Poker Game In Barvan's Quarters

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Posted by Ensign Barvan (Security Officer) in Poker Game In Barvan’s Quarters
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Shon set the chips and salsa aside, squinting a little as he tilted from side to side in the seat, inspecting Barvan’s face and the sides of his head. “I mean, bolians call that socializing too, for the record. What species are you…? I doesn’t look like you’re vulcan. But yes, sure, tell me more about yourself.”

“I wonder if anyone else if going to show up,” Shon muttered to himself.

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

“I’m from Betazed, ensign. Our social customs are vastly different than that of Earthlings and Bolians.”


“I’m a professionally trained telepath that joined Starfleet because that is in demand. I come from a wealthy aristocratic Betazoid family. I aspire to become an intelligence officer.”

Ensign Barvan, Security

As the Ensigns were conversing, there came to be a ring from the chime. It appeared that Bhat was not the only one to read Barvan’s message and find themselves intrigued enough to pursue the matter.

Kaia, Engineer

“ENTER!” Barvan would yell as to be heard through the door. The door was unlocked.

Ensign Barvan, Security

The door slid open, and initially Barvan might not see the being who entered. Short as she was, most people’s initial eyeline flew straight over her head. But when he did look in the right spot, there stood in the doorway what most humans would mistake for a cat who had decided to stand on two legs and wear clothing. Kaia stepped in. “I heard something about a Betazoid living in these quarters? Something about a telepathic experiment?” she spoke, her voice accented and timid.

Kaia, Eng.

Before answering the engineering officer’s question, Barvan sensed the sentient behind him and attempted to understand who it was. It was grossly rude to invade another person’s mental privacy, so he only proceeded to sense the sentient’s emotions to get a good grasp as to who he or she was.

Ensign Barvan, Security JO

The mind and emotions of the being seemed to sense that someone was observing it telepathically and practically opened up in the manner of a flower to his mind. The being in question was feeling the emotions of curiosity and nervousness most strongly.

Kaia’s species could be described as latent telepaths, possessing a mild telepathic sense which was only useful to them among their own species, but which caused them to be more open to the telepathic senses of other telepaths.

kaia, eng

“Hello, Ensign Kaia. Please come in. Make yourself comfortable.”

Ensign Barvan, Security JO

Shon leaned to one side to look around Barvan and inspect Kaia. He looked relieved to have additional company, that much was clear from his facial expression. But the bolian’s eyes lit up with excitement when he saw Kaia.

“Oh hello! I was just reviewing your chart this morning, I’ve never treated a Raka before so I wanted to be prepared in case of emergency, I hope you don’t mind.” He offered a genuine, friendly smile. “But wait, what do you mean a telepathic experiment…?” Ensign Baht looked warily at Barvan, who had told Shon just seconds ago that he wanted to join Starfleet Intelligence.

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

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