Meeting with the CNS

Posted May 19, 2019, 8:35 a.m. by Ensign Barvan (Security Officer) (Luke Paris)

Posted by Lieutenant Olivia Grace (Counselor) in Meeting with the CNS

Posted by Ensign Barvan (Security Officer) in Meeting with the CNS
Barvan had met with the chief of security and sorted out his medical evaluation in the sickbay. All that was left was to get his brain prodded by the ship’s shrink, or what was referred to less colloquially as the CNS.

Barvan walked through the ship to find the CNS’s office and sounded the chime, asking to enter.

Ensign Barvan, Security

Olivia smiled as the chime rang. She closed out the file she had been reading and stood, and took a deep breath and “Enter” before moving around her desktop wait.

Grace, CNS

The door would then open, revealing a tall but thin Betazoid who’d enter the room.

“Good day madam counselor. I am Ensign Barvan and I am here for my psychological evaluation,” the young security officer would say.

Ensign Barvan, Security

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