Conference Room - Department Head and Command Staff Mission Planning

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Cochrane cleared his throat and said “I appreciate you all coming on short notice. Before we begin our discussion of the task before us, I would like a brief report from each of you on the status of your respective departments, any outstanding issues that need addressed prior to our departure, and any assistance you may require from outside your sections. After that, you will get a briefing concerning some work being done ship-wide by our Mission Specialist Lieutenant Calloway. After that, we will have a quick and informal discussion of what we want to see outside of our mission specifications and try to generate a preliminary mission objective to tackle once we have completed our primary mission.” and he took a sip of his tea.

“Now, I know that I have not personally met with many of you. I apologize for that, and for the recent upheaval in Command structure changes. I trust we are all professional and competent enough to take such changes in stride and ‘sally forth with haste and dispatch’, as my Great-Grandfather was want to say. So… a bit about me so we can get that out of the way.”

“I am Ralph Alexander Cochrane, Alex in informal settings is fine by me, and Captain as of about a week ago.” Alex knew that most Captains would shy away form telling a new crew they had only been recently promoted, but he also knew that word travels fast and he would rather the Command Staff hear it form him then as scuttlebutt in the passageways. “My training lies heavily in Security, but I have managed to ‘branch out’ a bit during my years in Star Fleet. Prior to this, I was the Executive Officer of the USS Ark Angel. I was previously stationed on Deep-Space exploratory vessels, system defense ships, and a deep space station. I have attended the Academy, Vulcan Science Academy, and the Klingon War College in the course of my career. This is my first Science vessel. I’ll try not to scratch the paint.” he said with a small smile and wink.

“I have reviewed your records, and I will say in complete honesty that I am duly impressed. There is a lot of talent and knowledge in this room. And I expect we will both utilize all of that and add to it in the course of our travels here. I, for one, am very excited at the prospects of what lies before us. We just have to remember, at all times, that we are representatives of the Federation. What we say and do here reflects not just on us and the Manhattan, but on the Federation as a whole. And I am adamant that that reflection is a positive one.” and he looked around the table to ensure that his words were being taken seriously.

“So enough from me. Let’s start with Engineering. Lieutenant Commander Wynter, what do you have for us?”

Cochrane, CO

“The Manhattan has taken on supplies and is running at spec, Captain,” he began, “there has been a need to make some adjustments for some energy fluctuations in the grid since we came through the wormhole, but it isn’t anything outside of normal parameters, we’re just keeping our eyes on it.” At that moment, his communicator beeped with an incoming message. The only two departments that did that were his own when updates or notifications came in, or when Jasmine was sending him something and pretending to be innocent. Glancing at his wife first, he looked at the screen and saw that the latest message was indeed from his section and marked urgent. “Excuse me a moment,” he said and looked up, “priority update from Engineering.”

CHicken or beef foro dinner was all the message said. Jasmine was careful to make zero eye contact with Max as she held an intent and introspective gaze on the ones running the meeting.

Lt Jasmine Wynter CMO

Olivia had snuck in mid way through the captain’s introduction of him self. Even with the cup of of her favorite coffee it was still hard to keep her eyes open. Drake circles had already begun forming under her eyes. She had been spending most of her off duty hours trying to get the crew evaluations finished. She had just a handful of the junior officers left, and the senior staff.
She would try to make appointments with the senior officer before she left.

Grace, CNS

Cochrane nodded at the Counselor in acknowledgement of her arrival. As he waited for the Chief Engineer to finish dealing with his aside matter, Cochrane looked at the rest of the officers. “Who wants to go next?”

Cochrane, CO


“I can go next, sir.” Riali volunteered, figuring she might as well stick her hand out there. Tapping the PaDD before her with the pad of her finger, she glanced over at Cochrane for confirmation before she drowned them in a science update.


“Perfect. Let’s see what you have for us, Lieutenant.” and he turned and looked the display screen.

Cochrane, CO

“Sure thing,” Riali nodded, rising to her feet. Within seconds, the display screen came alive with three distinct photographs. Upon her gesture, the first of the three was enlarged, revealing a conceptual piece of art revolving around the theory of wormholes.

Olivia quickly took a seat before the scientist could begin. She took a sip of her coffee as she waited to see what she had in store for them.

Lt. Olivia Grace, CNS

Lt Cmdr Wynter, CE

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Faye had thought about whether to volunteer but it actually served her purposes better to hide in plain sight and watch how everyone interacted before she spoke. All the details she observed could be important in the days to come, but at this point she hadn’t observed anything that would be crucial later on.

~Faye Calloway, Data Specialist

“Currently, science is endeavouring two projects outside of general work. The first, conducted by Ensign Kavox Monstant, is a correlation study between local gravimetric fields -areas of space which exert gravitation force on nearby objects - specifically as they change through galactic rotation with the Delta Quadrant’s wormhole amplitude and phase. Essentially, he is comparing the data accumulated from the study on the Delta Quadrant’s wormhole to other related phenomena. However, he is particularly interested Bajoran-Gamma Quadrant and Edasich wormholes, and whether they have any commonalities with the Delta Quadrant’s wormhole.” She explained, pausing in case there were any questions or need of clarification.

“The second project is not nearly as practical as the first.” Riali mused, changing the display to a recent picture of Audrey. “This, as I’m sure some of you know, is Audrey; the Manhattan’s resident sentient plant. Lieutenant Peyton Grant and Ensign Alison Kane are among the scientists endeavouring to crack the mystery of this conscious plant. Can she communicate? What is the extent of her emotional prowess? Is she potentionally dangerous? Questions like these feul their research as they continue to dive deeper into the enigma of Audrey’s unique case.”

“Away from the interesting situations Science is facing, we are in need of replacement parts for our microscopes, or general replacements for them. Otherwise, our inventory is stocked, aside from a few simple ammenities like petri dishes and some additional supplies for our tools, in case any of ours break. Although, these are fairly simple fixes, which we can probably consult with engineering about, and be done with it.” She offered a simple smile to the CE. “All in all, science is doing quite well. We have no discrepencies to report at this time.”

  • Riali Deandres

Max grinned and nodded. “We can arrange the parts you need, or manufacture them as needed. Just let me know and we can work on it.”

Lt Cmdr Max Wynter

“Captain, I do have something of a personal project for you. I have been working on some trade routes. Seven of Nine suggested some people to contact once we had an established presence here. So far we just have a base and a few ships exploring, but there could be some interesting resources that are untapped. Even a few minerals and elements some in Starfleet Command requested us to look into.” the last part was only partly true. Starfleet Intelligence ordered this part, but the outcome could still greatly benefit them if he could get the Captain’s approval.

XO, Creed

Logan still had his security report. But.he wanted to wait until an appropriate time to present it.


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