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Shara barked a laugh. “Brig? On what charge exactly do you think people will buy? Surreptitious meetings?” She sighed with amusement before leaning forward towards him. “If I meant you or your ship harm, I would have gone through with it already. And I’m certain you already know that. It is possible to confirm my identity, but you’ll have to trust someone higher up in the chain-of-command and that is perhaps more dicey right now than some random commander luring you off the Manhattan. But hey, I took a big risk coming to you to help me with my assignment. Another risk is just a part of the job.”

“I mean for starters if you’re lying and none of this comes back as true you are impersonating an officer, spreading false narrative and posing a potential risk to a Starfleet vessel… lets just say I believe you for now though cause other wise far more paperwork involved.

“Good. I hate paperwork.”

She rose to her feet and inhaled slowly, moving across her quarters. “I’m okay with going to the Manhattan, but Faye cannot know I’m here. Not yet. I’m not mentioned in her dossier because I’ve always been undercover. I haven’t existed until recently. Not officially. Not for her.” As she talked Shara opened up drawers in the bureau and pulled out a couple items, stuffing them in a bag. “All she knows is that I made it back to the Alpha Quadrant and then… nothing. That was intentional. I didn’t even know she had survived the massacre on Tracken at that point. By the time I learned she was alive,”-she looked over her shoulder at Creed-“it was too late. I was deep undercover, finally using all the skills that the previous seven years had been less than desirable and she was in Starfleet trying to rebuild her life. It wasn’t fair to just show up and interject myself in my life after all that time.” She shrugged. “Still not sure it was the right decision, but then again I think professional shrinks would probably point out that joining a rebel group with a young child in tow probably wasn’t the best parenting decision either.”

“I understand the risks of that, and I have no intention of letting her know you here. Everyone ends up making choices they regret, you think I planned to have this job? I wanted to be a nice engineer working on a simple ship… then they kept promoting me…”

Calloway snorted. “Don’t get me started. I started out their enemy and Starfleet still wanted me around. I suppose it’s nice to be wanted.”

Rising to her feet, Shara slipped on a dark red wig and smoothed it out. “Silly, I know. But we should go see your captain and if anyone spots us I don’t want them getting more than a brief idea of who might be with you.”

~Cmdr. Shara Calloway, Intelligence

“We will, but trust me… I don’t think anyone is going to spot us…” Jack said as he came close to her as he put a transmitter on her arm. “Computer initiate Easy Rider Alpha Sixty.” Jack said as the pair began to materialize as moment later reappeared in a small shuttle. “What… you don’t come with a bag of tricks too?”

Creed, XO

OOC: *Waves hands. No shuttle here. Just magic transporter to the Manhattan. :D
Shara smirked. “Of course I do. I tend to prefer to be less… flashy,” she said, raising her eyebrows. “But it does the trick.”

She folded her arms across her chest. “You bringing Cochrane here, or would he appreciate the personal approach?”

~Cmdr. Shara Calloway, Starfleet Intelligence

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