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Raye glanced around the room a final time. Everything was as perfect as she could make on short notice. There were a couple simple Kazon dishes and a favored drink on the side table. Several chairs were arranged around a large table in the middle of the room. While it wasn’t perfectly square, she hoped it wouldn’t be an issue. She’d suggested to the Captain to let their guest sir down first, then sit opposite him. She would sit to the Captain’s right, as speaker, with the XO to the left.

The Captain was choosing who else would attend. She recommended the Security Chief and the Councilor and at least two security officers for inside the door.

Smoothing the front of her Federation dress attire, the Starfleet insignia showing prominently on her left breast, she once more shook her head. The insignia showed the visitor that Starfleet recognized her as a legitimate member to sit at the table and speak for the Federation. She had told everyone that dress uniform were best, in showing their desire to impress and recognise the importance of the meeting. Now she hated herself suggesting it. The tightness of the collar often her feel stiff and restricted. Though she was thankful it wasn’t a full Starfleet uniform, merely a long dress style tunic over dark leggings. It was meant to appear as a flattering dress, but always managed to make her feel uncomfortable. Though she had gotten more than a few passing compliments in it on her way here.

“Ma’am…” The voice behind her rose slightly as if she had missed the first couple prompts.

Turning, she smiled. “Ok we’re ready. Please see to that the guests cups are always filled and the food remains constant as well. That’s all.” She dismissed him with a nod and tapped her comm badge. =^= Captain, Anders here. We’re ready when you are. See you in transporter room.=^=

Taking a deep breath, she glanced over everything once more then headed the transporter room to meet their guests with the Captain. The rest would meet them here. “Time to play, Raye…” She laughed at herself for the reassurance and headed down the hall.

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Celina arrived at the dinner noticing she was the first one there. The Captian, Jack and Vorrayre must have been meeting the party at the transporter. This was fine for Celina. She had no problem relaxing a bit before everyone showed up. This dinner at least had the makings of being interesting. Typically it was boring blather about official trade routes or whose ship could go where in perfect passive-aggressive verbiage. The Kazon had the promise of having a more lively conversation. Celina did not know a lot about their new diplomatic attache but she would lay down 90 to 1 odds that Vorraye had the ability to cut you down with words faster than and security officer with a phaser. She liked what she saw of the woman on the bridge. Vorraye was definitely someone Celina would love to get to know. Taking a seat, Celina grabbed a drink and started early. She was there for presence and not to actually add to intelligent conversation so a drink or two was appropriate. It was just one more reason she did not care if Jack wanted to wear the pants and drive the car. That simply made him her eternal designated driver and she could live with that the rest of her life.

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Olivia walked into the captain’s mess already at odd with her uniform. Either it was to short or it was to tight. While they were docked at the station she was going to have to find a good Tailor to get a dress uniform that fit.

Olivia sighed as she made one final tug of her uniform, and looked around and made her way over to the tatical officer “pregame then party?” She asked as she grabbed one of her own and then sat down.

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