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Ensign Baht hesitated before stating “deck two” in the turbolift. As it ascended, the bolian man ran a hand along his bald blue head, tracing his cartilage ridge with his palm. Shon had never been on a Manhattan-class ship before, and he was no engineer, so when the ship’s specs had not been more helpful with identifying the location of Commander Creed’s office, he had decided that the XO’s quarters would be the best place to start his search. Shon’s extroverted nature would have normally encouraged him to simply ask another crew member, but he had worried about assumptions that might be made about why he was seeking the executive officer’s council so soon after boarding.

“Celina, we are not going to be going on any more adventures with any of them. I love your brothers but when we say yes to them they get crazy ideas. I can’t keep bailing your family out just cause we are getting married. So no… we are not going to hunting for a great white pyrness cat shark so Cesar can propose to his girlfriend with it… I mean… is that even a real animal?” Jack asked as he leaned back in his chair as he looked over at Celina, spread out on the couch as he was certain she wasn’t even listening at this moment.

“Why do you have to always think things are going to go badly? I mean was Deltana really that bad,” she emphasized the word that and tired to look relaxed as she furiously typed out a message to her brother half way across the sector.

=/\=Seriously Cesar you told Jack about the car shark?=/\=

=/\= Cee mi hemano and I have a solid relationship. You don’t need to be jealous=/\=

=/\= Cesar you made him walk a plank. A plank! He is an executive officer and not Mr. Smee. I am pretty sure his comment about if there is anything ever you need when we left you at the spaceport was pure sarcasm. =/\=

“Baby you know how they look up to you. I mean the eldest brother is a revered spot in Hispanic households and both Cesar and Juan look at you like you are the head of the family and you are Persian. Says a lot about how they look at you,” Celina tried to smooth the situation over. Her leg might be sprawled over the arm of the couch indicating she was completely relaxed but her mind was racing.

=/\=. Celina. Jack and I made an agreement. He gets me the cat shark and I throw him a bachelor party with Chewie, Santiago, Edwardo, he will never forget.=/\=

“Um Jack,” Celina looked up a bit concerned. The crew as her brothers called themselves back home was probably not the best group to plan a bachelor party.

Shon poked his head out of the turbolift and nervously glanced from one end of the curved corridor to the other, relieved when he saw no one was passing by. Walking quickly and feeling quite out of place, Ensign Baht made his way down the hallway searching for a room labeled as the XO’s office. If he found it, he’d straighten his shirt before pressing the call button. If not, he’d continue his search until he found the XO’s quarters and complete the process. And if the XO was nowhere to be found on this floor, Ensign Baht would shyly head to the bridge.

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

“Hold that thought… just… sit.” Jack said as he got up from the chair before looking back at for a second. “And for God sake sit up, lord you look like this is a pleasure lounge.” he shouted at her as he hit the panel on his door to open and see who was waiting for him.

Creed, XO

“Baby,” she swung her legs down and licked her lips to moisten them. “I think we should,” she started to say but was silenced as jack opened the door.

Lt Celina Rodriguez. CTO

The door slid open to reveal a nervously-smiling Ensign Baht. As he looked up, and up, into the face of the much taller man in front of him, Shon shrunk slightly as his shoulders hiked. He took a small step backwards.

“I’m s-sorry, Commander,” Shon stuttered bashfully, “I am just now realizing that showing up unannounced to your personal quarters is very inappropriate and to hopefully avoid further damage to your first impression of me, I will excuse myself…” Ensign Baht resisted the urge to look past Creed to see the source of the other voice he had heard as he backed away, but just barely.

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

OOC: Just as a note you said this was my office, which isn’t meant to be my crew quarters as I would have a separate place. As it is Kate’s character does sometimes lounge in Jack’s office so that is why I placed here in here.

IC: “Ensign, don’t… it’s okay this is my open office hours you are more than free to come by, lord knows Ms Rodriguez takes full advantage of that.” Jack said as he gave her a slide glance as he stepped aside to let the Ensign in through the door if he wished.

Creed, XO

OOC: Oh I see! In my initial post I was a bit unsure of where exactly I’d find Creed. I read couch and assumed it was his quarters.

IC: Shon hesitated before stepping inside, but as he did so he continued to apologize. “I can certainly come back another time, my question is not particularly important, and I didn’t mean to interrupt your conversation…” He glanced at Lt. Rodriguez and smiled sheepishly, “much less between two senior officers. But, uh, since I’m here, I’m Ensign Shon Baht, medical. It’s nice to meet you both!” He wrung his hands in front of him nervously.

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

“Celina,” she said standing up and moving across the room to shake his hand. “And you are welcome anytime…Shon,” Celina said choosing to use his given name. They were off duty so she didn’t see any reason to stand on formalities. It was Jack’s open office hours and not hers. “And maybe you could help us out in our discussion,” she asked giving Jack a side glance. “Want something to drink,” she asked moving to the replicator.

Lt. Celina Rodriguez CTO

Shon blinked his wide eyes in surprise as the chief tactical officer of the Manhattan introduced herself by her first name. The ensign had obviously not yet regained his composure from his awkward introduction. But he did smile meekly and nod in appreciation at Celina’s offer. “Orange juice would be wonderful, thank you.”

“Orange juice or,” she said then realized they were off duty but in the XO’s office and not their shared quarters. “Orange juice it is,” she jumped up to get Shon his drink.

After a pause to find a modest chair in the room on which to sit with his legs crossed, Shon looked back at Rodriquez and then Creed. “I’m sorry, you wanted my opinion on something? I’m not sure I’m the most qualified unless you’re wanting medical advice, and even then…”

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

“Oh she’ll take anyone’s opinion if it can prove me wrong on something.” Jack said with a smirk, as he did a small sound came from behind his desk as he looked to the right. “Trout what are you doing!” he said as he looked back at Celina. “You did feed her didn’t you?” he asked as he wondered if she was looking for food back there. “I am not going to have her starve cause you forgot to.”

Creed, XO

“When don’t I feed her,” Celina walked behind Jack’s desk and appeared with a kitten. It was small and furry like a house cat but the build and musculature was more like a cat found in the wild. It was also the size of an adult cat but clearly a baby of whatever species it was.

Boosting the kitten in her arms, Celina ferried each drink to the person requesting something except for Jack. She had gotten him his Dr Pepper without him asking. He didn’t drink as much coffee as her and this tended to be something he liked.

“So,” Celina plopped on the couch next to Shin with Trout still in her arms, “ as a doctor you took comparative anatomy classes right?” Not waiting for him to reply she continued because she knew that was a required course for his field.

“Jack and I were on vacation last month and found her,” Celina scratched Trout’s head eliciting a long and low purring sound. “She was lost and all by herself. Yes she was. She was a lost baby girl wasn’t she,” Celina’s voice stopped being a respected officer as she talked to the small furry bundle. Her voice had the distinct tone of a mother with a small child.

I love you. Especially when you. Oh yes. Right there Trout thought. That was until Celina flipped her over and moved to her belly to scratch there. This relocated a round of growls and grunts that came out from the kitten along with front paws patting playfully at Celina. Trout could not control her own body as her foot began to twitch. Mom. Mom… that tickles, Trout said as her feet started to hit something next to her on the couch. Dad make…her…stop, Trout lolled her head calling out to Jack from across the room. Shes gonna make me pee and I don’t…want…the cage, Trout growled and hooted. Trout’s back legs kicked out and her tail flipped happily about all impacted something at the end of the couch

“Any way Jack and I have been....discussing,” she paused just long enough for Shon to dune she was trying to find a polite word, “what Trout is. I say she is justa big girl but Jack seems to think she is some wild cat. So tell him that Trout is just a big version of a tabby cat,” Celina said firmly.

Lt. Celina Rodriguez. CTO

Shon’s mouth had partially fallen open throughout the exchange between the two senior officers of the Manhattan, and he had to forcibly close it to stop himself from fully gasping at the sight of the feline. For a moment, the usually-talkative Ensign Baht was speechless from the sheer unexpected direction the meeting.

Eventually, Shon set aside the orange juice and rose slowly from the chair, approaching the cat cautiously to avoid startling it. “Well,” he began with a nervous grin, “I’m a doctor, not a veterinarian.”

Once he was within a couple feet of the kitten, Shon stopped and peered carefully at the distinct features of the specimen. “But you’re right about the anatomy classes. I would seem to me that Trout has a rounded face with relatively large eyes, which are typical characteristics of young felines. Additionally, she has paws that are slightly larger than would be expected for an adult animal. And lastly, her fur looks to still be the fluffy, downy coat of a kitten. So,” he glanced up at Celina and then back at Creed, uncertain of his next words, “I would predict that… Trout is… at the very least going to get a lot bigger than she is now.” He grimaced and tried to look apologetic as he continued, “which means she’s most likely not of a domesticated variety.”

(Ensign Baht, Medical)


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