Side Sim - The Kazon Arrive (Open to All)

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Cochrane nodded and said “Sounds like a plan to me.” and he stood up and nodded at the Comms officer to open the channel. As the channel opened, a slight mischievous twinkle took it’s place in the Captain’s eyes and, once the channel was opened, he said “This is Captain Alexander Cochrane of the United Federation of Planets star ship USS Manhattan. Welcome to Event Horizon Station. May I ask to whom I am speaking?”

There was a pause and then the screen opened up again and the Kazon from before was visible. “I am Commodore Hylek of the Gruto Clan of the Kazon. We are here to conduct trade. You will allow this to happen, will you not?” the figure said in a manner that seemed to indicate his words may not actually be a question.

Cochrane smiled a bit and said “Oh, that’s not up to me, Commodore. I am the Commanding Officer of this ship. The station is a separate entity. If you wish to conduct trade, you have to get clearance from the Federation Diplomatic Corps. They are the ones who have final say on who can and cannot conduct trade and establish formal relationships with us. I’m just here to see who and what is around… you know, Science vessel and all.” he added non-nonchalantly.

“Fine. Direct me to these diplomats of yours.” the Kazon relied tersely. Cochrane smiled, but those that had dealt with him even briefly would know that it was not exactly a friendly smile.

“Oh, you already met her.” he said, making sure to emphasize the word. “Diplomatic Attache Anders. She is the one who will… or will not… allow you to conduct your trade mission. I’d recommend remembering that not all species follow your social rules, Commodore. We in the Federation promote on merit… not gender. Just a bit of advice, Sir.” and he looked at Vorraye, he face turned from the view screen and looked at her with a sly grin. “Madame. Commodore Hylek on the comms for you.”

Cochrane, CO

“Thanks, Sir,” she grinned at the comment and took a step forward, her posture and demeanor suddenly more commanding despite having not changed anything about herself. “It is a great honor to meet you, Commodore Hylek. I would be pleased to discuss a possible trade agreement with you. Would you like to join us for dinner this evening? Say… in two hours? It will give us time to prepare for your arrival so that details are met and and no offense is given.” She nodded to him with the deference his station warranted in his eyes.

Time would allow then to do a bit more research as well as get her parameters from Star Fleet about what she was allowed to negotiate for.


Kaia watched with wide eyes, her tail flicking back and forth. She leaped onto the floor and scurried over to stand next to Cochrane’s feet, putting her paws together. A bright expression was on her face. Ooh, they look so strange! she thought, glancing up at Vorraye and wondering if she might be allowed to attend this dinner and see these exciting new aliens some more.

Ens. Kaia, Engineer

The Kazon was visibly irritated by the shift in his percieved position. The channel muted and ther was an observable exchange between hims and someone off screen. Finally composing himself, his voice came through. “We will meet you for negotiations. Send us the information as to when and where.” and the screen went blank.

Cochrane looked around the bridge at the various personnel and finally at Anders. “Well, that went well. Can’t wait for dinner. Should be a hoot.” he said sarcastically. He then tapped his comm badge. =/\= Attention all personnel. We have a delegation from a local species docking at the station. All Senior Officers and personnel are instructed to prepare for yet another formal dinner. This will be a negotiation of sorts. Ensure all departments are adequately staffed. XO, Science Chief, Security Chief - report to the Ready Room immediately. =/\= and he closed the channel. Looking at Anders, he said “Best foot forward and all that, Ms. Anders. But you are doing the talking tonight. I’ll leave it to you to get the conference room on the station set up. Let me know when we can expect our new neighbors. Lieutenant Rodriguez, you have the conn.” and he turned and headed into the Ready Room.

Cochrane, CO

I have the conn. Me. Celina Rodriguez. The only person on this ship that doesn’t want the conn. When I sit on that seat people start shooting. It’s like I have a bullseye on my back. You want your ship to be under fire. Send Rodriguez to the command seat. Sir, I am marrying the man that wants that seat. Heck, his butt print is probably there if you look close enough but as usual, he is off galavanting about when the conn it open, Celina carried on a dialogue in her head; however, she was an officer and knew how to follow orders. “Aye Captain,” she said in a neutral tone with a relaxed expression. Sitting down in the seat she had the poise of any other senior officer.

Lt. Celina Rodriguez CTO

As the screen went blank, Vorraye let out a breath she hadn’t realized she was holding. This was going to be interesting. “All righty then… let’s hope the database has Kazan cuisine in its programming. Captain, if you will excuse me, I have a dinner to prepare. And um....,” she grinned and winked with a softer whisper, “I suggest Mess Dress for our special guests. Same with the Department Heads.” She laughed softly and left the bridge without another word.

((making the dinner thread soon… assuming times and such were made and the room set up))

As a lowly engineer, Kaia knew she wouldn’t be included in this dinner, so she nodded slightly at Vorraye. “Good luck with the negotiations,” she said, then returned to her post.

Kaia, Eng

Cochrane looked at Kaia and noted a sense of disappointment in her voice. A sly grin crossed his lips and he walked over to her. Speaking low so as not to broadcast to the entire bridge, he said “Ensign, you seem a bit let down. I’m going to take that as a sign you are hungry. Pull relief from Engineering and get ready for dinner. You will be assisting the Chief Engineer in a little task I have in mind.”

Cochrane, CO

Kaia’s ears had drooped a little, an easy tell that she was feeling slightly upset, but they were back in the forward-facing and alert position now. She looked at the captain and nodded, excited. She sent a text-based communication to engineering for them to send someone up to take over her bridge seat, and as soon as her replacement arrived, she dashed into the turbolift so she could put something a little cleaner on.

Kaia, Eng

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Olivia growned at the thought of another formal dinner. She hated her uniform just for the simple face it didn’t fit. no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t get one that covered her long legs. While on the station she would have to see if she could find a taylor that could fix the issue. She left the bridge and made her way to her quarters to get ready.

Lt. Grace, CNS

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