Deck 4- Building a Garden

Posted Aug. 21, 2019, 12:40 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Maxwell Wynter (Chief Engineer / 2nd Officer) (David Shotton)

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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Maxwell Wynter (Chief Engineer / 2nd Officer) in Deck 4- Building a Garden

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She couldn’t help but smile at the engineer’s enthusiasm. “Alright then,” Faye said. “Let’s find out, shall we?”

=/\=Calloway to Commander Wynter.=/\=

=/\= Faye, this is Wynter. How can I help you? =/\= Came the voice of the Chief Engineer through the comm.

=/\=Chief, you got a few minutes? Ensign Kaia and I could use you in the flex science space on Deck 4. Lieutenant Deandres gave me permission to do something special with the space, but I’m going to require some help from engineering and I need your sign off.=/\=

~Faye Calloway, Data Specialist

=/\= Give me a moment, I’ll be right along. =/\= The comm switched off.

Kaia bounced on her toes and waited patiently. She wondered internally about what this place would be. What kind of a climate would it provide to the ship? What kinds of plants would be grown? Would there be an insect population for pollination, or would they choose only wind-catalysed plants? Would the ecosystem built here be all plants of one world, or a mixture of plants from many places? She had a lot of questions to ask when the opportunity arose.

She turned to the more immediate. How would sunlight be provided? Irrigation? Nutrients that needed replenishment? Air flow? So many engineering questions presented themselves. Would this room be sealed from the general ventilation? One wouldn’t want plant bits drifting into sickbay or the science labs, after all.

Kais’s face was scrunched up slightly as her eyes flicked from one place to another, clearly deep in thought.

Kaia, Eng

It took perhaps ten minutes before the doors opened and Max entered, sighting Kaia already in attendance and nodding to his Ensign, then giving Calloway a smile in greeting. “So, what do we have and how can I help?”

Lt Cmdr Wynter, CE

Faye gestured to the small metal rounds that formed shapes through out the space. “Welcome to the Manhattan’s future garden. It’s already earmarked for this possibility in the specs, but obviously there are a lot of considerations to be gone through.” She moved over to one of the marked out areas. “I figure a simple system of raised beds with drip irrigation and recycling receptacles in the base here we can funnel the runoff to a central water source that the ship can supplement. Obviously there are reclamation options for moisture in the air since I’m thinking a temperate climate would be reasonably to maintain while still providing a wide range of planting options.”

She pointed to the far wall that also was marked out. “That there though I was thinking of a treed hill,” Faye said, before smirking at Wynter. “I know, ambitious. But a series of retaining walls could create terraced levels that people could still walk around through.” She gestured to Kaia. “The good ensign is eager to help out, if that’s okay with you.” Faye knew well enough that it wouldn’t do to be seen as stealing another department’s staff.

~Faye Calloway, Data Specialist

Max followed his gaze around the room as Faye pointed out the various ideas she had for the arboretum, nodding once or twice. “It’s fine with me for Kaia to lend a hand, I think it’s a great idea. It’ll take a bit of time with the industrial replicators but they aren’t exactly bursting with use at the moment, so you are free to use them. If you need more engineers, let me know and I can schedule their work rosters in for this. Is their anything else besides my sign off you need?”

Max Wynter, CE

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