Comp Science Lab 2- Post-Jefferies Tube

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Posted by Lieutenant Faye Calloway (Mission Specialist) in Comp Science Lab 2- Post-Jefferies Tube


Faye startled slightly at the sound of the door but focused on her screen rather than confirm his presence with her eyes. “Just peachy.” She wasn’t entirely sarcastic, but she could hear the dryness in her own tone.

Sighing slightly, she looked over at Cochrane. “I can see properly again and I’m not in pain, so… could be a lot worse.” Her gaze settled on the item he held and she was instantly curious, though for the moment didn’t inquire.

~Faye Calloway, Data Specialist

Cochrane nodded and walked up to her desk. “I think you may have a problem, Lieutenant.” and he held out the rag covered object. “This was.... retrieved… by the Ops Chief and Chief Engineer during there investigation into what happened. I made sure they understood that your work was classified… but this is their ship, too. They are going to want answers. And I think after what happened, they aren’t entirely off base in that desire.”

Cochrane, CO

Her sea-grey eyes looked over the smooth surface of the device and for a moment her breath caught in her throat. At length, she exhaled. Rising and turning to face Cochrane, she reached out and took the oft-surprisingly light ovoid item and held it between her hands. Her fingers tips pressed tightly against the metal casing and, still not meeting his gaze, she turned t over carefully in inspection. It seemed, on the surface, undamaged. “Well, at least I suspect I won’t be getting any angry calls from R&D,” she said, her voce shaking slightly.

Moving away from the captain, Faye felt yet another stab of despair, similar to the one that had risen to the surface during her last call with Blue. She was caught in the middle between realities and orders and there seemed no good choice she could make here. Setting the device down with extreme delicacy on her worktable, she turned to face her commanding officer, wishing she could banish the distraught lines on her face she knew were undoubtedly there. “At what point are orders worth disobeying?” she asked, feeling her heart rate leap now that she was actually stepping out onto this dangerous terrain.

~Faye Calloway, Data Scientist

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