Poker Game In Barvan's Quarters

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Posted by Ensign Barvan (Security Officer) in Poker Game In Barvan’s Quarters

Posted by Ensign Kaia (Engineering Officer) in Poker Game In Barvan’s Quarters
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Cochrane chuckled slightly. “No, but good guess.” and he pulled the book, covered in a pale yellow dust jacket, down and handed it to the Ensign. “The Prophet. Kahlil Gibran. I would like you to read this, and then come back to me for a discussion on what you glean from it. Until then, I think it would be best if you rethought the parameters of your experiment until such a time as we can discuss the book.”

Cochrane, CO

“I will make sure to read the book, Captain,” Barvan said as he took the book from Cochrane’s hand. “I think I will better understand humans by doing so. As for the parameters of my experiment, I will consult the chief science officer for permission.”

Ensign Barvan, Security

“You do that, Ensign. And no more experiments without Science oversight. Dismissed.” Cochrane said and picked up a PaDD and began reviewing it.

Cochrane, CO

“Understood, sir.”

Barvan saluted the captain and proceeded to march out of the captain’s quarters.

Ensign Barvan, Not In Trouble Anymore

(SCENE! Nicely done.)

~Later that evening~

Shon pressed the chime to Ensign Barvan’s quarters excitedly, a bowl of salsa under one arm and a bag of chips clutched in the same hand. He put on his best bolian smile as he waited for the door to open.

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

Barvan arrived at his quarters with the book Captain Cochrane gave him. He spotted the medical officer at his door excitedly. He was probably there for the poker game.

Barvan then arrived behind him.

“Hello there! I’m Barvan. I organized the poker game. Sorry to say, but the captain prevented me from hosting the game. You’re welcome to come in and socialize though!”

Ensign Barvan, Security

Shon jumped slightly with a start as Barvan’s greeting came from behind him, rather than in front of him. The bolian fumbled for the bowl of salsa as he turned, barely keeping it from splatting to the deck. After regaining his composure, Ensign Baht smiled again and stuck out his hand that was not carrying the bag of chips.

“Pleasure to meet you!” the blue-skinned man chirped, “I’m Shon Baht! I’m an ensign in medical. It’s a shame about the game… I was looking forward to blowing off some steam. But I’m not one to say no to a friendly conversation either!”

Barvan’s telepathy powers would likely pick up that Shon was indeed very disappointed to hear that the poker game had been cancelled. But Shon was also excited to meet a new person on the ship. Perhaps Barvan could also determine a hint of mischief in Shon’s thoughts, as if the other man was wondering why they couldn’t just play the game anyways, without telling the captain.

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

Barvan was a by-the-book kind of guy. Being a security officer, this was part of his job. This mischief he sensed was something of a warning to his senses, something he should, you know, watch out for.

Barvan then opened his quarters door and allowed the junior doctor in.

“So tell me a bit about yourself, doctor.”

Ensign Barvan, Security

Shon made himself at home on the small couch inside Ensign Barvan’s quarters, stretching his legs out in front of him as he settled back with a small sigh. He popped the lid off the container with the salsa and tore open the bag of tortilla chips, taking a large scoop with a salty triangle before crunching down on it.

Mouth still partially full, Shon covered his lips with one hand as he responded. “Not much to tell,” he managed between chewing, “grew up on Bolarus IX during the Dominion War. Starfleet saved my world, I wanted to give back. A few years later, and here I am! This is my first ship assignment since graduating the academy.” Shon paused. “Sorry, did you want like hobbies or something more interesting? I’m so used to introducing myself via my professional history now. Oh, and please don’t call me doctor.” He held out the bowl of salsa and bag of chips to offer them to Barvan.

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

The security ensign would make a stop sign, as is refusing the chips he’s being given.

“I would like to hear more about you, ensign. As a person.”

Ensign Barvan, Security

Shon abruptly stopped his chewing, apparently off-put by Barvan’s bluntness. He slowly restarted munching as he withdrew the chips and salsa back to his lap. He crossed his legs underneath him, maybe a little less comfortable now. “Umm… well, I like to think I’m a pretty normal person. I dabble in theatre, I play the flute. People seem to think I’m pretty friendly, and I like to agree. I guess I like food.” Shon shrugged. “Sorry,” he said through a mouthful of chips, “is that what you were looking for?” Barvan could probably sense that Shon was being pretty genuine and honest.

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

“Yes, fellow ensign. That is exactly what I was looking for. That’s what humans call socializing. Now, would you like to hear a bit about me?”

Ensign Barvan, Security

Shon set the chips and salsa aside, squinting a little as he tilted from side to side in the seat, inspecting Barvan’s face and the sides of his head. “I mean, bolians call that socializing too, for the record. What species are you…? I doesn’t look like you’re vulcan. But yes, sure, tell me more about yourself.”

“I wonder if anyone else if going to show up,” Shon muttered to himself.

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

“I’m from Betazed, ensign. Our social customs are vastly different than that of Earthlings and Bolians.”


“I’m a professionally trained telepath that joined Starfleet because that is in demand. I come from a wealthy aristocratic Betazoid family. I aspire to become an intelligence officer.”

Ensign Barvan, Security

As the Ensigns were conversing, there came to be a ring from the chime. It appeared that Bhat was not the only one to read Barvan’s message and find themselves intrigued enough to pursue the matter.

Kaia, Engineer

“ENTER!” Barvan would yell as to be heard through the door. The door was unlocked.

Ensign Barvan, Security

The door slid open, and initially Barvan might not see the being who entered. Short as she was, most people’s initial eyeline flew straight over her head. But when he did look in the right spot, there stood in the doorway what most humans would mistake for a cat who had decided to stand on two legs and wear clothing. Kaia stepped in. “I heard something about a Betazoid living in these quarters? Something about a telepathic experiment?” she spoke, her voice accented and timid.

Kaia, Eng.

Before answering the engineering officer’s question, Barvan sensed the sentient behind him and attempted to understand who it was. It was grossly rude to invade another person’s mental privacy, so he only proceeded to sense the sentient’s emotions to get a good grasp as to who he or she was.

Ensign Barvan, Security JO

The mind and emotions of the being seemed to sense that someone was observing it telepathically and practically opened up in the manner of a flower to his mind. The being in question was feeling the emotions of curiosity and nervousness most strongly.

Kaia’s species could be described as latent telepaths, possessing a mild telepathic sense which was only useful to them among their own species, but which caused them to be more open to the telepathic senses of other telepaths.

kaia, eng

“Hello, Ensign Kaia. Please come in. Make yourself comfortable.”

Ensign Barvan, Security JO

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