Side Sim - Relaxation and Exercise in the Holodeck

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Posted by Ensign Tyv Ch’qirross (Security Officer) in Side Sim - Relaxation and Exercise in the Holodeck

Posted by Ensign Kaia (Engineering Officer) in Side Sim - Relaxation and Exercise in the Holodeck

Posted by Ensign Tyv Ch’qirross (Security Officer) in Side Sim - Relaxation and Exercise in the Holodeck

Posted by Ensign Kaia (Engineering Officer) in Side Sim - Relaxation and Exercise in the Holodeck

Posted by Ensign Kaia (Engineer) in Side Sim - Relaxation and Exercise in the Holodeck

Posted by Ensign Kaia (Engineer) in Side Sim - Relaxation and Exercise in the Holodeck

Kaia nodded. “The art gallery is in the center of the library,” she said, and the new room immediately made her statement make sense. The room was a round chamber, with stairs going up one side and down on the other side. Between those stairwells was a collection of beautiful artworks. Paintings, carvings, sculpture, photographs, even framed sheet music and other forms of artistic expression were featured in this display. “A collection of the greatest artworks of my world. I came here all the time as a kitten. All the books, and all the artwork… for the Raka, artistic expression and story-telling are the highest forms of expression and achievement, so this whole structure holds an honoured position in our culture…”

Kaia, eng

He raised an eyebrow. “Was that a universal translator glitch, or did you call yourself a kitten?” he asked, a little grin on his face, once he got his bearings in the room. His eyes were instantly attracted to one of the sculptures in the room. “Some kind of reptile, it looks like… one of the other species on your world?”


Kaia tilted her head slightly, then smiled. She tapped the small computer attached to her wrist and began to speak. Notably, her accent was very different and much thicker than it had been a few moments earlier, and there was a halting quality to her words. She was physically speaking English. “I said that I was a [Ro’ne], which is like your word for… offspring. A… child,” she explained, a look of concentration on her face. A tap of her device, and she was back to being translated. “It must have been a translator glitch, although in a sense it is logical to call a young Raka a,” she spoke in English, “Kitten, since we are similar to the Earth species, cat. It would be similar to calling your offspring a kash because you look like a hairless shek,” she shook her head in amusement.

She stepped over to look at the reptilian statue and nodded slightly, glancing at the label. The words were written in the Galdori script, and looked quite nice. “The form of this statue is similar to that of a Hatriku, although it does not depict an actual member of that species. This particular room, as far as I can tell, is devoted to displays regarding Galdori religion and mythos. This statue is of En’rys, and was one of eleven such statues on the top of an ancient temple. According to this label, this statue was the best-preserved of the bunch. What we are seeing is a holographic projection of a digital representation of a resin casting of the original statue,” she said with a small grin.

The statue itself portrayed the form of a Hatriku, wearing a breastplate and helmet and holding the remnants of what must have used to be a staff of some sort, although the majority of the staff had broken off and the statue was holding only the fragments of the staff which were closest to his hands. The breastplate had the emblem of the sun on the front. The pose of the statue seemed to be of an individual in combat, seeming about to strike something with the weapon. Kaia pressed a small button on the wall, and a small screen was revealed, playing a short video clip. The video showed an aerial view of the temple Kaia had mentioned, with the bases and ruined forms of eleven statues. Each statue had some broken pieces of rock around it, which were presumably the pieces that had been broken off, and there was a large pile of rubble in the center. A digital effect played, and there was now a computerized representation of what the scientists thought the display might have looked like originally.

The eleven gods, each with a different form. Labels flew over them, which Kaia read aloud for Kavox since the labels were in the Galdori script. En’rys (The armored Hatriku they were looking at, which was about 12 ft tall. His staff looked a lot like a scepter, and his scales were coloured a bright golden), Lu’ne (An armored Laleri with a sword and shield, same size as En’rys, Her shield was rounded, and patterned to look like the larger of the Galdori moons), Va’al (A 12’ tall Raka with massive wings, holding what looked like an hourglass in one hand, and what looked like a shepherd’s crook in the other. He wore a long cloak), Et’ro (A 9’ tall bear-like figure. While the others were carved to look like living beings, Et’ro was carved to look like he was made of stone), Te’en’pe (Another creature which was not one of the Galdori races, Te’en’pe was carved to look like a bipedal gryphon), Na’ne’te (A Pipini held aloft in a spout of water), Py’ro (the first Arwan in the bunch. 9’ tall, carved to look like he was on fire), Ro’an’se (Another Arwan, she was surrounded by plants and small animals carved into the stone with her), Il’los (A Laleri carved to look similar to the larger statue of Lu’ne, he also held a sword and shield), Bri’git (A Raka, just as tall as Il’los, her form was somewhat disturbing. The left part of her body was normal, but the right was the form of a skeleton. Similar to lady justice, in her left hand she held a scale. Her skeletal right arm was bent, and on it was a winged creature which seemed about to launch), and Gla’si’na (A Hatriku who seemed to be wearing armor made of ice).

The central platform was left empty, Kaia reading aloud the caption. “It is not certain what the central figure was that the gods fought in this display, due to the extreme degradation of the rubble of whatever figure it was.”

Kaia, Eng

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IC: Tyv had heard about some sort of event going on in the holodeck and his curiosity had gotten the better of him, which always seemed to end up getting him in some sort of trouble, but this time he was just absolutely lost. What he wandered into was not what he expected. So many books and everything. Much too stuffy and boring for his tastes. He was secretly hoping for something exhilarating like a Colosseum or a good old fashioned ice climb to get the blood flowing! However .. the silence of the library was somewhat of a let down. Still he didn’t want to just immediately dismiss it, he came to learn more about Starfleet as a whole which is why he joined the Officer Exchange program and enlisted with Starfleet. Though this .. was starting to get beyond confusing. So many corridors, small bridges, and incredibly tall shelves he could barely keep track of where he was to where he had been. It disturbingly reminded him of the Ice Caves back on Andoria. It took him a while, but he overheard some conversations that was a bit out of the ordinary that didn’t flow with the rest of the subtle murmurs of the AI characters in the background. The disconnected voice of someone speaking Federation Standard. His antennae swiveled around to pinpoint where it was coming from before turning a corner and figuring it out. He immediately recognized the Starfleet uniform and was silently thankful that he didn’t have to wander around for ages anymore .. assuming they weren’t part of the program anyway. “By the gods, finally. Someone. Please tell me you’re not part of the program.. this has been beyond frustrating trying to navigate this place. Though it does have it’s … charm.”

Ensign Tyv (Security)

After Kavox left, giving some excuse about having things to do, Kaia sat alone in the art gallery for a while, closing her eyes and enjoying the room, until someone barged into the room and broke her comfortable silence.

She looked a little frustrated, her feline ears angling back slightly and her tail twitching. “If you don’t like it then leave. The arch is right there,” she gestured to the door she had used earlier to enter this room of the simulation. Just past the door was a bridge, and across the bridge was the door that used to lead out to the balcony, but which now led into the Manhattan corridor.

Kaia, Engineer

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