CNS office Which of the four of us needs the counseling more

Posted May 15, 2019, 6:19 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Maxwell Wynter (Chief Engineer / 2nd Officer) (David Shotton)

Posted by Lieutenant Jasmine Wynter (Chief Medical Officer) in CNS office Which of the four of us needs the counseling more

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Maxwell Wynter (Chief Engineer / 2nd Officer) in CNS office Which of the four of us needs the counseling more

Posted by Lieutenant Jasmine Wynter (Chief Medical Officer) in CNS office Which of the four of us needs the counseling more
Jasmine delayed as much as humanly possible before heading to the CNS office for her and Max’s appointment. It had nothing to do with Olivia. She seemed like a lovely person. It was more the process of dealing with another counselor. Bob Footinadoor was a force of nature and since the laws governing confidentiality in Mintaran culture were different than the Federations it meant Mr. and Mrs. Logan and Wynter had a full report after each session. Hopefully, the session with Olivia would be vastly different. Exiting the turbo Jasmine saw Max almost pacing in front of the office. The past five sessions they had experienced as a Mr. and Mrs. had not been ideal for him. Jasmine knew by the look on his face with the slight smirk she had had about three more minutes before he followed through with the medical emergency threat of breaking his own arm not to do this alone. Jasmine knew exactly what her husband meant. Both she and he had legitimate reasons they were once absent from a Bob counseling session leaving the other alone. It was enough that they swore on a blood oath never to experience that again.

“Jaz,” Max said as he saw her leave the turbo lift. “You’re cutting it fine, I almost had to declare a hull breach in the counselors quarters and casualties just to make sure you turned up and we were both there at the same time, it seemed a more sure fire way than breaking my own arm.” He turned more towards her and leaned casually on the wall outside the Counselling office, “I mean you could have just sent a nurse for that, again.” His eyes relayed the joke perfectly, along with his words being a reminder that he had told his wife that he had actually been wishing for a hull breach just to escape Bobs session. Of course the Holographic Footinadoor wouldn’t have been affected, but Max would have been free. Then he suddenly remembered his wife had explained, calmly and simply, that Bob was linked to the bracelets they each wore, the ‘wedding gifts’ from their parents. Even if Max did get sucked out into space, Bob could still reach him. Pushing that thought aside, Max concentrated on the much more promising, alluring and physical sight of Jasmine walking towards him.

“I told you I would be here,” she said sauntering up to him letting her hips sway a bit more than necessary knowing he would be looking at that versus her face. She liked to tease him a bit and being on a ship like this did not lend to many chances to be playful. “You didn’t doubt me chief now did you,” she said softly letting her face get as close to his as possible without actually touching.

Lt. Jasmine Wynter CMO

Max teased her back, coming off the wall and letting his own lips just barely touch hers while taking both of her hands in his. “How could I ever doubt you?” His question was soft, “We could always find a storage closet and prove just how much we don’t need this counselling,” he suggested playfully, “having a report go back that we both missed a session would be worth getting to spend a little more time with you.”

“You do have a death wish,” Jasmine said looking at her husband. “I love it,” she taunted him. “I say we do it. Throw caution to the find and tell our parents we are not having kids, we are giving up our careers, and you became one of those sand castle creators on Risa while I serve sandwiches at the local deli.” Jasmine broke into a bout of laughter imagining how well that joke would not go over. Max’s parents and hers, well specifically their mother’s, had a plan for them. It was not far off from what Max and Jasmine both wanted but the time tables were a bit more skewed. Their mothers would have preferred Jasmine to be pregnant at the wedding. She and Max wanted to enjoy the process a bit more. This difference in opinions had resulted in tips and tricks for accomplishing the deed every week or so via subspace messaging, Bang articles, and gaggling blogs about how to successful at the task. Their delete folder on their personal devices at times were brimming.

Max let his lips touch hers gently, and linger for a moment before he pulled back just enough to keep the promise of more hovering there. “Well, here’s our chance, we could both elope, right now, just the two of us. Or, we could press that buzzer and take our medicine for being such an unruly and unresponsive couple towards our parents.”

Lt Cmdr Max Wynter, CE

“Take the medicine,” Bob’s voice erupted next to Max’s ear breaking the semi-amorous moment.

“Hi, Bob.” Max said without flinching or reacting other than letting any note of romance he had been sporting for Jasmine drop out of his voice completely.

Jasmine dropped her head onto Max’s chest. The startle factor was gone now with Bob. They had gotten used to the man popping up everywhere in places even a normal counselor dare not fear to tread. Still, since Bob had been there since twenty minutes after they said I do the man was becoming something akin to their third musketeer.

If only he would stop appearing in the bath tub with Max when Max was relaxing after a hard day, wanting to talk about what had gone on like he and Max were in fact a couple. Max cursed the bracelets for being waterproof, and alarmed in case of removal. It had been bad enough explaining to the Emergency Marriage Holographic Councelor, a patented Mintaran design, to stay out of their quarters on their wedding night. They weren’t quite ready to follow every Mintaran custom yet and him being able to stick his head through a door or wall had been a challenge.

“I mean sheesh it has been eighteen months. You think you have it so bad. Every time your mother and hers read something they upload it into my databases and I am forced to process it unlike you and your simple delete feature,” Bob droned on almost oblivious to the couples facial expressions.

“Aren’t you supposed to be an intelligent program?” Max asked Bob, “You could simply delete that information as being unhelpful, you know? Kind of like your morning wake up call of ‘Gooooood Mooorning Manhattannn!” At least, Max had to admit, that call was always accompanied by bacon, eggs and coffee.

“Hey chief,” Jasmine said giving him a quizzical look. “Are you sure it wouldn’t work for you to just cut a hole in the side of our wall and you and I wear those space suits cuffs up to the elbow so he can only materialize outside the ship. They say you can’t hear them scream in space. Come on. We can do it together. Wonder twin powers activate,” she said playfully putting her bracelet against Max’s.

“You are the ships surgeon, and I am the Chief Engineer,” Max said helpfully, holding their bracelted forearms up together. “If you amputate, then I can make matching cyborg arms and we can beam the off-cuts into space!” Max’s eyes lit up with the thought. “Our Mothers would never know, because we would have never removed the bracelets!”

“Funny enough if you were part of the Yugolian Directorship of Teorusyal V your parents would have created a hut when you reached puberty to,” Bob began to point out some bizarre anthropological customs of different races.

“On that note,” Jasmine hit the button for the counselor’s office. Let the counselor deal with Bob. That was what she was paid for right Jasmine thought.

Lt. Jasmine Wynter CMO

“Here we go,” Max said, and slipped his arm around Jasmines waist and nuzzled her neck. “And just for the record, Jaz, I would have so been part of that ceremony on Teorusyal V.”

“That is doubtful,” Bob said, sliding his own arm around Max like he was Jasmines protective older brother. “From what I have observed, your tendencies lie very much in the…” he made an hourglass motion with his hands… “and it is well known that among males on Teorusyal…”

Max reached forward and hit the chime again… “Is this thing broken? Maybe I need to get a team up here to fix it. What a pity, how about we come back some other time, the Counselor seems busy today.”

“Well, your Mothers did in fact hire me to make sure your thing wasn’t in fact broken, Max my boy,” Bob slapped Max on the back hard as if he was one of Max’s buddies now, then walked around to Jasmines side.

“I mean seriously darling,” Bob suddenly lowered his voice and fell into a feminine, soft but obviously ‘well to do’ accent, “It is almost like someone or something is holding the two of you back from reaching your full potential, if you know what I mean. I feel like my work is, hindered darling, I spend my time painting the most breathtaking pictures in your minds of the karma sutra but that man is still like a blank canvas, and he has mwa right here to offer advice every step of the way.” Suddenly Bob was sporting large, multicolored glasses and a scarf that he casually slipped over his shoulder. “You know banning me from the bedroom was the worst idea ever, right. Eighteen months darling and still,” he patted her stomach gently, “not a bump. Have you scanned him again, just to be sure?”

Lt Cmdr Wynter, CE

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