Checking in with the CoS

Posted April 16, 2019, 1:45 p.m. by Lieutenant Logan Drake (Chief of Security) (Mike Monte)

Posted by Ensign Tyv Ch’qirross (Security Officer) in Checking in with the CoS

Posted by Ensign Tyv Ch’qirross (Security Officer) in Checking in with the CoS

Posted by Lieutenant Logan Drake (Chief of Security) in Checking in with the CoS

Posted by Ensign Tyv Ch’qirross (Security Officer) in Checking in with the CoS
After meeting the Captain, the next thing on his list was to ensure that he checked in with the one who would be directly in charge of himself, the Chief of Security. After a small inquiry to a local terminal, he had a new direction to head in. He was curious how serving aboard a human vessel would differ from an Andorian one. He tried to keep clear of any misconceptions or pre-judging the pink skins as they have proven time and time again their resiliency and adaptability when it came to combat. As he arrived to the Security Office he dropped his bag off to the side of the door with a small clank of a few objects in his bag, muffled by the clothes that were in there as well. He depressed the chime, eager to learn about the individual that was behind this door. His antennae focused towards the door, ‘listening’ for anything beyond it.

Ensign Tyv (Security)

“Enter!” called the voice from within. The office itself was normal sized for a starship. It was sparsely decorated, with a few paintings on each of the walls.

There was a work desk with an lcars terminal. On one side was two empty, comfy chairs. On the other side there was the one chair, where the CoS sat. With a large mug of coffee.

Logan looked up as the door opened.
“Yes?” He asked.


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IC: Much as he did previously in the Captain’s Office he scooped up his bag again really fast deciding on bringing with, and stepped through the Starfleet doors with the natural hiss that they made and set it back down off to the left when inside. He then shifted a PADD that he carried as well to his left hand while setting his right on the pommel of the Hrisal that he carried in order to keep it under control as he seemingly marched over to stand in between the two chairs, dropping his hands to his sides to stand at attention. His antennae seemed to have a mind of their own as they would turn ever so slightly, continuing to survey the room. “Good Afternoon Lieutenant, I am Ensign Tyv Ch’qirross. I have been ordered by Starfleet to serve under your command aboard the USS Manhattan. I have just recently arrived and am reporting as ordered sir.” Tyv kept his gaze straight ahead as he spoke. With his Andorian militaristic background it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise. He continued, “I have brought a copy of my orders along with a Starfleet cultural exemption for my Hrisal, however, I have been instructed to defer to your judgement on whether it should be stored in my quarters or with the Armory..”

Ensign Tyv (Security)

“Oh, your dueling sword?” Logan asked. “Be at ease. Have a seat. You can keep it where you wish. I have an officer who keeps a fully functional crossbow on his bulkhead.”

“Welcome aboard the ship! I’m the security chief. Lt. Logan Drake. Are you finding your way around?”


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