Creed Quarters - The Morning after the Wicked Ballad

Posted May 14, 2019, 1:37 a.m. by Commander Ardashir "Jack" Creed (Executive Officer / CIO) (Steven Sigle)

Posted by Lieutenant Celina Rodriguez (Chief Tactical Officer) in Creed Quarters - The Morning after the Wicked Ballad

Posted by Commander Ardashir “Jack” Creed (Executive Officer / CIO) in Creed Quarters - The Morning after the Wicked Ballad

Posted by Commander Ardashir “Jack” Creed (Executive Officer / CIO) in Creed Quarters - The Morning after the Wicked Ballad

Posted by Lieutenant Celina Rodriguez (Chief Tactical Officer) in Creed Quarters - The Morning after the Wicked Ballad

Posted by Commander Ardashir “Jack” Creed (Executive Officer) in Creed Quarters - The Morning after the Wicked Ballad

Posted by Commander Ardashir “Jack” Creed (Executive Officer) in Creed Quarters - The Morning after the Wicked Ballad


“Man you don’t tell my Abeulas anything you don’t want the world knowing. I mean you know Jack. Celina called her mom and Isabella overheard so then she told Miranda and both of them are off and running in setting up the engagement dinner mi hermano,” Cesar said excitedly. “They arrived in Tehran this morning and were talking to Anahita about things you would want to be included in the ceremony. Like like like everyone is super excited about your wedding man. They just are wondering why you seem to try and be keeping it a secret. It’s not like we don’t like you,” he bounced a bit as he talked. The smile on his face was evident that everything he was saying was true but there was also something in his eyes. A look that said when he asked if Celina was in the room the hope was the answer was no.

“As to why I am here,” Cesar looked around the apartment and leaned in a bit closer as if ready to impart a secret. “I have a business deal I can only share with mi hermano,” he said clapping a hand on Jack’s shoulder. The action would not be as odd looking if there wasn’t several inches separtating the two men forcing Jack to hunch over a bit to hear the information. “ Celina here?”

Lt. Celina Rodriguez

“She’s in there.” Jack said almost without thinking before more came into his mind. There was so many questions, 12 hours was not enough time from Earth to here, so this didn’t seem to add up as much as Cesar wanted it to.

“Wait… explain again? I guess I am not following why are you HERE.” Jack asked as he pointed to the ground. “How the devil did you get to this starbase we are no where near Orion or Earth to be able to get here in less than 12 hours.” Jack said as he looked over at Celina for some help.

Creed, XO

“So I was at the transport shop back in Peurto Rico when this guy walked in and he was all like Yo Cesar I got a business deal for you. And I was like what kinda business deal and then I remember two weeks ago when I was hanging out with Pedro who was friends with a shady guy named Ferdinand who said to me I met this guy last week who had a business deal that could make us a million credits. Milion credits I say to Ferdnand and Ferdinand is like Million credits. So I say to this guy in the shop what kinda deal. He says Do you like pirates and hot dogs and I am like essay who doesn’t. But then my Abeula comes out and is like You and your friends are not eating hot dogs. Come in and eat some Jibarto. I made it fresh. You know how good those things are Jack. I mean last time you were there you had like two until Luis and I put in California reapers instead of bell peppers,” Cesar began to laugh and pat Jack on the back like it was a fond memory for both of them.

“Wait what? Cesar what does any of this have to do with WHY you are here.” Jack said, feeling that familiar migraine pulsing in the back of his head whenever Cesar talked this way.

“Okay okay okay,” Cesar said looking almost hurt Jack didn’t want to stroll down memory lane with him. “So me and this guy lean in over our sandwiches and he says I gots a job for you which my Abuela then repeats A job makes a sign of the cross and goes off to find Miranda because she is eavesdropping as she is making flan at the stove. I say a job and the guy is like a job and I am like a real job and the guy is like yes a real job with credits. I lean back and start to think about how I want to open that vintage transport shop because I am tried of customers coming in and being all like I need my transport fixed and it is boring work man. You know my passion for the pinstripe with the hydraulics at the beach. Aint no girl resist the cherry red transport with the white pinstripe and crisp white leather seats. You know what I mean man don’t you,” Cesar punched Jack in the ribs like he did his own brother Luis.

“Cesar… I will punch you, what the flying underground cage kangaroos are you doing here?” Jack said, brushing off the hits as his eyes narrowed. Jack was highly trained in subterfuge, hand to hand combat, and most weapons. Patience though wasn’t really one of the points he practiced very often.

“Why you so impatient. I am telling you why I am here. Do I need to start again? Where did you get lost,” Cesar said looking Jack in the eye.

“Sugar honey iced tea no, no don’t start again. Just… slow down and continue.” Jack said as he shook his head and walked over to the liquor cabinet. It felt like it was going to be one of those nights.

“So what was this about hot dogs and pirates I say to the guy and he says there is a package you need to get but it is buried like pirates did back in the day on a beach but on Laguna Prime. There are no pirates but it is buried like the pirates did to keep it safe.. Laguna Prime I say and he repeats Laguna Prime so I say what do you need me to do dig it up and he says Yes essay and when you do you get half of what is in the bag so I am like fifty-fifty split. I’m in only when I get out here I find I did not have enough credits to make it to Laguna Prime but then I overhear someone say Jack Creed was doing something on the Starbase ad I am like hey why is my brother here. I don’t know what you did but they did not seem mad at you mi hemano just in case you were worried. Anyway, I thought I will have Jack give me a ride and we can split the booty 50/50. He is going to be a family man and needs a way to support my sister so I find out where your ship is docked and that is how I showed here Jack,” Cesar spread his arms as if he is ready for Jac to share in his enthusiasm at his sudden appearance. “So you ready for a road trip with your brother. You go pack a bag and I will take care of Celina just like at the end of this business deal you will be rich enough to take care of Celina without my help.”

Lt. Celina Rodriguez

“Take care of Celina? Why… Cesar… do you have any idea what we do for a living?” Jack asked, wondering if the uniform wasn’t coming off strong enough as he began drinking the vodka and coke he poured himself. “I can’t just go pirate hunting, and even if I could why the hell would I? Pirate hunting? I mean… what’s next we going to go try snipe hunting next?” Jack asked as he shook his head but handing Cesar his own drink. He couldn’t deny he did like the guy to an extent, even if he drove him mad.

Creed, XO

“I didn’t say pirate hunting mi hermano,” Cesar took the drink. “I mean you would never survive walking a plank. You can’t swim. You are a desert people but we Puerto Ricans are a water, people. We swim like fish,” Cesar said proudly tapping his chest. “If you had to walk a plank,” Cesar lowered his voice and pointed a finger at Jack in a show of solidarity, “I would dive in after you.” The look on Cesar’s face was nothing but sincere.

“Dive in? Cesar you do know you drown in kiddie pools? I had to rescue your ass at that Orion hotel cause you said the water was too cold and you clammed up, it was 80 degrees my man, it wasn’t too cold by a long shot… you just flailed in the pool taking in water like a sinking boat.” Jack said as he rolled his eyes at the idea that Cesar would be able to come save him he was Kevin Costner in Waterworld.

“Anyway I said the package is buried like a pirate treasure, not that pirate’s actually buried the treasure,” he let out a good-natured laugh. “So you ready to go or do you need to get a toothbrush.”

“Ready? No… what… no. I am the first officer here I can’t just leave, again DO you know what I do here on the ship? Do you know what Starfleet even is?” he asked him, wondering if he thought they were just working at a day spa or something of the sorts instead of a military class science vessel.

“Cesar,” Celina said rattling off a string of Spanish expletives that was clearly enduring by the way she crossed the room smiling and then embraced her younger brother. “What are you doing here,” she asked taking a step back to look at her brother. “Can you stay a while. We have a guest room. You are more than welcome to stay here then in the guest quarters,” she immediately offered up Jack’s place as if her name was already Creed.

Looking at Celina jack shook his head as he muttered “Nope” several times under his breath. He didn’t want him here, this wasn’t a good time and with the change overs he wasn’t sure the Captain would even approve.

“Nah Jack and I were discussing a business trip we are about to go on,” Cesar gave Jack a thumbs up and nod for yes as Celina turned to confirm with Jack.

“Trip? Why didn’t you tell me you were going on a trip,” she crossed her arms over her chest giving Jack a suspicious look. “Am I not invited?”

“Love I know nothing, do we test him for drugs when he acts this way?” Jack said with a slow pondering tone as he seemed to be wondering how to handle Cesar just now.

“Mi hermana you are always able to come. Why wouldn’t I want my sister with us,” Cesar looked at Jack like he was crazy shaking his head. “Jack said you might not be interested but I said no man my sister loves camping!” The enthusiasm was clearly evident in Cesar’s voice and the expression on his face. Except when Celina turned to look at Jack and Cesar gave him the slicing across the neck motion indicating that Jack needed to break the news that Celina had to stay home instead of going with them.

“Well I wouldn’t say loves but it is not the worst thing in the world,” Celina shrugged. “I just don’t really see camping as Jack’s thing. Not that he can’t and that we hadn’t but what kinda business trip do you do over smores?”

Lt. Celina Rodgriguez CTO

“Wait camping… slow down. You’re going along with this?” Jack asked Celina, his eyes wide as he was trying to process everything in the last ten minutes. It felt like a whrilwind had just hit him. Up was down, down was up, left was right. He had no idea what to make of any of this insanity.

Creed, XO

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