CNS Office - Onboarding Evaluation

Posted April 15, 2019, 3:50 p.m. by Ensign Tyv Ch'qirross (Security Officer) (Michael McDowell)

If there was one thing he hated more it was counselors. To his experience they seemed to want to do nothing more than twist memories, ideas, or feelings all into a mix with each other and it felt like talking in circles without a destination or goal to accomplish. If he hadn’t been ordered to ensure his check-ins were complete, he probably would have just skipped this one. Over time he had gotten better in dealing with other species, mostly controlling his outbursts as it seemed that nothing productive would come from them. Whether it was anger, annoyance, saddness, over excitement, too much seemed to just overwhelm everyone around him which in turn made him feel a bit odd. Why couldn’t more people just be like Andorians instead? That would make everything much simpler. By this time he had already removed his Hrisal and was just in his Starfleet uniform. He quickly jabbed the button for the chime for the counselors office, secretly hoping that there was no one inside so that he didn’t have to do this one.

Ensign Tyv (Security)

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