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Posted by Civilian Vorraye Anders (Diplomatic Attache) in Pre Sim - Vorraye meets the Captain

Vorraye had been on board for two days. She had checked in to medical and had her psych check up. That only left the Captain.

She’d done some checking up on him and his survival abilities were his strong suit as far as she was concerned. From a public viewed divorce, to making an honorable name for himself amongst the Klingon. It didn’t surprise her that she’s been signed to his ship. If anyone was bound for deep space and possible “First Contact” scenarios, it was Captain Cochrane. And chances were, in between, they’d end up running into folks who sometimes needed just that extra bit of simpering and bowing that she was so good at.

Moving towards the Captain’s Ready Room and personal office, she tugged down the sapphire tunic top that came almost to her knees. The black leggings and deep blue ankle boots complimented the simple top, as did the gold torc at her neck with a moon on one side and a wolf’s head on the other. She had waffled between her Star Fleet uniform and her civilian clothes. While the uniform reminded everyone she was part of the crew, sometimes wearing her regular clothes made people open up more. It was that reason that had her in civilian attire and tapping the chime on the Captain’s private door. They both knew she was Star Fleet… But could she get him to relax and open up to her and not think of her as the Admiral’s little pet? She was about to find out.

Vorraye Anders
Diplomatic Attache

“Enter.” came a slightly accented voice from behind the door and it slid open.

The office was obviously recently moved into, as there were still a few small boxes stacked in a corner of the room and two bookcases on one wall stood with empty shelves behind their glass doors. Pictures had been mounted around the room, and various odds and ends graced places here and there. Displayed prominently, however, on a shelf by itself high up on the wall directly behind the desk that sat opposite the door, was a lone figure of a gold Ox. Lighting had been directed so that it drew the eye of anyone who came through the door almost immediately.

Seated behind the desk was a human male in the red uniform of Command officers. He looked up as the doors opened. His hair was black, making the bright blue eyes beneath the well-groomed hair even more intense. He had a youthful appearance, somewhat more so than the Captain’s pips at his collar would seem to indicate. He smiled warmly as Anders entered. He was tall, but not overly so, and had a lithe, athletic build. He looked at her for a brief moment and then said “Ms. Anders. Welcome aboard. I’m Captain Alexander Cochrane… but you probably knew that since you rang my doorbell.” with a grin.

Cochrane, CO

Raye moved into the room and smiled. “A pleasure, Captain. And yes, I know who you are.” Looking around she gave a slight laugh. “It’s nice to know I’m not the only one still unpacking. If I can be of any help, let me know.” She moved up to the desk and took a seat. Since he hadn’t risen, she assumed the same informal attitude. “So I find myself on a deep space ship and I wonder… did you ask for me, or rather, for a Diplomat? Or did our illustrious bosses decide this was a needed assignment to you?” She kept her voice light and conversational. Whatever the answer, she hoped he would know she wasn’t upset at being here. Quite the contrary. She was excited to be out here instead of back on Earth doing what every other Earth bound diplomat was capable of.


“Probably a bit of both, Ms. Anders. And is it ‘Ms.’? Or Mrs.? Your file wasn’t quite completed transmitting when I looked at it.” he asked with chuckle. “And the last thing I want to do is start off calling our Diplomatic representative by the wrong title.”

Cochrane, CO

She smiled. “Miss or Ms is fine. I’m not married. But honestly, Vorraye, or just Raye works just as well. While I hold a rank for the sake of paperwork or confrontational issues with others, I am not a true commissioned officer. So even just calling me Anders will work as well, Captain.”

Relaxing just a bit, she nodded to him. “I’m glad my coming here was, at least a little, by your request. I hate the idea of being dumped somewhere I’m not truly wanted or desired. By the way, do you prefer Captain or Sir?” Learning the best way to handle and address the CO was priority on Raye’s list on every mission and assignment. Never upset the leader you represent was one of the first real life lessons she’d ever learned as a diplomat.


“Captain works. In formal or professional settings. Hell, even Skipper if it’s not real important is fine. Informally? Well, since you are not an officer feel free to call me Alex or Cochrane. I also answer to ‘Hey you’, ‘Bub’, and ‘Jerk’ depending on the situation.” he said with a laugh.

Cochrane, CO

Vorraye laughed a bit. “I can assure you I do not see ‘Bub’ or ‘Jerk’ coming out of my mouth. But Alex suits you. Raye is about all anyone calls me.” She moved to where the boxes were and glanced up at him, her head tilted slightly as she looked at him curiously. “Would you like some help unpacking? I’ll unwrap, you decorate?” She nodded to the box beside her without touching anything yet.

With a wink, she added, “Though as I look… ‘hey you’ may work on occasion as well. What do you think? Suggestions to holler my way?” She was teasing him but making it light hearted enough to not offend.


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