Reporting to the CoS

Posted May 14, 2019, 9:15 p.m. by Lieutenant Logan Drake (Chief of Security) (Mike Monte)

Posted by Ensign Barvan (Security Officer) in Reporting to the CoS

Posted by Lieutenant Logan Drake (Chief of Security) in Reporting to the CoS

Posted by Ensign Barvan (Security Officer) in Reporting to the CoS
After Ensign Barvan arrived in the air lock, he immediately jetted towards the security complex aboard the USS Manhattan. As with any boarding procedure, the young security officer had to report to his new department head, and this was to be done at the department head’s office.

Walking briskly through the hallways of the ship, he eventually arrived at Lieutenant Drake’s office. Fixing his uniform, he then rang the chime, asking the be allowed in.

Ensign Barvan, Security

Eventually “Enter!” came the response. The office itself had a desk with an lcars terminal on it. Two big, comfy, yet empty, chairs was on one side towards the desk. On the other side of the desk was seated a middle-aged human male. He was working on his computer while drinking from a large mug of coffee.

“Can I help you?” He asked.


As the door opened, the chief of security would see a tall Betazoid male with a very thin build and dark hair.

“You can indeed sir. I am Ensign Barvan, the new security officer. I have been told to report to you as soon as possible.”

The young Betazoid would stand straight with his hands to his sides, as if, you know, reporting.

Ensign Barvan, Security

“Ah!” Logan exclaimed as he rose from his chair. “Welcome aboard! I’m Lt. Logan Drake. Please, at ease, and take a seat.”

He returned to his own chair. He asked, “Are you finding your way around the ship? You’ll note that this security office, and our brig, aren’t in the specifications.”


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