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<<Meanwhile in="" transporter="" room="" two="">>

Raye stepped forward and bowed just a bit, hey head inclining in reference to his station. “I’m Vorraye Anders, Federation Diplomat. It’s a pleasure to meet you. The Captain’s waiting in his personal mess Hall to receive you. And we have refreshments, if you desire.”

She hadn’t bothered to offer to shake hands, it even give a warrior’s am great. She didn’t know much about those before her, but she knew they were find of females. She hoped to change that perspective, at least in regards to humans. And perhaps herself, in particular.

Vorraye Anders
Diplomatic Attache

((Insert personal introductions here if anyone is in transporter room with me. Otherwise, on Fri night I’ll post responses and get us to the mess.... Meli))

Joral sneered visibly at her as she stepped forward, his retainers almost visibly spluttering. His voice dripped near rage “Does your Federation seek to insult us?! A female negotiator. I certainly hope there is more to this group than sniveling menials and women”


A tiny being dressed in a smooth robe stepped into the transporter room. A furred face with pointed ears on the top of their head instead of being on the side of her head like most beings. It was not obvious what gender this being was, as they had no obvious signs of gender. “Greetings,” the small being spoke with a voice that was like a low purr, still impossible to determine the gender unless one closely knew the species this individual was from. “I am Lt. Sathut, one of the Counselors aboard this vessel.”

Of course, it was all a lie, but they didn’t know that. Kaia smiled slightly at Anders, silently asking her not to give up the jig.

Kaia, Engineer

He visibly recoiled from this odd creature. Looking down upon her as one would a particularly loathsome insect, he seemed to be decided whether she was a pet or not “What is this… thing?…”


Kaia narrowed her eyes slightly. “I am a Starfleet officer, little worm,” the small alien spoke, the rumbling purr gone from her voice. “And I will not take any disrespect to myself or any of my fellow officers, regardless of what gender they may be and how your backwards traditions view that.” The voice was louder than it should have been coming from such a small being, and her raised left hand had some very sharp looking claws extended from the soft-looking fingertips.

Kaia, engineer

A voice came from behind the group and said “Enough, please. We are here to discuss the future. Not hurl insults at potential allies and associates.” and Cochrane entered the room. He first looked at his own people, giving them a look that said ‘Take it back a notch.’ and then to the Kazon. “Joral. My name is Alexander Cochrane, Captain of this vessel. These are respected and trusted members of my crew. You culture may not take the same view of females in positions of authority, but I assure you we intend no disrespect. It is simply the fact that we do not judge a individuals worth on their gender. So in dealing with us, you will be dealing with females of many species. I suggest that you simply allow for that going forward, or this will be a very short meeting. I trust both of these women implicitly, and even though I am the Captain of this vessel, Ms. Anders speaks for our government. Now, if you will please be seated, we can have refreshments and then get down to our discussion. Or if you cannot put differences aside, then I will bid you good day and escort you off my ship. I would hate to see us lose out on a potentially mutually beneficial discussion, but those are the terms. So what do you wish to do, sir?”

Cochrane, CO

Joral whirled on Cochrane, his eyes narrowing and his face twisting into a snarl… Before abruptly barking repeatedly, a sound that may take a second to register as laughter. With some confusion, his entourage joined him obsequiously. He extended his arm to shake the Captain’s, mirth still twinkling in his eyes “Finally, one with courage and a spine! Yes, I will deal with your women, foolish as your decisions may be.” He spun again, making for the transporter room exit, not bothering to see if the others would catch up, calling back over his shoulder “I was told there would be water and food in this place. It is right that we should eat before discussing what your Federation will give us!”


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IC: Tyv was just standing by outside the door as part of the escort and quietly followed along behind the group to ensure that he was there for protection if needed. Also to keep things from getting out of hand.

Cochrane watched the Kazon leave and simply sighed softly. “Well… at least we didn’t have to shoot anyone.” he mumbled to himself. Gesturing for the crew to follow, he brought up the rear of the procession as they made their way to the Mess.

Cochrane, CO

“Pity…” Raye murmured before hurrying out the door to follow their guest.

“We do have water, though your ship was kind enough to send some of your own personal ale. I understand it’s taste has never been replicated. While I asked for it to be sure you had something you enjoyed while here, I do hope I will be granted the chance to try it.” She inclined her head to indicate it would be an honor and she was aware that her chances of tasting the drink was entirely at his mercy.

His sycophant attendant fell back a pace, speaking haughtily “there must be water. It is our way. Your Starfleet may be offering us this technology to make our own water from air, but the protocols must be obeyed”

As they entered the conference room, a table to the side could be seen set with three amber glass bottles as promised, and some bit and morsels of both Human and Kazon cuisine. The table was simple and long with chairs set for ten. They wouldn’t need them all, but it would be interesting, to Raye, to see where Joral would sit. She was still rolling around his ‘spine’ comment as she watched him enter the room and take it in. He thought she had no spine? Well she had the feeling he would think otherwise by the time they were done.


Ensign Tyv (Security AC)

Joral immediately took the seat at the head of the table, staring hungrily down the line of food arrayed up and down the table. His party sat arrayed seemingly according to rank, automatically taking seats to his left and right, as though to keep the Starfleet group as far from Joral as possible


Raye watched the guests settle. Their seating didn’t surprise her in the least. Had Joral not taken the head of the table, she would have been surprised.

She took a step to the side as everyone else filed in. She then murmured to the NE signed to help serve and clear, “Water for the guests. Serve head of table first, then right side then left. If there’s something you can’t handle, come to me, please.” The reassuring smile was as much for him as for herself.

She, herself, sat to the right of the Captain, near the foot of the table. Had the XO been present, he would have occupied that spot and Raye would have been to his left.

She then waited politely for everyone to be served and for one of the Captains to speak first.

((If XO shows up, just auto her rising to switch seats.... M))

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