Ensign Barvan's Arrival

Posted May 14, 2019, 4:16 p.m. by Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) (James Sinclair)

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Posted by Ensign Barvan (Security Officer) in Ensign Barvan’s Arrival
One of the most nerve-wracking experiences any STarfleet officer can have is arriving on a new ship. Nobody knows what they’ll find on the other side of an air lock. No one knows if one will likely one’s shipmates and vice versa. All of this was up in the air, and Barvan could only guess as to how he would be treated. First impressions were paramount any good telepathy will tell you, and the feeling of anxiety consumed him.

As the turbo lift neared the air lock, Barvan took some time to fix his uniform, put his comm link pin into a better place and fix his rank pips. He needed to look his absolute best to make that good first impression. He then let his mind wander for a bit. He remembered that time he won the All Betazed Junior Telepathy Competition and let the positive feelings flow. He smiled slightly and his posture softened.

The chime then sounded.

Barvan exited the turbo lift. He then addressed the attendant.

“Ensign Barvan, security officer, reporting.”

“Oh!” exclaimed the startled crew person. “Hi! Don’t mind me,” the young human lady said. “I’m just a shuttle bay technition. Uhmm, maybe you should report in with the security chief?”

~Hapless Crewlady

“I’ll do that!”

Barvan would then move over to the desk next to the airlock. He’d pick up a ship map and would find the CoS’ office. After pinpointing the location, he’d jet in the direction without paying any more attention to the shuttle bay technician.

Ensign Barvan, Security

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