Side Sim - The Kazon Arrive (Open to All)

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“Voyager definitely didn’t paint them as an eloquent race; ‘exciting’ might just be an understatement!” Riali added from where she was situated at the science station, swerving around to face the Raka engineer and Cochrane.

Lt. Deandres

Cochrane chuckled. “Too true, Lieutenant. Passive scans on their vessels. Comms, let’s hail our new guests and see if Voyager’s files hold up to our first contact, shall we?” He stood up and then had a thought. “Belay that order, Comms.” and he tapped his badge. =/\=Bridge to Diplomatic Attache Anders. Your services are requested on the bridge immediately. Bridge out. =/\= he said in friendly manner. He looked at the bridge crew, shrugged, and said “We have a Diplomat, may as well use them, right?” with a grin.

Cochrane, CO

=^=Yes, sir… On my way,=^= was Vorraye’s response. She quickly changed into a more suitable tunic top and breeches and headed for the bridge.

“Agreed and she will have her work cut out for her,” Celina said entering the bridge. “I was hanging out in security when the call came in about the Kazon arriving at the station,” she explained how she was semi up to date and hadn’t been on the bridge until this moment. Handing the captain a PaDD she moved to her station continuing to brief the captain on the contents of the PaDD. “The Kazon are a patriarchal society and there have been reports that they will treat foreign women like they treat their own women. As second class citizens, you talk down to. Aside from that, they are also the only species known to have been rejected by the Borg for assimilation because they were unremarkable. Kinda embarrassing species stat but we should be able to outgun them if the diplomatic options go south,” Celina replied bottom lining the conversation.

Lt. Celina Rodgriguez CTO

“I wonder how they would treat me,” Kaia wondered aloud. “I am not exactly screaming my gender to the rooftops like all you humanoid species do,” she gestured briefly to her very flat chest. There was almost no visual difference between the males and females of the Raka, from a human’s point of view. “In all honesty, they would likely view me as an inferior species due to my size. But I would be fascinated to see how they would react to a Laleri or a Hatriku…”

Kaia, Eng

A moment later, the young lady arrived on the bridge with a smile on her face. Stepping into the room she glanced around the room and made note of everyone there. Something told her this wasn’t a social call.

Vorraye Anders
Diplomatic attache

Cochrane looked up as the doors opened and a grin crossed his face. “Ms. Anders, thank you for coming. We have new arrivals at the station. The Kazon. Thought you might want to stretch your diplomacy legs a bit. Comms are at your disposal.”

Cochrane, CO

“Sir…” Vorraye nodded to him and moved to the vacant space beside him. “Shall we say hello?” She then glanced at the view screen and nodded to the helm to open the comms. =^= This is Diplomatic Attache Vorraye Anders. To whom do I have the pleasure of speaking? She forced herself not to step closer to the screen. Moving in front of the CO would mean she thought of herself as better than him. To a species who did not place females very high on the ‘respect list’, this could be seen as making the Captain look weak. She would not risk that when she had no idea what the situation was.


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