clothes. While the uniform reminded everyone she was part of the crew, sometimes wearing her regular clothes made people open up more. It was that reason that had her in civilian attire and tapping the chime on the Captain’s private door. They both knew she was Star Fleet… But could she get him to relax and open up to her and not think of her as the Admiral’s little pet? She was about to find out.

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