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Do not look at me. Jack, I swear to God if you make eye contact with me, she wanted to scream but shifted her gaze the second Jack’s eyes met hers. If she looked busy at the console he would pick someone else. He had to. Jack was in love with her Jack had sworn to protect her. Jack knew her well enough to know she did not want to sit where he was just sitting. Something in her tummy, however, made Rodriguez lift her head just high enough to make eye contact.

She was a red shirt, and a full lieutenant so she often got put in command… many times against her will. “Rodriguez… you know the drill, don’t blow the ship up while I am gone.” he said with a smirk as he got up, giving her command of the ship as he looked over at Lieutenant Deandres and pulled his head toward the ready room to signal her to follow.

Creed, XO

Blow up the ship. Blow up the ship. You just set the timer and the longer it goes the more explosive I am going to be. You know I hate that seat. Hate it yet there you go. Yeah yeah yeah don’t toss me that smile. You know how it is. I crash one ship and everyone has to label you Counselor Troi, she gritted her teeth seeing the small bit of humor in his eyes as he walked towards the ready room. She did find him however very sexy as he crossed the bridge. There was no way you could miss that jaunty swagger that was even more pronounced when I he thinks he has won this round.

“Aye aye sir,” Celina moved to the designated area and took a seat. Okay so this is not so bad. No one is shooting and we are just hanging in’ out in space, she begged the universe to grant this one wish.

Lt.Celina Rodriguez CTO

Logan breathed out a sigh of relief. At least he didn’t have to take command. “What concerns me about the probe is how easy they cut thru our shields,” he said. “If their capital ships can do the same? Then we’re sitting ducks.”


“I wouldn’t worry to much Lieutenant about what their offensive capabilities are. What you need to worry about is how they are jumping around like that,” Walker said from his station. “If that probe can jump in and out like that, what is stopping a fleet of their ships from dropping in around us at this very moment. Or around the station.”

WO Darach - COO

“We’re fine. Jack and the big boss man are only in the next room. They only start tossing torpedo’s at us when the dynamic duo is off the ship,” Celina said with a half laugh. Historically that is when the crazy happened. If someone was going to take pot shots at the ship Creed or Cochrane would be up here in half a heartbeat to take care of their girl. Neither of the men let someone give the Manhattan a black eye without handing it back two-fold.

Lt. Celina Rodrigeuz CTO

Olivia listened to the crew as they went back and forth about the probe. She wished she could be more helpful in figuring out what it was or where it was from.

Grace, CNS

Logan said, “It just seems to me that the probe has a hull made of solid duranium. Not does mining that require considerable resources. So does forging it.”

“That, in combination with its scans which cut right thru our shields, and its mysterious mode of faster then light travel, indicates that we are dealing with a highly advanced species.”


“What if they are not from here” she said standing and turning toward the COS. She knew time travel was possible,but could they have met a species actually capable of doing it.

Grace, CNS

“It doesn’t matter where they’re from,” Logan said. “Not as long as we can figure out what they want.”

Panels across the bridge began issuing urgent beeps and whistles. The computer overrode its human controllers as it detected an imminent threat and Red Alert klaxons erupted across the ship. Sensors had detected 30, 40, 60, 100, 140, 180, 356 plasma torpedoes on a high-speed approach from multiple vectors. Target vectors matched the Event Horizon Station, Manhattan, Both Support ships and at least thirty would pass through the neutrino envelope of the wormhole. These torpedoes had appeared from nowhere, simply materializing on sensors, just as the probes before them had done. The initial impact would take place in eleven seconds.


Nutter butter why is it always when I am in the seat, flashed through her mind. “Sheilds up,” she ordered quickly while at the same time sending a message to the captain. =/\=Sir we have incoming=/\=. Celina rose to her feet as she spoke. No one took potshots at Cochrane’s girl. He was probably already on his way to the bridge before she even had the reaction time to make the call.

Cochrane ran onto the bridge. “Shield’s up! Evasive maneuvers! All hands to battle stations!” and he looked at the tactical console. “Fire full spread torpedoes and phasers! Stop as many as you can!”

Cochrane, CO

Logan brought up the shields and weapons as directed. He satartes to target the enemy’s fire to what the ship’s computer could handle.

“Sir sensors report over 350 plasma torpedoes on route from multiple vectors targeting the Event Horizon Station, Manhattan, the support ships. Some are within range to enter the wormhole. Impact in less than,” she quickly did the calculations in her head subtracting the time it took her to react and Cochrane to enter the bride, “eight seconds,” she reported her best guess already across the bridge and at her console.

Lt. Celina Rodriguez CTO

Logan fired what he could in that time. “Plasma torpedoes…” He muttered as he worked.


“Transferring emergency power to the shields,” Walker said as he quickly tried to reinforce the shields, in the hopes that they would survive the hits.

WO Darach - COO

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