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Posted July 14, 2019, 3:22 a.m. by Ensign Elizabeth Michaels (Security Officer) (Sarah Hemenway)

Posted by Ensign Elizabeth Michaels (Security Officer) in Counselor’s Office
Her fingers gripping it tightly, Elizabeth studied the PaDD in her hands with a diligence akin to life saving surgery, despite the fact that it contained only a list of the required tasks she was moving through as she oriented herself to the Manhattan. Next on her color-coded list: reporting for a psychological evaluation. While she’d been through the requisite ones at the Academy, this was her first encounter with a shipboard counselor and, well, that explained why her knuckles were starting to turn a bit white. Dropping her hand down to her side and making a conscious decision to try to relax, she pressed the door chime on the counselor’s office and waited, looking down to study the pattern of the light reflections in the shiny toes of her uniform boots.

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