Briefing Room- Intelligence Matters

Posted April 18, 2019, 5:03 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Maxwell Wynter (Chief Engineer / 2nd Officer) (David Shotton)

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Faye sent a very simple and polite request to the CE and COO for them to attend a meeting. She did mention that the captan asked her to give a briefing, so hopefully whatever ill feelings they had with her currently wouldn’t affect their willingness to actually show up. She’d have understood, if that were the case, but it also would make things even more complicated than necessary. And things were already complicated enough.

Lt. Faye Calloway, Secret CIO

Cochrane sat in the room waiting for the three to arrive. “Well, this is where we find out what we are made of.” he mumbled to himself as he drummed his fingers on the table.

Cochrane, CO

The door slid open and Max walked in, clear he had come straight from some kind of work as he was still wearing a belt with assorted tools that he un-clipped from his waist as he approached the table. “Captain,” he greeted Cochrane then placed the belt on the table and off to one side, then sat down to await the briefing. He idly pulled a rag out of one pocket and proceeded to clean his hands of residual muck from the machinery he had been adjusting.

Lt Cmdr Wynter, CE

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